Dear Heero,

Well, you asked me why I didn't help, it's because I don't care. With everyone wayghing on your every word, you've been spoiled beyond all reason. I've tryed to help, but you always find something wrong with what I do. It's even to the point that you just don't want my help, so I don't see why you're getting so mad. Oh, not to mention when I ask for an opinion, you're always going to be the toughist critic. Hello! I'm only 16, nothing I do is going to be that good. You just never believe in a good try. Everything has to be perfect. Well guess what, nothings perfect. I'm not perfect. If you want perfection, you won't find it here. Life is just one big mess of inperfections. But hey if you think you can find perfection, be my guest and have fun looking. And if you think you're perfect, HA!! That's a laugh. You aren't even close to perfection and you know what neither am I. I'll admit to that. You need to learn to do that too. You are not perfect. You are not even close to perfect. No matter what you say I'll never help. No matter how much you beg I'll never help. Well, you probably won't beg huh? Well, you just need to stop worrying. And just get over it I'LL NEVER CLEAN MY ROOM!!!

I still love you,
Duo Maxwell