Disclaimer: I do not own Love Hina. It was created by Ken Akamatsu. That is all.

This story supposedly takes place 20 years after the wedding in Volume 14 of the manga… It will involve the son of Keitaro and Naru, and a new generation of residents. A few of the old residents still live there, and a few others may drop by occasionally. The storyline will develop over the course of the fan fiction. Also, if it suddenly switches from present tense to past tense, sorry. Bad habit. I'll try not to do it again. And now, the biographies, Version 1:

Yamato 'Shima' Urashima

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gray

The son of Keitaro and Naru, he is nothing like his father. He perverted, rides a motorcycle, smokes, and gets in street fights. He has his mother's temper, and he'd like to think he has his father's charm. He hates his real name and goes with a nickname made up of the second half of his last name. His trouble making convinces his parents to send him to Hinata House…

Tokimi Matsuda

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

She came to Hinata House several years ago. A straight 'A', well behaved student, she highly disapproves of Shima's living there, and his attitude. A bit shy, she has trouble speaking her mind most of the time. But when Shima really grates on her nerves, she sure gives him a piece of her mind!

Rikina Su

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde, with black streaks.

Eyes: Green

The sister of Kaolla Su, her idol was Kanako Urashima. Thus, she dyed some of her hair black and wears black clothing most of the time. However, Kaolla is second on her list of people she looks up to, and can often be found working on a brilliant, yet dangerous invention… She also often calls Shima by the name 'Yama-chan', much to his annoyance.


Age: 13-14?

Gender: Female

Hair: White?

Eyes: Pale Blue

She is quite a mystery… She was dropped off at Hinata House and never spoke since… All attempts to get her to talk proved futile. Not even Seta and Keitaro's charm could bring her about. She communicates through writing on paper. She seems happy, though. Her strange hair and eye color also remain a mystery…

Sarah MacDougal

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Sarah has finally matured. She still occasionally taunts the residents, particularly Shima, and pulls a prank or two. She is the current owner of Haruka's old restaurant, and will stop by Hinata House to make sure it's still in one piece.

Shinobu Maehara

Age: 39

Gender: Female

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Blue

Shinobu, even at near middle age, is still quite a beauty. She still cooks for the residents of Hinata House, and is the 'motherly figure' who cares for everyone.

Kaolla Su

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Hair: Light Blonde

Eyes: Green

Kaolla Su, now over the hill, is still a mechanical genius. She makes repairs of the poor old building, and still frightens everyone living there with her inventions.

Ema Maeda

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Ema, who successfully got into Tokyo U, has grown into a beautiful woman. She helps Sarah at the restaurant, but is still slightly clumsy…

And now, a new chapter in this tale begins…


Love Hina Next

Chapter 1: Welcome Back to Hinata!

A young man walks up the stairs of Hinata House and wipes his sweaty forehead. It is the first day of Summer, yet it already feels like the hottest day of the year. He has brown hair, gray eyes, and is wearing a red T-Shirt, blue shorts, and black sneakers. Other noticeable features are the cuts and bruises all over his face, a black eye, and a lit cigarette in his mouth. He takes it out of his mouth and flicks it away, and lazily watches as it hit's the ground. He looks at the building that he will be staying at. "Hinata House… Haven't been here in a while…" He then looks back towards the stairs. "…But I forgot how long those stairs are!" He then walks inside the building.

"Yo! Anybody home?" the young man looks around the lobby. He frowns. "Alright, then… I guess I'll have to investigate…" He walks up the stairs and peeks into a nearby room. He raises an eyebrow as he spots a Liddo-kun doll, sitting on top of a blanket in an almost empty room. He stares at it. "Cute…" he says sarcastically. He walks over to give it a kick, but falls through a hole in the floor. "Augh!" He then suddenly finds himself in the middle of a circle of girls. More specifically…

"Erm…" A tanned young woman with blonde, black-streaked hair and wearing a tight shirt, pants, and shoes, all black, stares at the intruder with an un-amused look on her face. "I don't know who are, or why you are here…" she begins in a monotone voice. "…But I would really appreciate it if you would get your face out of my crotch, you perv…" She then grabs the young man by his hair, glares at him, and somehow easily tosses him aside. He stumbles and lands face first between something soft… And squishy… And round… And there are two of them…

"EEEEEEK!!!" a another young woman screams, as the young man pulls himself from between her breasts. "Sicko! Who the hell are you, anyway?!" The young woman has shoulder length black hair, a white button up shirt, green pants, and glasses.

