Title: Scavenger Hunt

By: Scarlet

Rated: T


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The LAST Item! Ah! I'm finally clicking complete on this fanfic! A million years later! Ah!

Chapter Seven: The Last Item

In a darkened living, room five girls sat around a television set that was showing an emotionally touching scene of a movie. Every eye was glued to the action as the handsome young man confessed his love to the beautiful heroine. There were collective sighs as the two protagonists finally realized their feelings for each other and came together in a beautiful kiss, complete with moonlight in the background and the soft sounds of violins and harps drifting through the air. As the screen faded to black and the credits started to roll there were a few wet eyes among the girls.

"That was so good," Minako said, still the clutching the pillow to her chest as Motoko got up to turn on the lights.

"I have to agree," Motoko said as she started to tidy up her living room. They usually had movie night at her place since it meant she would probably be making yummy snacks for the occasion. "I don't usually go for all that gushy stuff but I have to admit I enjoyed it."

"It was a well written movie. And the actors did have good chemistry," Ami added as she got up to help Motoko gather the dishes and cups scattered around the living room.

"And it definitely didn't hurt that the guy was way hot too right?" Rei said nudging Ami, teasing the other girl.

The girls giggled at Ami's flushed faced and her agreement.

"I told you guys you would enjoy it. The last scene was my absolute favorite though." Minako released another sigh filled with longing and said. "I can't wait to find a guy to love me like that…" she trailed off as she started to imagine her own romantic ending.

Usagi's face grimaced at Minako's starry eyed expression. She opened her mouth to add her own comments to the conversations when she suddenly found her mouth covered my Minako's hand.

"Do not even say what I know you are going to say, Usagi-chan," Minako said quite firmly

Pushing her friend's hand away "How do you know what I'm going to say?" she asked.

Minako gave her a pointed look. "I know whatever you are going to say is going to burst my little bubble of joy. Let me enjoy my bubble for once!" she exclaimed.

Usagi shrugged and let Minako return to her fantasies. Which is exactly what they were, Usagi thought to herself. She did enjoy those types of movies but once the light turned on it was time to get back to reality.

Rei's voice cut off her cynical thoughts as she heard her say, "And you really shouldn't be the one to say anything on how unrealistic the movie was, Usagi."

Motoko gave a chuckle and agreed with a, "Seriously."

"What are you guys talking about?" Usagi asked quizzically looking at the girls.

"There really is just empty space between those odangos," Rei said with a laugh, patting the space between the two buns.

"Usagi, think about it. Poor Mina-chan over there has to dream about it but you've found your soul-mate."

Usagi's eyes widened at the last two words. "My soul mate?" she gave a very unladylike snort and said "Don't be ridiculous. Soul-mates aren't real. It's just something made up in the movies. It's not realistic. Right Ami? Tell them it's just not scientifically possible." Turning to the girl knowing her logical mind would definitely back her up.

"Well…" Ami started taking a moment to think about the question. "Scientifically speaking, seemingly impossible things happen all the time. There are many things in science we can't explain, they just are. So I don't believe it would be that farfetched to think that somehow two people are truly meant to be together."

The blonde looked at her friend in shock. Usagi thought for sure if anyone was going to be on her side it would be Ami. She had always loved the idea of soul mates but was sure they didn't exist in real life.

Minako looked at her friend's thoughtful expression with glee. She had to fight the urge to rub her hands together and cackle. Her movie choice was very strategic. She could tell that Usagi was ready to confess; she just needed a little push.

All Minako wanted was to have her friend realize her own feelings and it had nothing to do with the bet on when Usagi would finally crack and tell Mamoru those three little words. And it especially had nothing to do with the over two-hundred dollars in the pool for whoever guessed correctly….

"And think about poor, Mamoru-kun. Pining away, waiting for you to confess your feelings," Minako said. One more push in the right direction! she thought to herself.

