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Love Hina Next

Epilogue: When All Fades to White… Farewell, Hinata House!

3 years later…

We watch two woman climb the stairs of Hinata House. One is a blonde American named Sarah McDougal. The other is a reluctant princess named Kaolla Su. After destroying a precious stone idol in order to help their friends, they ended up in a huge mess of trouble. Thankfully, Kaolla pulled some strings, and they were finally returning to their longtime home. But this is a bit ahead of our story. Let's go back to earlier this morning.


A young woman of about 18 years of age sleeps peacefully in her bed. It is a very hot Summer, so in the middle of the night she threw off the covers and unbuttoned her blue pajama top, exposing her bra. She has average sized breasts for a girl her age, and a nice slender figure. Her skin is pale, her long hair is white, and although her eyes are closed, they are normally a pale blue. The girl's name is Ami. Ami's hair has once again grown long, going all the way down her back. She moves a bit in her sleep, and is now sprawled across the floor.

Her twin sister, Meiruuna, walks in. Her hair is now shoulder length, tied into pig tails. She is dressed in a crimson red tank top and black shorts. She sighs, walks over to Ami, and lightly shakes her. "Hey, wake up…" She shakes her a little more roughly, but Ami still does not wake up. Meiruuna walks out of the room and comes back in with a bucket of ice water. "Wakey wakey, sister!" She dumps the water over Ami's head, but the water suddenly stops in mid air, changes direction, and splashes Meiruuna. "… Damn you, Ami…"

Ami, turning around and facing the other direction, muttered sleepily. "Don't even try, you little bitch… I'm awake, just give me a few more minutes…"

Meiruuna smirked. "Don't call me little… But geez, you can be bitter when you're tired… " She backed up, crossed her arms, and leaned her back up against the wall. "Anyway, I just came up here to tell you that you're going to be late for work again!"

Ami suddenly jumped up from her bed. "What?! Why didn't you tell me?! Waah, Mr. Yagami is going to kill me!!" She jumped inside her closet. A few seconds later, came out fully clothed in a small white tank top, low riding jeans, and white sneakers. She frantically ran out of her room. "Bye!"

Meiruuna chuckled. "Works every time…"


Shinobu, who was cleaning the dishes gasped as Ami dashed past her. "Ami, aren't you going to eat breakfast?" She was wearing a blue t-shirt, skirt, and white socks.

"No time! I'll try and pick something up at work!" Ami yelled, grabbing a banana. "On second thought--" She gasped as the banana was suddenly yanked from her grasp. "Rikina! How could you?!"

The entire banana was in Rikina's mouth, stretching her cheeks out. She swallowed. "What? I was up all night working on some blueprints and slept in. I missed breakfast…" Rikina rubbed her eyes. She was wearing overalls and no shirt or bra underneath it. Her hair was tied up in a pony tail. Gone were the black streaks in her hair, but she still wore black lipstick and eye shadow.

Ami frowned, crossing her arms. "Well so did I! I'm going to be late for work again and--"

Shinobu passed Ami a cup of coffee. "Here's your coffee, dear…"

Ami took a sip. "Thanks, Shinobu…" She turned back to Rikina. "And another thing! I--" Suddenly, all her morning grouchy-ness went away and she went back into 'sweet mode'. She smiled. "Good morning, everyone! Well, I'm off to work! Oooh, hope I'm not late again…" She ran out of the kitchen, then out the door. She also happened to toss her coffee mug into the air. "And sorry about wearing shoes in the house!" she added, yelling from outside.

Rikina looked to Shinobu and raised an eyebrow. "… What the hell was that all about?"

