Yesterday's Memories

Chapter One: The Innocence of a Child

He watched the man snake his arms around his sister's waist from behind. She gave him a mock look of protest, which later dissolved into a smile when the man pulled her closer to his chest. He saw her whisper something into her ear, producing a faint blush to her cheeks and another smile on her lips.

There was no denying it: he HATED him. Whenever nee-san was around him, she acted different. She let him play with her hair, let him hold her in his arms...and she actually smiled for him. Nee-san didn't smile for ANYONE, only for him and that bastard.

He was taking away his nee-san from him. He was trying to steal her.

Well, he wasn't going to let him. Not when his happiness was at stake.

He stepped into the room, an innocent expression gracing his adorable features. "Nee-san?"

Upon hearing the small voice, Tomoe reluctantly stepped out of her fiancé's embrace. "What is it, Enishi-kun?"

"I thought that we were going to the park today," he sweetly said. "You promised."

"Yes, I did," Tomoe replied, smiling at her younger brother. Enishi was instantly warmed by the sight.

Her smile was for HIM this time, and not for that horrid man.

"Well, I guess I better get going," the bastard said jovially.

Nee-san looked regretfully at her fiancé. "I'm sorry, Akira."

He shook his head, giving her a lighthearted smile. "It isn't a problem at all."

Enishi kept his anger in check when he saw the man lean over and kiss his sister on the cheek. Then the bastard smiled at him and kneeled to his height.

"Have fun today, Enishi-kun," he cheerfully told him, and patted his unruly black hair. He felt like biting down on his fingers, but he knew that nee-san wouldn't want him to do that.

Tomoe watched her fiancé as he left through the front door, and then she looked at him again.

"Are you ready, Enishi-kun?"

He smiled and bobbed his head up and down in a nod, making her smile at the charming little boy.

* * * *

Perfect. It was all so very perfect.

The sky was blue and cloudless, the bright sun beaming down from above. The breath of spring rode on the air and clung to him, but it didn't compare to the sweet scent of the white plum perfume that nee-san had worn. His happiness came out in the form of laughter as he dodged left and right, evading his sister from catching him. They were playing tag, and Enishi was simple too fast for the older girl to catch.

"Nee-san, you have to be quicker!" He teased her, moving in zigzags that left his helpless sister in his dust.

"Enishi-kun, don't wander too far!"

The words of caution fell on deaf ears as Enishi sprinted away, mischievously grinning to himself. The world went by him in a distorted blur, his sneakers making a path through the cool green grass. His heart was beating rapidly and the soles of his feet were beginning to sore, but it didn't matter. He was too happy to care.

He spotted a few bushes, and he decided to rest there. It was only fair to wait and let his sister catch up with him.

Enishi ran behind the bushes and stopped, resting the palms of his hands on his knees. This was a great hiding spot. Nee-san would be so surprised when he comes out from the bushes to scare her.

He suppressed an impish laugh at the thought. When he caught his breath, he stood back up and was about to get ready to surprise Tomoe.

But there, underneath the shade of a blooming cherry tree, was something that left him breathless.

Leaning against the trunk, he saw the small form of a girl huddled on the grass with a bokken at her side. Raven black hair was sprawled around a cherubic face, and bangs were parted above a pair of closed eyes. Delicate blossoms fell soundlessly about her, some of the light pink petals adorning her glossy black hair.

She looked more like the fairies from the stories that nee-san had told him. She was far too beautiful to be of this earth.

Without knowing it, Enishi was walking over to her. Shaky hands reached out to touch a smooth, round face. He winced when he had seen the dried trails of tears that stained the pale cheeks. A stray lock of hair fell against her face, but he brushed it away.

As she slept, he found himself wanting her to open her eyes. He wanted to see what color they were. Perhaps brown? Or were they the same shade of crimson as Tomoe's were?

A soft mumble passed her lips, and to his delight, her eyes began to open. Pools of crystal blue peered at him in a daze from underneath long sable lashes. She blinked a few times, and they suddenly widened considerably and a look of shock crossed the once serene face.

Grabbing the bokken, she swung it at the strange boy and sent him reeling back. Enishi let out a surprised cry as he landed on the grass. The spell was broken once he saw the little girl standing there in a defensive position, wielding her weapon.