Makoto knew exactly what the blonde was doing and she wasn't going to make it that easy for her. "Usagi, I'm sure Mamoru would prefer it if you waited until you were absolutely, whole heartedly sure before you say the words. No matter how long you take. Say maybe you'll be ready in a week…"

"Or a month!" Rei added

Usagi looked around at her friends feeling more conflicted than ever. Was she hurting Mamoru by not saying the words he wanted to hear? But she still wasn't comfortable saying them…

Taking pity on her friend, Ami laid a hand on Usagi's shoulder. "Usagi, don't listen to what everyone else thinks. You'll know when the time is right," she said with her usual tone of wisdom.

Usagi smiled at Ami's comforting words and nodded in response. She wasn't going to let anyone push her into saying the words.

After they cleaned up Motoko's living room, each girl went their separate way, leaving Usagi to walk home by herself. Her mind still swirling as she thought about what Ami said and her relationship with Mamoru.

They had been dating for a month now and things were going surprisingly well. At first Usagi was unsure about the whole thing. They were complete opposites, how was a relationship to survive that sort of foundation? He was compulsively neat while she was definitely not. He was a straight A student and she, once again, was not.

She continued to think about their differences as she walked into her home and up to her room. All the differences she was listing in her head always seemed to have her somehow lacking when compared to him. It didn't sound like they were soul mates. She was sure that if there was a girl meant to be with Mamoru, she would be someone far better than her.

Her sad thoughts were cut off as the phone by her bedside started to ring. Usagi picked it up and held it to her ear. "Hello?" she asked her voice reflecting her last thoughts.

"Usako? You sound upset. Anything the matter? " Mamoru's concerned voice said through the line.

"Oh no reason really…" she said unconvincingly. She knew he was calling to make sure that she got home safe from the movie night. She added considerate to her list of his good qualities.

"Are you sure? Did Ami make you guys watch one of those depressing World War II movies again?" Mamoru teased.

Usagi groaned at the memory. Ami's movie picks were usually too sad or too boring for Usagi's tastes. At least the girls went against Ami and voted that documentaries were not to be considered for their movie nights. "No! She isn't allowed to pick those types of movies any more" she informed him.

"Is it because it's been several hours since you've seen my handsome face and you're slowly pining away?" he asked

She groaned again. He was a little too close for comfort. "Maybe I'm so sad because I know the next time I see you, you're going to make me study for an exam that's a week away! A week! That's seven whole days!"

Mamoru couldn't help the laughing out loud. She really did sound terribly upset! "Sorry Usako, but the earlier you start studying, the more prepared you'll be for your exam," he said logically

Usagi thought that Mamoru was lucky he was so handsome; he made studying a lot less tedious. "But I hate studying. Wouldn't you much rather watch a movie and cuddle with your adorable girlfriend? And try to convince her to make-out with you?"

"Usako, don't lie. You know for a fact I don't ever have to convince you."

Usagi gave a very unladylike snort in reply. "Still doesn't change that I hate you for making me study on what's supposed to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon."

Glad she didn't try to deny it Mamoru said. "We'll only study for a few hours and then we can enjoy the rest of the day. I promise."

Usagi knew it wasn't going to be as bad as she made it sound and her grades have been improving since she started dating him. "I still can't believe my father is perfectly fine with me going to your apartment where we would be completely alone. Are you sure you haven't been slipping him some drug to like you?"

"Why won't you accept that my good looks and charm not only worked on you, but your father as well?"

The blonde couldn't help but roll her eyes at his arrogance. "You do not know my father. Something is going on. I just can't put my finger on it. He likes you way too much. It's a little creepy," she said as she thought about how completely okay her dad seemed to be with her relationship with Mamoru.

"Maybe your dad just thinks I'm an awesome boyfriend and trusts me to not take advantage of you," he said, totally convinced that her father really did like him.

Usagi, on the other hand wasn't. "No. That's not it." She said still thinking about the possible answers. "I'm only concerned for your safety, you know…"

Confused, Mamoru asked "As flattered as I am that you are thinking about me, how is that connected?"

"I'm just afraid that one day my dad is going to snap out of this weird daze he's in and pull a shot gun on you."

A little bead of sweat started to form on Mamoru's forehead. "You mean shotgun in a metaphoric sense, right?" his voice hopeful.

