Jail Cells, Double Dates, And Screwed-Up Boyfriends

"You know what Logan said when I asked him how I could tell if someone was really my friend and not just trying to screw me over?" Rogue said nonchalantly.

"No, what?" Kitty asked curiously.

"A good friend will bail you out of jail. A really good friend will be right next to you, saying 'That was awesome!'"

A voice from across the room caught their attention, and Kitty turned just in time to hear Pietro tell Lance, "That was so awesome, dude! When can we do it again?" Kitty blanched.

Rogue growled as she heard that, and leaned back against the jail cell wall. "I should've known it was a bad idea to go out with Pietro on a double date with you and Lance. Those two get together, and no tellin' what's gonna happen. He irritates me to no end; why the hell do I go out with him?!"

Giving Rogue a rather sickly smile, Kitty offered, "I guess because Pietro's a really, really good friend?"