He gritted his teeth as his hand nursed the bump that was forming on his head. The girl might look like an angel, but she certainly didn't act like one.

"Who are you?!" she demanded to know, her eyes glaring at him with suspicion.

Usually, he would've ripped anyone limb from limb had they the nerve to attack him. But he decided to make an exception for her.

"Why do you want to know?" he replied smartly, getting back up on his feet.

The girl couldn't come up with an answer, but her grip tightened around the hilt of her bokken. Enishi could only grin at how amusing her temper was, but then his eyes fell on an object on the grass. The girl had noticed and followed the direction of his gaze, and her anger drained from her face when she had seen it.

Glistening in the sunlight, a long string of jade beads rested in the grass. He approached them and knelt down, his hand scooping them up.

He looked at the beads, and then back to the girl. He saw the straps of a knapsack slung over her tiny shoulders. She recoiled as he walked closer to her, but she remained still.

Enishi extended his hand to her and held the trinket in front of her. Hesitating a bit, she took it from his hands, her fingers entwining themselves around the jade beads while the bokken lowered at her side.

"Thank you," she spoke, hugging the beads to her chest.

Feeling as if the full wrath of her temper had passed, Enishi felt that it was safe to ask. "What's your name?"

Chin tilted upwards, a pair of blue eyes glistened softly as she gave him a small smile. "Kaoru."

Rustling was heard behind them, and Enishi peered from the corners of his eyes to meet an exhausted Tomoe.

"Enishi-kun, didn't I tell you not to wander too far?"

"Sorry, nee-san," he replied. Despite her stern look, Enishi knew that Tomoe couldn't stay angry at him for long.

She sighed and walked towards him. "Come, it's getting dark—" Her voice trailed off upon seeing the girl that was standing behind her little brother.

"And who is this?" she asked in a gentle tone, as not to startle the child.

"Her name is Kaoru," Enishi answered. "I found her sleeping here."

"Sleeping at a place like this?" Tomoe inquired and loomed toward the girl, and crouching down so that her eyes were at her level. "What would you be doing here all by yourself, little one?"

The girl shifted her gaze downwards so that she would not meet the amiable stare of the beautiful young woman before her.

"Don't be afraid," Tomoe coaxed. "You can tell me."

"...I'm...I'm lost..." she replied in an almost inaudible mumble.

An expression of sympathy quickly turned into a reassuring smile as Tomoe placed her hands on the girl's shoulders. "It's all right," she comforted her. "Are you trying to find someone? Your parents, perhaps?"

Enishi noticed the way the girl flinched at the word 'parents', but he made no comment. He was sure that his sister had caught it as well.

"...they're not here," Kaoru timidly answered.

Minutes passed by in silence, and Tomoe realized that she wasn't going to get any more helpful answers from the girl. By the weary look on her face and the stains and the snags of the gi and hakama she wore, the poor creature looked like she needed some rest.

Starlight began to descend upon them. Tomoe knew that the darkness of night could easily make a victim out of a little girl such as the one before her. A bokken wasn't reliable against the sharp blade of a sword or a knife. Or in the worse case scenario, a gun.

She had no choice but to take her with her and Enishi.

"Let's go," Tomoe spoke, holding out her hand to the girl. "You're coming with us."

* * * *

Typically, he wouldn't let anyone get close to his nee-san. It was difficult enough to keep himself from attacking Akira whenever he was around her. Whenever she showered her attention on someone other than him, Enishi wanted nothing more than to rip that person limb from limb. That was why he was always by his sister's side, to make sure that no one would take her away from him.

But for some reason, Enishi didn't mind Tomoe taking care of the girl. Of course, he felt a slight tinge of jealously, but it quickly disappeared when he had seen how sorrowful her eyes were. Although she had yet to speak about where she came from or her family, Enishi knew something was bothering her.

And the girl was too stubborn to tell either him or Tomoe.

Nee-san was kind enough to offer to wash the girl's dirty gi and hakama, and she gratefully complied. Enishi even agreed to let the child wear one of the yukatas that he had outgrown.


He turned his head toward his sister, who was busy stirring a pot of simmering stew.