Shinobu giggled, catching the coffee mug. "Oh, you know… She is becoming a woman, you know… Stress and hormones and all the responsibilities she's gaining…" She put the mug down, and straightened out her clothes. "And it's all resulted in her waking up very grouchy and easily excitable…"

"And she already isn't easily excitable?" Rikina stared, picking up another banana, peeling it, and taking a bite. "Dat girl ish a bundleth of nervths…" She stop talking, swallowed, and continued. "She really needs to loosen up a bit. I mean, the world isn't going to end if she messes up just a few times… Life won't always go your way…" She peeled her banana some more and ate a bit more before tossing it away. "I've learned that already…"

Shinobu smiled. "You've matured a lot, Rikina…" She stared at the other Su's current state of dress. "But you've also been wearing less and less clothes each year…"

Rikina shrugged. "Hey, it's hot out… You know, that whole global warming thing…" She shrugged. "Besides, I don't worry about things like that… It's not like I go out in public dressed like this…"

Shinobu chuckled lightly, nodding. "You have a point there…"


Outside, Kimomo was having a sparring match with Jin. "Too slow!" The woman yelled, jumping over Jin and smacking him lightly with the blunt end of her sword. "You have to keep up your training, or you'll never get better!" She sheathed her sword, still wearing the traditional shrine maiden outfit. She smiled teasingly. "Now apologize for slacking off on your training…"

Jin rubbed his head, smiling at her. "I'm sorry for slacking off on my training."

Kimomo giggled. "Good!" She kissed him on the cheek. "Now, let's go get something to eat!" She grabbed his hand and dragged him inside.


On the roof, Static was finishing up some meditating. He opened his eyes, stood up, and began stretching. "Awww, what a nice day…" He grinned, looking at the ground below. From up here, he could see the city. "Yep, it's days like these that make you glad to be alive…" He looked up into the sky and gasped. Flying overhead was a group of baby hot springs turtles. He smiled, his eyes lighting up. "How cute…" Getting caught up in things, he began to chase them. He suddenly felt like he was falling. He looked down and realized that he had ran off of the roof. "Oooohweeee…" He screamed as he fell down… into the hot springs.

Just then, Sarah and Kaolla walked in, wearing nothing but towels. Sarah glared at Static, while Kaolla giggled. "I don't know what the hell you are doing in here…" Sarah began. "But please get the hell out before I'm forced to kick your ass all the way back to Kyoto…"

Static's eyes widened. "T-thank you, Miss McDougal… For giving me a chance…" He quickly got up, walked past them, and left.

"Wow, you sure have gotten nicer…" Kaolla grinned, elbowing Sarah. "A few years ago, you probably would have killed the poor guy!"

Sarah growled. "Kaolla?"

She tilted her head. "Chyeeees?"

"Just shut up and let's take our damn bath…"


Meanwhile, Ami was just arriving at work. She began to pant, running up to her boss. "Mr. Yagami! I am so sorry that I am late!"

Her boss, Mr. Yagami, was a man wearing a light blue button up shirt, dark blue slacks, had brown hair and a mustache. He crossed his arms and sighed. "Ami, this is the third time this week… Look, just go get dressed. If you mess up again, I'll be forced to let you go…"

Ami nodded and bowed frantically several times. "Th-thank you! I won't let you down!"


"Hello, welcome to Anna Miller's! How may I serve you?" Ami smiled, holding a clipboard. She was wearing the traditional Anna Miller's uniform.

The man she was serving grinned. He was wearing a black tank top, shorts, and sandals. He had brown, spiky hair. "Hmmm… How about you 'serve' me later tonight? How's that sound, cutie?"

Ami sweat dropped. 'Oh crap, a perverted customer…' She faked a smile nervously. "Um, let's try this again… What would you like to eat?"

The man chuckled. "Now you're talking, baby!" He reached around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He began to rub her butt. "How about I eat you, huh?" Ami's eyebrow twitched, and she began to glow blue. The man began to get a bit nervous. "Um, uh…"

Outside, people watched in horror as the Anna Miller's restaurant exploded. Ami stood amongst the rubble, breathing heavily. "I hope that hurt, you asshole!!"

Ami's boss and co-worker's managed to come up from the rubble. Mr. Yagami screamed. "M-my restaurant! Argh!!!"

As Ami snapped back into reality, her eyes widened as she realized what she had done. "Oh my, um… Oops?" She chuckled nervously. "Uh, sorry…"


Somewhere on the island of Pararakelse, Seta and Haruka were sunbathing on the shore. Seta yawned, stretching out. "So, how are you enjoying our retirement so far?"

Haruka rolled her eyes. "Dear, we've been retired for 3 years… And don't you think we've been sunbathing long enough? Now that you have more free time, there are so many things that we could do now…" She smiled seductively.