"Nope. He actually owns one. He has a few guns actually…. " she said simply.

Mamoru had to suddenly gulp at the lump that formed in his throat. "Let's not talk about your father's gun collection. I just wanted to let you know that you can come over any time. I have to go into work for a few hours so I might not be there, just let yourself in." he said trying to shake the image of her father polishing a gun from his mind.

"Okay" she said looking at the set of keys on her desk. Mamoru had given them to her when they first started dating, Usagi had thought it was too big a step to take but Mamoru insisted. He said he liked the idea that sometimes when he would come home she would be there to greet him. "Just to clarify, I don't hate you. Even if you make me study all the time."

Mamoru smiled into the phone. "I don't hate you either. Goodnight Usako."

"Goodnight Mamo-chan," she said quietly as she heard him hang up the other line.

As soon as she put down her receiver, the phone started to ring again. Thinking it was Mamoru again Usagi picked it up quickly. "Did you forget something Mamo-chan?"

"Sorry for calling you so late Usa-chan."

Usagi was surprised to hear Motoki instead. "Hi Motoki-kun. Don't worry about it," she assured him.

"I'm glad you're still up. Can you come into the arcade tomorrow?" he asked a hint of nervousness in his voice.

Confused at the usually chipper arcade worker's odd tone she said, "Of course. I'll stop by sometime in the afternoon before I head over to Mamo-chan's. Are you sure can't tell me what's wrong on the phone?"

"I'm sure. I think this is something you need to hear in person." And with that Motoki promptly hung up.

Now worry mixed in with confusion. Motoki sure was acting odd….

Usagi was still thinking about what Motoki could possibly have to tell her as she neared the arcade. He sounded pretty nervous. Was it some deep dark secret that Mamoru was keeping from her? Like webbed feet? Usagi was giggling to herself as she suddenly ran into Minkao who was coming out of the arcade doors.

"Usagi! Just the person I was looking for!" Minako said. "So…how was your night last night?" she asked.

"Good I guess. I was at movie night with you guys last night." Usagi said in confusion.

"No I mean after you got home. Anything interesting happen? Any… love confessions perhaps?" she asked hopefully with a tone of desperation.

Looking at her friend's slightly crazy eyes Usagi, was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. "Nope. No love confessions. What is going on Mina-chan?"

Minako's head dropped in disappointment.

"Umm..Mina-chan. Is everything okay?" Usagi asked

Minako looked up and shook her head sadly. "Yeah….everything is fine," she said unconvincingly. "I have to go, Usagi-chan. I'll see you later."

Usagi continued to look on as Minako made her way down the block. She could have sworn she heard "Good-bye new handbag…." coming from her as she got further away. She was still scratching her head in confusion as she stepped into the arcade.

Before she knew what was happening, she was suddenly jerked forward by a crazy person in a white apron. That said crazy person was a haggard looking Motoki who rudely pushed her into janitor's closet, shutting the door and locking it behind them.

"What is going on with everybody today?" Usagi asked quite annoyed.

"Do you want to know why your father is so accepting of Mamoru or not?" he said in a hushed tone.

Usagi's eyes widened. "I want to know!" she said leaning into him eager to find out the secret.

Motoki took a minute to find the right words that wouldn't shock her too bad. He cleared his throat and figured it was just best to lay it all out. "Your father thinks Mamoru's gay and is my boyfriend, not yours."

Breaking the news to her, Motoki could see that he had shocked her silent.

Shocked wasn't exactly the term she would use to describe what she was feeling. She was actually trying desperately not to laugh out loud at Motoki's too serious expression. A fight that she was losing as she let a giggle out. And then another. Until finally giving up and just let the laughter go.

"How can you find this funny?" he asked, certainly not feeling the amusement she felt.

"Actually, it is pretty funny. And my dad's use of quotation marks when he would ask about you and Mamoru makes perfect sense now…." She thought back on her father's odd behavior. "Anyway how did you find this out?"

"My mother sat me down yesterday to ask me if there was anything I needed to tell her."

Usagi couldn't help letting out another giggle.