"Could you check on Kaoru-san and tell her that dinner's almost ready?"

Enishi nodded and slipped off the chair he was sitting on. He could never disobey an order from his older sister. He left the kitchen and walked up the majestic staircase in the front foyer that led him to the second story of the Yukishiro mansion.

He was about to step into the guestroom that Tomoe had prepared for her, but he stopped.

Sniffling was heard on the other side. The girl was crying.

Curious, he peeked into the room, hiding behind the slightly open door. Enishi saw the girl sitting on the bed and staring out into the night sky from the windowpane. Her milky skin was clean and her hair was still a bit wet from the bath Tomoe had drawn for her, but she still looked miserable. Encircled around her little fingers were the jade beads he had picked up for her earlier.

The girl placed a tiny palm against the surface of the window, tightening her grip around the beads. "...Mommy..."

It was almost inaudible, but he could hear the sadness in her voice as she wept.

He spent another few minutes at the door listening to her crying. Each sob and each whimper tore at him, which both irritated and confused him. Why should he care about this girl he barely knew? What would it matter to him that she was undergoing some emotional turmoil? He SHOULD be angry at her for taking up so much of nee-san's time, he should be mad at lending her one of his old yukatas...

...but he wasn't. Even if he wanted to be mad, it was impossible for him to feel that way towards the girl.

Deciding that he had to do something else than stand at the door, he pushed it open and stepped inside of the room.

"Hey," he called to her, and the girl's shoulders stiffened at his voice. "Dinner's ready."

He heard a slight hiccup as she cleaned her face with the sleeve of his yukata, wiping off the freshly fallen tears.

"...why are you crying?"

"I'm not!" she indignantly protested, her cheeks flustered.

"You're lying," he pointed out the obvious.

She sniffled again and tried to put on her bravest face. "N-no, I'm not."

"Then why are your eyes red?"

Kaoru gasped and rubbed her eyes with the oversized sleeves of the yukata she wore. But as hard as she tried, more tears only came forth.

Enishi felt guilty when he had seen that he only succeeded in making her crying worse, but he was astonished by her. She was trying to hold onto what courage she had left instead of succumbing entirely to her grief. Little girls weren't supposed to be like that. They were supposed to act modest, quiet, frail...

This one was nothing like that. Oh, she was frail, but instead of being reserved about it, she was attempting to hide it by being brave.

Despite the tears that fell, she was trying not to cry. She was trying to be strong.

He sat next to her on the bed, but her face remained buried in the sleeves of the yukata. As gently as he could, he brushed his fingers across her cheek. At the soft touch, the girl slowly removed her hands from her face.

A warm tear trickled down his hand, but he didn't mind. Instead, he brushed back a wet strand of hair from the girl's cheek.

"You know..." he began in a whisper that only she could hear. "You're really different."

He didn't mean anything offensive by the words, and the girl knew that by the unusually gentle tone that he said them in. Although her cheeks were red from crying and her eyes were a bit puffy, she was pure emotion wrapped in a tiny little body.

Trying to find the right words to comfort her, he said, "You don't have to stop. can cry, if you want to."

Another whimper ripped through the girl's throat, and Enishi thought that he had only made things worse. But all doubt washed away when he felt delicate arms wrapping tightly around his waist and a face burying itself against his chest. Stunned, he allowed the girl to cry into his shirt, the fabric soaking with her tears.

He had often sought his sister's arms for comfort. During those times, he was the one that needed her. But now, HE was the one that was needed. Through her action, this child had looked to him for assurance. She had given him her trust, even though she didn't know who he was.

The surprise slowly subsiding, a compassionate smile lifted the corners of his mouth. Enishi silently wrapped his own arms around her shivering figure as she bawled into his arms.

* * * *

Tomoe didn't know whether to be shocked or relieved. Never has her brother displayed concern for anyone else other than herself. It was too baffling beyond anything that she had ever seen. Usually, her brother would keep himself away from other people, whether they were adults or children like him. He wasn't a boy who would bother himself about the troubles of others.

But that girl had changed him.

