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Ryou gasped as he felt the cold, hard wall against his back.

He was trapped.

Desperate and scared, he dove to his left, only to be blocked by an arm, but not just anybodies arm. It was Bakura's.

"Why…" Ryou whispered, "Why the hell are you doing this to me! I'm not a slave, let alone YOUR friend! I'm just a human being! Do you enjoy toying with me?! Do you enjoy watching me suffer?! Who the hell do you think you are controlling MY life?!"

Bakura lifted his head up slowly and looked into Ryou's tear filled eyes with his bloodshot ones, and to Ryou's surprise, he didn't look angry, but hurt.

"Ryou…" the demon said leaning toward the smaller angel.

His breath reeked with alcohol.

"Why… can't you ever like me?"


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