Ignoring her, Motoki went on. "When I told her there was nothing, she hugged me and said she would love me no matter what lifestyle I chose."

"Well aren't you glad you have such an understanding mother?" she asked

"That doesn't make me feel better. You have to fix this…" Motoki insisted

"Fix it? What's there to fix? You get a closer relationship with your mother and my father doesn't murder my boyfriend. It's really a win-win situation," Usagi said thinking about it.

"If you don't tell your father the truth, I will." he said

Usagi rolled her eyes at the threat. "Please. We both know my father is totally the type to shoot the messenger. You would be putting yourself in danger as well."

Motoki groaned. She made a valid argument. "I am begging you, Usagi. Please tell your dad the truth. I have a reputation with the ladies to uphold."

"Fine. Okay. I'll handle it. Just give me some time to think of a way to break the news to my dad that keeps Mamoru alive," she said with a sigh.

Already feeling relived, Motoki pulled Usagi in for a hug. "Thank you. The girls that used to flirt with me have now been giving me these sad disappointed looks…"

"You're welcome. But let me just point out that we're in a closet and you're going to have step out of it eventually. You let me know how the girls look at you then, okay?" She stepped out of his embrace and patted him on his shoulder. "You brought this situation on yourself. Please be prepared for jokes when you come out." And with that, Usagi left the closet leaving the silent Motoki still inside.

She was still giggling to herself wondering how long Motoki was going to stay in there. She hoped not too long since she was planning on having a milkshake before she headed over to Mamoru's.

Usagi was contemplating ways to break the news to her father that also kept all of Mamoru's bones intact. She didn't even have to figure out how her father came to such a conclusion. Her mother was definitely diabolical enough. She was mentally shaking her head at her mother's antics when she was disturbed from her thoughts from a tap on her should.

"Hi Usagi-chan! I thought that was you!"

Usagi was surprised to see Mamoru's classmate that she had met during the street festival. "Oh. Hello Midori-chan."

The older girl smiled. She gestured to the seat next to Usagi and Usagi nodded giving her consent to join her. Usagi's light mood was brought down a few notches at seeing Midori. The first time she had seen her Usagi had immediately thought, "This is the girl. This is the girl who Mamoru deserves."

Midori, with her dark hair cut into a sophisticated bob. No one could make up a childish nickname about her hair style. Midori, with her kind shy smile who probably didn't have klutz attacks and embarrass herself on a daily basis. Midori who went to the same school as Mamoru which meant she had to be smart and didn't have to be forced to study. She probably didn't even need to study!

Suddenly, Usagi didn't feel like going over to Mamoru's anymore.

Oblivious to the dark cloud forming over the blonde's head, Midori took the seat next to her. "I'm so glad you remembered me!"

"Of course I would remember." Usagi hoped the smile on her face didn't seem too forced.

"Are you waiting for Mamoru-kun?" she asked

Usagi shook her head. "I'm supposed to meet up with him later …"

Midori smiled at Usagi, mistaking her quietness for shyness. "You guys make a perfect couple."

Usagi couldn't help but cringe at the compliment. She shook her head again. "We're complete opposites."

But Midori insisted. "No really. Since Mamoru-kun has started dating you, he has definitely changed. He was always polite but also a bit cold and distanced in some way. Which is what got him so much attention from the girls at school. But now he just smiles more and is much friendlier. That really didn't decrease his fans actually." She said with a laugh

'Oh great,' Usagi thought. 'A whole school filled with girls just like Midori who were in love with Mamoru.'

Midori looked at her watch, frowning a little bit. "Seiji-kun is late. I hope everything is okay." At Usagi's questioning eyes, she clarified. "My boyfriend. We're supposed to meet here for ice cream."

Usagi was surprised to hear she had a boyfriend. She wondered what kind of person he was…

"Midori-chan. I don't mean to be rude but…do you love your boyfriend?"

Midori was slightly taken aback by the sudden question but Usagi's blue eyes were looking at her so earnestly that she was compelled to answer her honestly. "Very much."

"But how do you know?"