Kaoru had been staying at the mansion for a little over a week now. And she was constantly at Enishi's side. Tomoe would always see them sharing meals, playing in the courtyard, or reading quietly together. She thought it was an adorable sight during such activities. It was quite sweet to see the confusion on little Kaoru's face as she tried to read along with Enishi, who would often had to explain the text to her. Her brother wasn't one to be patient with others, but for Kaoru, he didn't mind. In fact, he seemed to enjoy helping her.

Tomoe was happy that her brother had made a close friend, but there was something that had troubled her as well. She couldn't help but notice how protective Enishi was of the girl. As expected, he trusted Tomoe with her, but he was quick to snap at servants who tried to attend to Kaoru. He had shown that same hostility to Akira when he tried to say hello to the girl, pushing Kaoru behind him when the man approached. Of course, Akira didn't mind, being the easygoing person he was, but the defensive way that Enishi treated the girl still pained Tomoe to some extent.

"Cute, aren't they?" Akira broke her reverie, taking a seat next to her.

She knew who he was referring to and her eyes caught sight of the two children. They were holding hands and strolling through the gardens. Tomoe smiled when she saw Kaoru's blue eyes light up at a full-bloomed peony, and Enishi promptly plucked it from its bush and handed it to her. Kaoru smiled and thankfully took it, gingerly holding the stem in her fingers as they continued to walk hand-in-hand.

"He's so attached to her..." Tomoe said.

Akira noticed the solemn tone in her voice, and he grinned. "What, are you jealous?"

Tomoe chuckled and shook her head. "No, of course not. It's just that..."

Her delicate brow knitted together, her fingers entwining themselves and settling onto her lap. "Someone will come looking for Kaoru-san, and they will eventually find her here. I don't know how Enishi will take it. From watching them together, he acts like he's her guardian."

"Come now, Tomoe. Enishi is just protecting his little girlfriend."

"That's the problem, Akira," Tomoe protested. "He's TOO protective of her. I can already see him locking himself up in his room when Kaoru's family takes her back. He'll be heartbroken."

Akira placed a hand over his fiancé's. "Maybe, but look at them Tomoe."

She did as he told her and spotted them together underneath the shade of one of the white plum trees. A colorful butterfly had settled itself in Kaoru's palms with a content Enishi smiling down at the giggling girl.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say that Enishi is in love for the first time," Akira mused. "I know that your brother will probably be anything but pleased when Kaoru leaves, but for now, they're happy. And that's all that matters."

Tomoe was silent, but she squeezed her future husband's hand. "I understand, Akira."

A bittersweet smile spread across her lips when she saw her brother holding Kaoru in a comforting hug while the little girl watched the butterfly float away.

"...I'll let him be happier for a little longer."

* * * *

Enishi breathed in the raven black hair that he had loved to play with as the girl slept peacefully in his arms. He held back a laugh when she snored a bit and mumbled something in her sleep. Noticing that she was shivering, he pulled the blanket over her. Careful not to wake her, he swept away the long bangs from her closed eyelids so that he would be able to see her face better.

She looked like an angel in her sleep. His angel, he thought, slightly tightening his arms around her. But he was cautious not to harm her. The thought of hurting her was horrible to Enishi, but he brushed it aside and instead contemplated how peaceful Kaoru looked when she dreamt.

"Enishi-kun?" a soft voice beckoned him from the darkness. "Can I come in?"

He nodded and Tomoe quietly made her way across the room to the bed that Enishi and Kaoru were resting on. Normally, it was looked down upon for a boy to share a room with a girl, but the innocence of the situation abolished all suspicion.

"Is she asleep?"

Enishi nodded once more. "Yeah. She's really tired."

"I can see that," Tomoe answered. "Kaoru-san is a very cute little girl."

"She's pretty," Enishi looked at his sister and smiled warmly. "Just like nee-san."

"Kaoru-chan will be a beautiful wife."

Tomoe nearly paled at the last words that her brother spoke. She gawked at him in surprise as if she had heard him wrong, but Enishi didn't notice. He just smiled down at the girl in his arms, his chin resting on top of her head.

"...Enishi-kun, what did you say?" she asked, dreading that she already knew how he was going to answer.

"I said Kaoru-chan will be a beautiful wife," he repeated happily. "When we get older, I'm going to marry her."