Seta scratched his head. "Um, like what?"

Haruka's smile quickly turned into a frown. "Never mind…"


Back at Hinata House, Ami came back home. She sighed and walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a knife and lifted up her shirt. Just as she was about to commit seppuku, Sarah grabbed her arm. "Hey, what's up with the attempting suicide? Lose your job again?" She sat down in a chair.

Ami nodded sadly, also sitting down. "And what's worse, I blew the place up!" She smiled a bit. "But Sarah! You and Kaolla are finally back?!"

Sarah nodded, then burst out laughing. "You blew up Anna Miller's?! That's great… That place was nothing but a Japanese Hooters, anyway…"

Ami raised an eyebrow. "Hooters?"

Sarah nodded. "Yeah. An American restaurant where women dressed up in skimpy clothing…" She rubbed her chin. "Then again, at least Anna Miller's has a sense of class…"

Ami sighed. "I really need a job, though! I just have to pay my rent!"

Sarah laughed again. "Rent? Ami dear, nobody pays rent here… Hell, I'm surprised that this place has lasted so long!"

Ami pouted. "I know, but it just doesn't seem right…"

Sarah patted Ami on the head. "Ami, you're a nice girl… Sometimes, a little too nice…" She sat up and left the kitchen, leaving Ami to think to herself. "Hey, wait… Where is Yamato-sama?"


Naru smiled, putting some plates of food on the table. "It's so nice that we can all eat together like a family for once…" She sat down and smiled at Keitaro, then Yamato.

Yamato chuckled slightly. "Yeah, and to think it would take this long…"

Keitaro smiled. "Yeah, I'm sorry for all those times that I couldn't be there for you two… From now on, I'm going to try to be with my family more often… I just needed some time to finish up all the work I began. Now I can spend more time with my family!"

Yamato nodded. "That's all I really wanted… I'm sorry for the way I acted all those years ago… Joining a gang, and all…"

Naru, who was sitting between the two men, ruffled Yamato's hair. "It's all right, honey…" She suddenly grabbed a chunk of his hair and pulled. "…Just don't do it again…"

Yamato nodded nervously. "Y-yes, mother…"

Keitaro chuckled. "Don't pull too hard, dear… You might pull it out!"


In a forest, Motoko and Sukyuzo were walking through a pond. "Oh, great…" Motoko began, looking around. "I think that we're lost… again…"

Sukyuzo laughed. "Yes, we sure have a knack for that, huh?" He walked up behind Motoko and wrapped his arms around her. "We're all alone, too…"

Motoko blushed. "But… it's the middle of the day and we're in a forest…"

Sukyuzo smiled. "Yes, but there is no one else he--" He and Motoko heard a noise. They looked around to see a bunch of monkeys. He sweat dropped. "Okay, never mind… I feel a bit uncomfortable with all the monkeys…"

Motoko nodded. "Quite…"


Yamato walked into the lounge, looking around. "Hello? I'm back from Mom and Dad's house!" He raised an eyebrow. "Where is everybody?" He saw Nina run down the stairs.

She ran up to Yamato and smiled. "Hiya!" she yelled. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and green shorts. "What's up?"

Yamato waved. "Um, hey Nina… Have you seen Tokimi?" He patted his pants. There was something in his pocket.

Nina rubbed her chin. "Hmmm… Nope! Haven't seen her all day!"

Yamato sighed. "Well, thanks anyway!" He slowly walked upstairs, staring at the ground.


Meanwhile, Ami was taking a bath. She sighed, staring at the water. "Maybe I should drown myself…" She sunk down under the water, then suddenly popped up, choking. "Figures… I can't even kill myself correctly…"

"Why would you want to kill yourself?" Rikina asked, joining Ami. She sat next to Ami and stared blankly at her. "Well?"

Ami, who wasn't expecting Rikina to sit next to her, gasped as she saw the woman's breasts. 'Oh god, they're melons! Mine are never going to get that big!' She stopped staring and answered Rikina. "I got fired from another job…"

"So?" Rikina shrugged. "Just try again…" She smiled. "You just can't give up!" She grinned, changing the subject. "I see that you were staring at my boobs…"

Ami's eyes widened. "N-no! I wasn't! I was, um--"

"Liar…" Rikina snared, glaring. Her glare turned into an evil smile. "Ami, is it just me or have your breasts gotten bigger? Let's see, shall we?" She jumped at Ami, groping her.