The older girl thought about it for a moment. "You just sort of… do. It's not anything thing specific really…All I know is that I love Seiji-kun and he loves me. That's enough."

"But how do you know it'll last forever?" Usagi asked still trying to figure out this whole love business. She had been sure it hadn't existed but now she was starting to believe…

"Well…No one can say if it'll last forever. Fate might help bring two people together but after that it's up to each other to keep it going. I can't always worry about the future; it'll come eventually filled with all sorts of surprises, I'm sure. I want to enjoy loving him and him loving me today. I might be hit a bus tomorrow. I wouldn't want to have wasted today."

Usagi nodded in understanding. She didn't want to waste today either. Usagi was about to say good-bye to Midori when the arcade doors opened and a man started walking towards them. Usagi took a step back at the intimidating figure getting closer. He was tall and lean with short cropped hair, bleached blonde. He had clearly been in a fight. His school uniform jacket was opened to a white shirt that seemed to some blood smudged on it. He stopped directly in front of Midori and bowed his head. "Sorry I'm late."

Midori didn't seem too surprised at his appearance, just worried as she patted him down looking for any injuries. "Seiji-kun! What happened?"

"That idiot Miyahara again," he replied simply as Midori looked down at his hands which had a few scratches on them that were bleeding.

Midori turned to Usagi. "Usagi-chan this is my Seiji-kun," she introduced. Seiji turned to her as if noticing Usagi for the first time and gave a nod of acknowledgement. "Sorry we can't stay but I have to get him home."

Seiji started to protest. "But I promised you ice cream"

But Midori shook her head. "Not in the state you're in! We'll get ice cream after we get you cleaned up," she declared as she took her boyfriend's hand and started towards the door.

Usagi could hear Seiji complaining as he was dragged off by his petite girlfriend. She understood now what Midori meant. Those two just seemed to click and they seemed even more opposite then Mamoru and herself.

As Usagi opened the door to Mamoru's apartment, she looked around for any signs of her boyfriend. Only hearing silence, she assumed he was still at work. She toed off her shoes by the front door and slipped her feet in a pair of blue fluffy slippers. They were far too large for her feet but that's what made them so comfortable, Usagi argued with Mamoru. They were in fact his favorite pair of slippers and they were constantly stealing them from each other.

Usagi made her way into the kitchen to put two pints of chocolate ice cream in the freezer. She had finished Mamoru's supplies last time she was over, much to his dismay. She had pointed out if he had stocked strawberry then she wouldn't have been forced to eat his chocolate. Smiling at the memory, she was surprised to see there was already a new pint of chocolate in his freezer sitting beside a pint of strawberry ice cream. Usagi's smile only grew. Well they should be good on ice cream for a couple days at least.

She thought about what she could do to occupy herself while waiting for Mamoru to arrive. The idea of starting her homework briefly passed through her mind. She gave a mental chuckle at the idea even as she started to settle on the couch for a little nap. Homework was always so much more appealing with Mamoru, her last thought was before she drifted off to sleep.

A short time later, Usagi slowly awoke to the sound of the television. She blinked her eyes a few times as she tried to clear her head. Taking in her surroundings, she remembered that she was on Mamoru's couch. Peeking her head over the couch she confirmed that Mamoru was indeed home, and sitting on a stool. He was in the process of eating a bowel of chocolate ice cream.

Seeing her Mamoru smiled and put the spoon down. "Do you just instinctively know when someone near you is eating?"

Usagi sat up and stretched her arms out. She gave a shrug. "What can I say? It's a gift."

As she started to make her way to Mamoru, he pulled the bowl closer in a protective gesture. "Oh no. I'm not sharing."

Usagi kept quiet as she stepped behind him and wrapped her arms around his frame. She pressed her cheek between his shoulder blades, taking a moment to enjoy his warmth. "Mamo-chan…"

"Nice try. But you are still going to have to get your own," he said, unmoved.

Unfazed, Usagi wiggled herself between Mamoru and the counter. He looked down at her with amused eyes. "Usako, darling. Get your own ice cream," he said sternly.

