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Rating: PG-13 (a few occasional swear words)

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No one's watching.

She puts on the Ani Difranco CD.

No one's watching.

She begins to dance. Dances like no one else exists. Dances like no one will ever care.

Still, no one is watching. Good.

Pirouette. Kick. Dip. Body pop. Move it, girl. And back, and forth, one and two and three and four. Hips swaying in sync with the music. She can be her own private dancer.

Private Dancer... Tina Turner. She puts on the Tina Turner CD. Nobody sings it like Tina. You tell 'em, girl. "Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?" Damn straight. Who does she need to please? Sure as hell not a man.

Hmmm, she sees what's on the radio. Goodness, the crap they play. It's these lyrics that promote violence towards women.

But the beat is very enticing, very tempting, with such allure.

No one is watching. Move it, girl.

Dip and turn and kick, kick, kick. Shake that booty. Even over forty, she is still booty-licious. Hell yeah!

Her hips flow in time with the music, slowing down to a gently sway. Closing her eyes, she loses herself in the beats and tunes.

Once the tempo of the next song picks up, she draws a fold-out chair to the middle of the space she cleared. It is her prop. So long has she wished to dance around the chair.

No one is watching, so dance a little longer.

Switching radio stations, she hears an old favorite. Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing.' This she can move to. Oh, if the men could see her now. Wouldn't they be in for a treat.

This cammi-tank and shorts get-up is really comfortable. Another thing about dancing when no one is watching: no one gives a fuck what you wear. You most certainly don't have to dress sexy to be sexy.

She could pass the hours away, just dancing. It's her ecstasy. What could be better? No poles, no killer heals, no make-up. Just dancing barefoot on the carpet.

If only this day could last. Just so long as no one is watching.