"Kyaah! No, Rikina, stop!!" Ami screamed. "I'm sorry for staring at your breasts!"

Meanwhile, on the roof, Kai was watching. "Oh yeah, semi-lesbo action!" He snickered. "Whoo, grab those tits!"

"You are sick…" Tenshi muttered, falling from the air and landing next to him. "Stop staring at Ami-dono!"

Kai grinned. "Well what are you going to do about it, goody-goody?"

Tenshi smiled. "This!" She gave her brother a hard kick, taking him by surprised and knocking him off the roof. She watched as he fell, screaming and landing in the water. She giggled as Ami and Rikina tossed Kai out. She flew off, satisfied now that she had finally blown off some steam.


Ami and Rikina, now dressed, walked into the lounge, wear they found Kaolla, sitting and tinkering with something. Rikina's eyes began to water up, and she ran over to Kaolla. "Big sister! You're finally back!"

Kaolla, not looking up from her work, nodded. "Yep, sure am…"

Rikina frowned. "Hey, you could be a little more considerate! We haven't seen each other in 3 years!"

Kaolla smiled, looking up. "Gotcha! Hiya, lil' sis!" She stood up and the two sisters hugged.

Ami thought for a bit. "Hey, wait… How did you get that whole idol thing worked out?"

Kaolla cackled. "Well, me being a princess, I pulled a few strings and--"

"Pulled strings? Ha!" Sarah walked into the lounge from the kitchen. "We had 3 years of hard labor! I think I could bench press Gidget now!"

Kaolla sweat dropped. "Well, what would you call me getting you out of an execution, huh?"

Sarah coughed nervously. "Um, I guess you're right…"


After searching all over the house, Yamato growled, leaning against the wall and sliding down to the floor. "I've looked everywhere and I just can't find Tokimi…"

"Looking for me?" the woman in question asked, smiling as she walked upstairs. "I was out looking for you!"

"Tokimi!" Yamato yelled, running toward her. "I… I have to ask you something…" He got on one knee, taking out a small box.

Tokimi gasped. "Yamato!! That isn't--"

"Yes…" Yamato gulped. "Tokimi, will you marry me?"

Tokimi nodded, tears running down her eyes. "Yes, I will marry you!"

Yamato stood up and kissed her on the lips. Tokimi kissed back, but they were quickly interrupted. "I knew that I saw Tokimi walk up here," Rikina began, crossing her arms. "So, thought you could propose to her without telling the rest of us, huh?"

Yamato sweat dropped. "Guys…" Everyone was standing there, even Jin and Static.

Jin sniffled. "Awww, that's so beautiful…" Static handed him a tissue. "Thanks…"

Yamato and Tokimi laughed, then went back to kissing, not caring if the others were watching anymore.


Meanwhile, back at Keitaro and Naru's house, they were snuggling on the couch, watching a movie. Naru kissed Keitaro on the cheek, then happily laid her head on his chest. Keitaro smiled down at her.


In Okinawa, Mutsumi was sadly watching one of her bags of watermelons float away in the water. "Oh my, my poor watermelons are sailing away…" She waved, naming them. "Goodbye Kei-kun, Na-chan, Ya-kun, and Tama Tama!"

Tama-chan tilted her head. "Myuh?"

Mutsumi looked to the turtle. "Not you, the watermelon."

Ema, who had decided to return to Okinawa with Mutsumi, put a hand on her shoulder. "Um, don't worry… There will be other watermelons in the future…" She sweat dropped.

Mutsumi nodded. "I suppose you're right…" She smiled, clasping her hands together. "Now, let's go get something to eat… I'm hungry!"

Ema smiled. "Yes, that sounds like a good idea! Let's! Come on, Tama-chan!"

"Myuh!" Tama-chan followed the women and they walked home, the sun setting behind them.


Seta and Haruka watched as the sun set, holding hands. Seta looked in Haruka's eyes, she looked back. They both smiled and continued to watch the sun go down.


