Of Friends and Lovers

Disclaimer: Thus far, I own only Lianna.

Chapter 1 – The Best of Friends

The sound of their vigorously clinking swords could be heard from all the windows in Elrond's house. Some had gathered in them to watch the spectacle. Two elves were sword fighting. Most knew the blonde haired elf to be Legolas, personal friend of Elrond's. The other was an elleth. She was dressed nearly the same as her opponent, in a green tunic and brown britches. The fight had been going on for at least twenty minutes, and neither showed any signs of relenting. The spectators could see the fighters talking, but could not make out the words, even with their elvish ears.

"Nice." Legolas whispered as his rival pulled a parry. "I learn from the best." She whispered back with a smile. She had fought off his attacks well and made some brilliant ones of her own, but Legolas's excellent swordsmanship was undeniable.

Before long, she had been backed into a corner, and searched in vain for a route to escape. As she was searching, Legolas touched his blade to hers and flicked his wrist, sending her sword flying into the air. It glinted in the air and the hilt fell perfectly into Legolas's hand. The crowd cheered, and both were quite surprised. They had been concentrating on their fight and did not realize they had acquired an audience.

Immediately, Legolas put on a wide smile and bowed low, twirling both swords, receiving hoots and hollers. Lianna rolled her eyes and muttered, "Showoff." She punched him in the arm as she went by, and grabbed her sword from him, waving to the elves as she walked inside. Legolas quickly followed her.

"You really have improved." He said as he walked beside her to the fencing room. "I know. But I'm still no match for you." She said, overly- sweet. "And never will be!" He shot back with mock arrogance. They laughed together as they returned the fencing swords and started back down the hall.

As usual, Legolas visited her in her room for a while, watching her bustle about. She wasn't usually this busy. It dawned on him why she was so fretful.

"Are you prepared for the Midsummer Feast?" "No." She answered, not looking at him, continuing to pick up around her room. With a slight smile, he asked, "Have you an escort?" She stopped what she was doing and turned to him. "No, Legolas. And no intention of attending the useless thing either."

"But it is a time-honored tradition." She sighed. "This I know. But even if I had the money to pay for a gown, which I don't, I wouldn't have an escort." Lianna was satisfied she had put the conversation to rest, and went about her business, chattering about other things of no importance, which she and Legolas often did. But she had sparked an idea in the fair elf's mind.