"Who the hell am I?! My name is Shima Urashima, the son of the landlord of this place!! Now I should be asking who the hell all you people are! What are you doing in my father's old room?!" Shima crosses his arms, waiting for an answer.

The girl with glasses glares. "Why should we tell you, you pervert?! There is no way that you can be Keitaro and Naru's son! They were nice people!"

"And how would you know my parents?"

"They visited us on occasion! They never told us they had a son, if you even are him!"

"What the hell is going on here? People just can't take a simple nap these days… Jeez…" a woman in her 30's walks into the room. She has long blonde hair in a ponytail, staring at everyone with her blue eyes. Dressed in a black shirt, blue jeans, and that infamous apron, she walks over to Shima. "Well well well… If it isn't Yamato…"

Shima chuckled. "Heya, Aunt Sarah…"

Sarah smacked him. "Don't call me that… I'm not yer damned aunt… And you look like shit… Have you been fighting again? Your parents called me to make sure you didn't get your ass in trouble…"

Shima flinched. "Ow! Alright, alright… Goddamn, I'm already sore… And don't call me Yamato! I like Shima better…"

Sarah glared at him. "Your name is mud for all I care! At least until you can stop screwing up, that is…"

A girl with long white hair giggles.


"Sooo… He really is their son?…" the girl with glasses, named Tokimi Matsuda asked. She crossed her arms. "Could have fooled me…" Everyone was now sitting in the lobby.

Shima growled and stood up, fist raised. "Hey, just because you're a girl, doesn't mean I won't--"

"Yamato, Tokimi, enough…" Sarah warned. She sighed. "Look, Keitaro and Naru want to straighten Yamato out, so he's going to do the house work around here for a while…"

Suddenly, 2 older woman popped their heads into the room. One was tan, with short, light blonde hair in a pony tails. She was wearing a white blouse and skirt. "… But, I do the house work…"

The other woman had long black hair that went all the way down her back. She was wearing a pink shirt and pink shorts. "…And I like to cook…"

Sarah smirked. "Don't worry, Kaolla, Shinobu… I wouldn't give this bum over here your jobs… He's gonna get stuck with the crappy work, like cleaning the toilets."

Shima sighed. "Awww man…"

"Shut up… Anyway…" Sarah pointed to the 2 woman. "Kaolla Su and Shinobu Maehara… You should be able to remember them from your last visit…"

Shima squinted at them. "Yeah, I think I do remember…"

Sarah them pointed at the other girl with a tan. "And that's… Rikina Su… Goth Girl and a mechanical genius…"


"Oops, sorry Kaolla! But not as good as her older sister!" She then pointed to a younger, pale looking girl with white hair. She was wearing a light blue dress. "That's Ami… Just Ami… She doesn't talk much. Not at all, actually. No one knows what's wrong… The only way she communicates to us is through writing." She pointed to Tokimi. "And that is Tokimi Matsuda. She's an honors student… Nice girl. Loser."

"Hey!" Tokimi yelled.

Shima couldn't help but chuckle. "Wow, this crew is straight out of a comic book…"

"Well, have fun…" Sarah turned around and walked towards the door outside.

"Yo, where are you going, Sarah?…"

She stopped, but didn't look back. "I'm gonna go outside and have a smoke… This is going to be a long day…"

"Wait…" Tokimi began. "You're not serious, are you Sarah?! A boy can't live here! This is a girl's dormitory!"

