Talked Into It

"What's wrong?" Jim asked when Blair sighed for the fifth time in as many minutes.

Slanting Jim a sideways look, Blair asked, "Do you want the socially acceptable answer or the truth?"

"The truth."

Taking a deep breath, he blurted out, "I haven't had sex in a very long time, and you're really starting to turn me on." His face turned the color of a ripe tomato as Jim gaped at him.

Finally managing to pick his jaw up from off the floor, the Sentinel hissed, "What?"

Inching away from his seething friend (at least his friend for now – maybe not for much longer) Blair stuttered, "Y-you heard me, man."

Jim stared at Blair for a few excruciatingly long minutes before letting out a huge breath of frustration. "You finally want me, and it's only because you haven't gotten laid in a while?" he exclaimed, aghast.

Blair blinked. It almost sounded as if Jim was more upset by why he wanted him, than the fact that he did want him. "Uh…well…mostly," he admitted.

Jim seemed to latch onto that. "Mostly?" he questioned.

Blair nodded nervously. "I…well, I mean, I've always noticed you, man, in a purely aesthetic sense. You're just so…macho, I just never went anywhere with it. And there were always plenty of women to keep me occupied, so I never really thought about it. But lately, with this…drought…I seem to be having, I just…"

"Started thinking about it?" Jim raised an eyebrow in question.

Blair nodded dumbly. "Yeah, pretty much."

Jim sighed and wiped his face with his hands, before giving Blair a baleful glare. "Chief, you are my best friend…"

"…but you don't swing that way; I know, man," Blair said sullenly.

"Actually, I do – at least, I'm attracted to you," Jim corrected him.


"You heard me. The thing is, you are my best friend, and if this is just some one-night stand, or a short fling you're looking for, I don't want any part of it."

"And if I was looking for something more permanent?" Blair asked, hardly able to believe his boldness.

Jim's eyes softened. "Then…we could talk."

"Talk, huh?" Blair's lips curved into a smile.

"Mm-hm." Jim nodded.

"Just talk?"

"Well, I think I could be talked into some kissing…or maybe more," Jim allowed.

"Well, then…let's get this conversation started," Blair said – and pounced.