Motoko and Sukyuzo rested on the grass, sighing as the weather began to get cooler. Motoko leaned over gave her lover a kiss on the nose. "No one is watching us now…"


Haitani, Shirai, and Kitsune were hanging out, sitting on Haitani's car. They were passing around Kitsune's sake bottle around. They were currently sloshed out of their mind. Kitsune smiled. "Hey, boys… How's 'bout we make a 'Kitsune sandwich', huh?"

Haitani and Shirai looked at each other and grinned happily.


Shinobu was sweeping the kitchen floor, when suddenly, a man came in. She looked up and smiled. "Hello, Daisuke… It's been a while…"

He nodded. "Yes, it has… Shinobu… I… I want to try again…"

Shinobu gasped. "Getting married? But…" she blushed. "I'm not as young as I used to be…" Her eyes widened as he took her chin in his hands.

"But you are still as beautiful as when I first met you… I still love you, Shinobu…" His face began to get closer to hers.

"Dai-kun…" She closed her eyes, puckering her lips.

"Daisuke!" Kaolla screamed, jumping in and kicking the man in the back of the head. "Come to break Shinobu's heart some more?!"

Shinobu's eye widened. "Damn you, Su!!"

Kaolla sweat dropped, smiling and tilting her head. "Eh… Did I do something wrong?"

Shinobu sighed, then smiled at Daisuke's unconscious form. "Well, whenever you wake up… My answer will be yes…"


Nyamo, watching Seta and Haruka, smiled and rode off on top of Gidget.


Kanako hopped from roof top to roof top, smiling to herself. After reaching her destination, a vending machine, she jumped from the top of a building and landed on her feet. A few people spotted her and gasped. She walked over to the vending machine, put a few coins in, and watched as a video fell out. A porn video. She picked it up and sniffed it, smiling. People began to give her strange looks. She stared at them. "What? The man in here reminds me of my brother…" People gave her even stranger looks. He shrugged and walked off.


Motoko began panting as Sukyuzo slowly removed her sash, kissing her neck and shoulder. She gasped as she saw someone. "Tsu--tsu-- Tsuruko!"

Motoko's sister smiled sadistically. "So, you've had pre-marital sex with this man? And now you're doing it again? My, what a bad girl…"

Sukyuzo gasped. "Y-you're--!"

Tsuruko chuckled. "Aww, so you've heard of me? I'm quite flattered…" She glared, unsheathing her sword. "But Motoko, you must be punished!"

Motoko screamed, running away and leaving a frightened Sukyuzo. He chuckled nervously. "Um, heh heh… Nice day, isn't it?"

Tsuruko nodded, then sheathed her sword. "My, she sure can run fast… Of course, I was just joking… She's a grown woman now, she can do as she likes…"

Sukyuzo nodded, smiling. "Um, she'll be quite relieved to hear that…"


Meanwhile, Tokimi and Yamato were walking around the school they used to go to. The same one that they met at. "Well, here it is…" Yamato said softly.

Tokimi nodded. "Yeah…" They stood there silently for a few minutes, just looking at the school. Suddenly, Tokimi leaned up and kissed Yamato. His eyes widened a bit in surprise, but he quickly kissed back. They continued to kiss until the sun went down.

All of a sudden, there was a huge explosion in the direction of Hinata House. Yamato and Tokimi looked to each other, then at the rising smoke cloud. "Oh shit!"

Well, that's the end of my little tale… Sorry, no big finish or anything… Oh sorry. My name is Yamato Urashima, and what you have just read is my little twisted chapter in the 'Hinata House legacy'. There's probably more in store for me and for everyone else, but this is where things finally begin to calm down in our lives. Now this is both a good thing and a bad thing. You see, it's actually been a few months since that last scene you just saw. Shortly after, Shinobu finally got married and moved out with her husband. Thankfully, Tokimi isn't that bad of a cook herself. Rikina met up with a guy and now they're dating. Sarah moved back to America, but she said that she'd be back. Everyone else is still here, but I have no idea in Hell what the others are doing. Eh, they're probably off doing whatever it is they do… Well, that's all, I guess… Oh yeah… Ami said that she was thinking of finding another job and moving out, but that's another story…

End of Epilogue.

End of Love Hina Next.


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Love Hina Next: Ami Gets Shacked Up!

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