Sarah turned around and smiled. "Hey, it happened before…"


Shima sat in the room where his father once lived. "… Great… I gotta do work around the house…" He suddenly got a lecherous grin on his face. "On the plus side I live in a girl's dormitory! Which means that if I play my cards right, I could peek on the girls in the bath or something more! Hee hee hee!" Suddenly he was pounded in the head.

"I heard that…" Sarah said, rubbing her fist. "Don't mess with the girls here… They will kick your ass…"

Shima shrugged. "They're just girls… What's the worse they can do?"

Sarah counted on her fingers. "Rikini can create mass weapons of destruction, Tokimi knows Kung Fu, and I'm not sure, but I think I saw Ami move a jar just by looking at it…"

"… You're pulling my leg, right?…" Shima asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sarah shook her head. "Nope… These are some dangerous girls."

"Um… Okay… I'll keep that in mind…"

"Oh yeah, I need you to go up on the roof and fix it up a bit…"


"Eh, this isn't so bad…" Shima sighed, as he re-shingled the roof. "Especially since it's such a nice day! Yeah, I shouldn't let this get to me! Huh?" Suddenly, Ami came up on the roof. She was holding a tray with a pitcher of lemonade. She poured lemonade into a glass and gave it to Shima. "Um…" He began. "Thank you…" The girl smiled. Her eyes suddenly widened. She left, then came back with an umbrella. She handed it to Shima, then left. Shima was left with a surprised look on his face. "What the hell?…" It just then started to rain. "Once again… What… the… hell…"


Shima walked back into the building, soaking wet from working in the rain. Tokimi looked up from her studying and smiled mischievously. "Have fun?"

"…Shut up… Why are you doing homework, anyway?" Shima snapped back. E walked over to her.

Tokimi smiled. "I'm studying to get into Tokyo University!"

"Tokyo U?… Psh, good luck…" Shima hopped on the sofa next to Tokimi.

Tokimi stared at him. "Um…"

Shima stared back. "What?…"

"… You're getting the sofa wet…"


She sighed. "…Idiot…"

He frowned. "I am not an idiot!"

"Could have fooled me…"

"Not that line again… Look, I'm tired of this… I'm going to my room…" Shima sat up and walked to his room.

Tokimi growled. "Grrr… See! You got the seat all wet!"

Shima waved back. "Whatever…"

"Why you…" She sighed and sat back down. "Nevermind…"


The next morning, a fax came in…

"Hey! Yamato! A fax came in for you!" Sarah yelled, outside of Shima's room.

Shima woke up. "Ugh… What?"

"Wake up… A fax from your dad came…" She held out some papers.

Shima, still groggy, could make out the word deed. "Oh no… Oh hell… Is that what I think it is?…"

Sarah grinned. "It sure is… Congratulations, landlord."

Shima blinked. "No… No, that was not part of the deal! I would come here, live here for a few months, then go back home to Kyoto! That's it, I'm calling my old man!" Shima shot up from his futon, then stomped over to the nearest phone. He picked it up and called a number.


On the island of Pararakelse, in a set of old ruins, a hand picks up his nearby cell phone. This person remains 'off-camera' for the conversation. "Hello? Oh, hey son! What's up?"


"Don't you, 'what's up' me! What's up with making me the landlord! That wasn't part of our agreement!"


"Well you see, son… With me and your mother away for so long, the place needed a new landlord… You've seen the state the old place is in, haven't you?"


"Yeah, the place is a real mess…"


"So… You understand, don't you?…"


"Yeah, I guess… Alright…"


"Oh, okay! So you won't mind if me and your mother go on vacation without you, right?"


"What?! Dad, you bastard!"


"Whoa, whoa , whoa! I was just kidding! Actually, there's this unexplored cave on Pararakelse Island that we're going to check out…"


"Oh, okay… Have fun, I guess…" Shima hung up the phone. "Great, just great…" He then walked off, shaking his head.

End Chapter 1