Title: Intoxication

Part: Prologue

Author: Svelte Rose

Written: April 9th, 2004

Comments: Yes, another pro-Anzu fic. ^_^ I won't tell you the pairing because I don't want to spoil it – chances are you guys will figure out who the admirer is even before we reveal who he is. Yes, this is an Anzu-stalker fic – whether it's good or bad, that's for you to find out. By the way, I don' own the YGO characters. XD

            As soon as she had entered from the doorway, energy radiated off of her and into the quiet classroom. Dark blue eyes followed her lithe form, admiring the way the outfit hugged her curves. As a dancer, the brown-haired, blue-eyed dancer kept an admirable form. He was convinced that perhaps a part of it had nothing to do with her active lifestyle but rather, because she was just born with it.

            Of course, he could be biased.

            A flurry of activity took him out of his musings when he saw that the brunette fell against the teacher's desk, her long legs sprawled out before her. Right next to her sat a group of girls – your typical, popular, rich and snotty girls. One of the girls slowly drew her outstretched leg back, a dirty smirk on her face as they looked down at the sprawled brunette who was currently glaring angrily at them.

            "What is your problem Asahi?" The brunette snarled with venom in her tone.

            Sitting back, he wanted to congratulate the brunette for her spirit. Not many would stand up against Asahi's group – but then again, that was part of the brunette's charm. She didn't go with the flow.

            Asahi had begun to respond but a handsome individual with very, very light blond hair – to the point of being white – came and intervened by helping her up.

            "Slut." One of them muttered under their breath before her face met with that of the brunette's school bag. "What the hell is your problem!?" She screeched, rubbing her small, now red, nose.

            The brunette smiled back at them, one eyebrow arched in the most intimidating fashion, "Don't ask stupid questions Freida,"

            The white-haired individual tugged on the brunette's arm, a wary look on his face as his eyes glanced to the door every so often (probably thinking the teacher would appear any moment), "Come on Anzu,"

            The brunette, Anzu, complied as she followed the white-haired individual to their seats. Pretty soon, the room started to fill up as more and more students wearily dragged themselves in to start another day of school.

            It was five minutes before the last bell would ring and the brunette girl already had a group of guys at her desk. It was a funny thing, he had thought to himself, for a girl to only have male friends. Unless you counted the twenty-four year old blond duelist, Mai Kujaku, Anzu's closest friends were all guys.

            Somehow, he had imagined those kind of girls butch and somewhat, masculine or revealing and promiscuous. The object of his affections was none of that. Behold the power of stereotypes. He had thought to himself as he looked over at Asahi's disgruntled group. Though considered the 'popular group' (how he disliked high school cliques), they could not get the attention of Yugi Mutou, the reigning dueling champion in Japan or Jounouchi Katsuya (which befuddled him as to why they wanted the attention of those two twits), second to Yugi Mutou in the dueling world.

            Honda Hiroto, though not a dueler like the rest of them, he made himself known in the school for his achievements in sports. Watching the group out of the corner of his eye, he almost wanted to snatch Hiroto-san's arm (which currently rested on Anzu's shoulder) and break it off.

            The white-haired individual who sat next to Anzu pushed her good-naturedly as she laughed at a private joke which they all shared. He had whispered in her ear before her face turned bright red and she smacked him.

            "Ryou!" She emphasized on the last syllable before smacking him in the arm.

            In addition to that, the blond smacked him in the back of the head before they all stared at each other and broke down laughing once more.

            Feeling somewhat possessive, though for no reason, he was glad when the bell rang and all the boys scattered around the room to their assigned seats. When the teacher entered, he, like the rest of his peers, stood up.

            Yet another day had begun.


            Anzu looked at her test grade and rubbed her forehead. A "B" was not going to sit well with her parents when they saw the red marks indicating her mistakes on the latest exam.

            "What's the matter?" her seat partner asked as if sensing her plight.

            She looked up and shrugged somewhat abashed, "I didn't do so great on this last chemistry test."

            He flipped his paper around and showed her his grade, "I'm not doing so hot either." Ryou responded in his thick European accent.

            She blinked at his test grade before pinching him in the arm, "An 'A-' isn't doing too hot? You're not funny,"

            "Oh come on Anzu, it's only a 'B', I bet you nobody received a perfect score on this exam," He added sitting back as his eyes wandered the room.

            Anzu was very ready to agree with him before the teacher announced –

            "Congratulations Mr. Kaiba for having received the first and only perfect score on this exam,"

            "Perhaps I spoke too soon," he muttered dryly.

            Some groaned, some rooted for the teenage millionaire. Anzu, however, trained her eyes on him and studied his expression. Always the poker-faced individual, Seto Kaiba just tucked his paper away before a weird expression flitted across his poker-face and he turned his head towards her.

            Ack! She screeched in her thoughts before blushing and turning to face the front of the room again. He had caught her staring at him! As if he didn't hate her and her friends enough as it was, now he was going to wonder if he had another stalker to add to the list.

            As if. Anzu rolled her eyes, why would she care what he thought?


            Though confused, Seto Kaiba didn't let it show. Why in the world had Mazaki been staring at him? Probably because of their teacher's announcement of his perfect score (which he did not believe the teacher's business to tell), which was the most reasonable explanation. But then again, it didn't explain for her intent, in-the-zone, gaze when he caught her big midnight-blue eyes trained on him.

            Also, if it were just an innocent look, she shouldn't have jerked away so quickly with a bright pink tinge in her cheeks.

            Why was he even pondering this thought? She just looked. No big deal.

            Seto Kaiba took out a piece of paper and a pen as the teacher began writing on the chalkboard again. Class would resume as usual, he decided.

Ending Notes: Sorry if it seemed confusing at the beginning when it referred to a lot of "him's" and "he's". Hope you enjoyed this chapter! The next installment may be coming soon, I've got a lot of inspiration for this baby. XD

A note for Max – yes, I have invaded your world of stalker ficcies – mwah! =D Behold.