Author's Note

From the whopping 5 reviews I got on the last chapter, the consensus seems to be that I should continue. So, continue I shall. The sequel to Of Friends and Lovers will most likely be named Of Princes and Paupers. It will focus on their adventures through Mirkwood and the consequences of their actions when they return to Mirkwood Palace. But it will not be posted for another couple weeks, because I am focusing on wrapping up my other LOTR story, What's My Name Again?. Check that one out, if you'd like. It's another Legomance…I can't help it.

Thanks to all:

Fire-vampire - for being such an avid reviewer
Mia - for being my most faithful reviewer…you've been with me since the beginning
Leggy/Orlando's Queen

Oh, P.S. I went to the movies the other day, and Troy was playing (w. Orlando and Brad Pitt) but I was like 15 minutes late. So I saw Van Helsing instead, and when it finished I was gonna go buy a ticket for the next showing of Troy, but I was 15 minutes late, again! Oh man, I was pissed. Anyway, that's your brief look into my life for today.

Austin B.