Still saying nothing, Usagi pulled Mamoru's head towards hers and planted her lips against his. Mamoru was only expecting a short sweet kiss but was pleasantly surprised as Usagi stepped closer, her arms going around his neck as she deepened the kiss. He was more than happy to comply.

When the kiss finally ended Mamoru continued to hold her close. "So did you want chocolate or strawberry?"

Usagi giggled in response. For once she wasn't in the mood for ice cream. Instead she pressed her face into Mamoru's neck and murmured, "I'm sorry."

Mamoru's arms stiffened around her. "This isn't your perverse way of breaking up with me is it?"

"No," was the simple response he received. Still confused, Mamoru wracked his brain for a reason why Usagi was acting so strangely. "You aren't about to murder me, are you?"

This time Usagi laughed. "You're right. How did you figure out my plan? I wanted one last make out session before I disposed of your body."

Mamoru sighed in resignation. "Well that I could understand. But if you could leave my face alone. I want the news to say: Killed by crazed girlfriend but was still really handsome."

Usagi rolled her eyes. "You have an ego the size of the moon."

"I know." He was unfazed. "But that's why you love me."

As the last three words left his mouth Mamoru realized his mistake too late. He felt the playful mood evaporate. Trying to shake it off, Mamoru extracted himself from her embrace and walked to the fridge reaching into the freezer. "So… strawberry or chocolate?" he asked trying to ignore the pang he felt in his chest at Usagi's upset expression.

But she wasn't upset for the reasons he thought. Usagi walked over to him and closed the fridge. Standing face to face, she gathered her courage.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to say it. Even though I suspect it's been true for a while." At Mamoru's perplexed expression, Usagi figured she would just have to say it. Taking his hand in hers, Usagi looked up at his face.

"Mamo-chan. I love you."

Usagi wasn't sure what she expected but Mamoru was now just staring at her intensely. "Say it again," he said quietly.

Licking her lips nervously, Usagi complied. "I love you." She barely finished saying the words before Mamoru suddenly took her face between his hands and pressed his lips against her in a kiss that made her toes curl. Usagi felt herself being lifted up as Mamoru's arms moved down to wrap around her waist, lifting her against him. When Mamoru finally released her, Usagi was breathless. "Am I allowed to say it now?" he asked

Her mind was still fuzzy so all Usagi could manage was a nod.

"I love you, Usako"

Instead of the dread she usually felt, Usagi only felt awe. "How could you love me? When you can have any woman you want?"

Feigning surprise Mamoru said, "Wait. I can have any woman I want?"

Usagi's expression was not amused. Mamoru pecked her nose and said. "Well that's good to know because I want you." He placed another kiss on her lips. "And now we shall be one of those disgusting couples that refer to each other as 'babe' and always wear matching outfits. You're going to have to get an olive green dress."

Usagi scrunched her face in distaste. "I'm going to burn that jacket one of these days."

"Well then I think this relationship is moving too fast," he said placing her down.

"Too late. Now that I've said it there is no taking it back."

"I agree. No taking it back." He liked the sound of that. "Why the sudden revelation?" he asked as he rubbed a strand of her hair between his fingers.

Usagi looked thoughtful for a minute when she finally said. "I was constantly worrying about how different we are. How long you would love me. How long I would love you. And I just realized it didn't really matter. I love you and everything else will be answered eventually. I didn't want to waste any more time."

Mamoru nodded in agreement because he already knew he would never let her go. Maybe by their 10th anniversary she would start to accept it too. "Do you know what this means?" he asked

Not catching on, Usagi said "What does it mean?"

"The list is complete," he said simply

"What list?" she asked still confused.

To answer her, Mamoru went to his desk and started rummaging through a drawer until he pulled out a folded piece of paper.

"Why do you still have that?" she asked, surprised to see the familiar object.

"Like I would ever leave a to-do list incomplete." He unfolded the piece of paper. His yes scanned the list until he reached the last impossible item: Make Usagi Tsukino fall in love with Mamoru Chiba.

Mamoru felt quite triumphant as he crossed out the final item. "I think I'm going to frame this."

"Please don't," Usagi pleaded as Mamoru held up the list that started it all.

"Nope. It's going to be framed," he said "And when we have dinner parties it'll be a nice conversation piece." Mamoru started to clear some space on the wall.

"You're an idiot." Usagi stated matter of factly.

Turning back to look at her, he smiled. "Yes, but an idiot you're in love with," he added before going back to his task.

Shaking her head at his antics. "Speaking of idiots... Who won the bet?"

Looking perfectly innocent, Mamoru asked. "What bet?"

She did not even justify that with a response. Usagi just continued to look at him expectantly.

Accepting that he was caught, Mamoru walked over to her and pulled her in for a hug. "I'd like to think that I won the bet. I got you." He gave her a little peck on her forehead.

Usagi rolled her eyes. "Seriously. Did you win?"

With a sigh, Mamoru admitted, "Well if we're talking technically…I lost weeks ago. I really underestimated your stubbornness," he said affectionately.

"Or you overestimated your charm."

"Well that definitely doesn't sound right…"

Usagi smacked his shoulder playfully. "Who won? Not Mina-chan. She looked like a kicked puppy yesterday."

Mamoru laughed clearly picturing it. "Let's see. Minako's last day was yesterday. So I think this week was…Oh! Of course it's her."

Growing frustrated. "Mamo-chan. I'm going to strangle you."

Smiling knowingly at her adorable pouting face, Mamoru gave her cheeks a little pinch. "You are so patient. Who else would it be? Ami won."

Usagi was surprised - but at the same, not surprised at all. "That evil genius."

"Yeah she is a little scary." He sat down on the couch, pulling her along with him.

Snuggling into his shoulder, Usagi gave the side of his neck a soft peck before saying. "I love you."

Mamoru responded by pulling her face closer to his for a kiss. But before their lips could connect Usagi murmured, "My dad thinks you're gay."

Instead of the shocked reaction she was expecting Mamoru continued to pull her closer and kissed her on the lips. "I know" he said before going in for another.

Now that surprised Usagi. She jerked away from him. "What do you mean you know?"

"Come back here. More kisses." He reached for her but Usagi evaded his embrace.

"How exactly do you know when Motoki just told me today?"

"Well, your mother said to trust her."

"And you're okay with this?" she asked skeptically.

"You are sitting here in my living room and I'm free of any internal bleeding. I'm pretty okay with it," he said.

"Do you think in the future we may need to tell him?"

"I guess by the time we have our third child we can think about breaking it to him," he said, thinking about it.

"And until then you'll just continue to pretend to be dating Motoki?"

Completely ignoring her question, he said, "So you admit we're going to have three kids."

"Are you always going to be this irritating?" she asked, exasperated.

"Pretty much. But I'll also be this handsome, smart and humble."

Shaking her head, she said, "I hate that I'm finding you more adorable then annoying right now."

Mamoru could practically feel himself radiating happiness. "So we need to figure out a way to break the news to your dad while at the same time keeping me alive, right?" He intertwined their fingers together.

"Yes, and while I hate to use the word... But that's something that's seriously going to be impossible," she said

He looked into her eyes with an amused expression. "I love you"

Feeling the blood rush to her face, Usagi responded. "I love you too."

Mamoru's smile only widened. "So you're telling me there's a super-secret item on your list?"

"I'm saying that we need to buy you a bullet proof vest."

He laughed at her serious expression. "Why are you not more worried?" she asked

"Because you love me. The word 'impossible' doesn't really seem that bad now that I've accomplished that. I'll think of something," he said, looking at her earnestly.

Usagi looked at him with renewed awe. This whole time she thought she was the only one who felt insecure, but for all his confidence she saw the uncertainty underneath. She crawled onto his lap so she could hold him closer. "Then I trust you'll figure out a clever way…" she said.

Mamoru embraced her as he planted soft kisses on her lips. "But we'll get that vest just to be safe." He said before giving her a proper kiss. She smiled against his lips and nodded in agreement.

It seemed studying would be delayed for a little while longer.

- The End -

Seriously. The end. I have no fricking idea how Mamoru is going to pull it off. I'm just not as clever as him.

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