What he said filled her with dismay. Tomoe knew realistically that Enishi couldn't have Kaoru as a wife. First of all, someone would come to their mansion to take her home, and she doubted that Enishi would ever see Kaoru again. Second, their father was also an obstacle. The Yukishiros were a distinguished clan that was treated like royalty in Japan and the rest of the world beyond it. It wasn't likely that their father would allow such a union to take place when he probably already planned to arrange a marriage between Enishi and another member of a respected, wealthy family.


Tomoe was brought back from her troubled thoughts by Enishi's hopeful voice.

"You'll treat Kaoru-chan as a sister, right? After she's married into our family?"

She was about to object, but found that she couldn't. The blissful smile on her brother's face had sent her resolve crumbling into a heap.

She couldn't bring herself to take away that smile. Tomoe loved him too much.

Collecting herself, Tomoe ruffled her hand through his wild hair. "I already think of her as a little sister, Enishi-kun."

* * * *

Enishi mumbled angrily, his fingers leafing through the pages of a textbook. He hated doing homework, especially math. If it were up to him, he would ditch all of his papers and books into the trash and think nothing of it, but with his sister's expectations, he had no choice but to at least make an effort.

He was calculating a particularly difficult problem when suddenly the numbers and complicated formulas disappeared in an instant. He couldn't see, but he heard the familiar giggling.

"Guess who!"

Smirking, he allowed himself to go along with the game. "I don't know."

"You have to guess!" the little voice complained cutely.

"Let's see..." He tapped his pencil as if he were in deep thought. "...Kaoru-chan."

A pout was heard and suddenly his vision was back. He turned around and saw Kaoru with her hands bunched up into fists. She gave him her best mock glare, but a smile was on her lips.

"You always know it's me," she whined.

He grinned. "Of course. I know Kaoru-chan's voice too well."

She smiled again and took Enishi's hand in an effort to pull him away from his math book. "Enishi-kun, let's play in the garden!"

It was impossible to say 'no' to her. Enishi was about to leave his unfinished homework, when his sister suddenly entered the living room.

"Enishi-kun..." she spoke, sorrow tingeing her usually composed voice. "We have a visitor."

He caught the trouble in her words, and immediately Enishi grew concerned. "Who is it, nee-san?"

His sister looked to her left and gestured their guest to come. A young man with parted black hair stepped into the room. He wore a black school uniform of a distinguished private school, but his ice blue eyes appeared like they had a wisdom beyond his years.

Enishi heard Kaoru let out a small gasp. "...Aoshi...kun?"

The teenager regarded her with a solemn look. "I've finally found you."

Enishi immediately disliked the boy and took Kaoru by the hand. He shielded her by stepping in front of her, glaring coldly at the stranger.

Aoshi raised a brow, but his blank expression did not falter.

"What do you want?" the boy hissed, keeping Kaoru behind him.

"Enishi-kun," Tomoe began tentatively. "This is Shinomori Aoshi. He's Kaoru-san's cousin."

The realization dawned on him, and a look of abhorrence and fury distorted the boy's usually calm features. "No..."

"Aoshi-san has come to take Kaoru-san back to her family."

"...nee-san, what are you talking about?" the bewilderment in her brother's words nearly brought tears to Tomoe's eyes. "Kaoru-chan is staying with us."


"She's staying with us!" he cried, too frustrated to even realize that he had raised his voice at his sister for the first time. Even Tomoe was too shocked to reply.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have any time for this," Aoshi interrupted the drama that was occurring in the room. "Kaoru."

The girl's shoulders straightened when her cousin spoke her name.

"What you've done is very irresponsible. It was reckless of you to run away from home for nearly two weeks."

Kaoru's head was bent low, and Enishi knew that the teenager's words affected her heavily. He wrapped his arms protectively around her as if he was trying to shield her from her cruel cousin.

"Do you realize what you did? Sano is still running around the place looking for you. And your father's at home worried sick—"

"No, he's not!" the girl explained, shaking with emotion. "He doesn't care about me, he never did!"

"That's not true—"

"Yes it is!" Kaoru exclaimed. "Ever since Mommy died, he acts like nothing happened! It's like he doesn't care that she's gone!"

A look of sorrow crossed the teenager's handsome face. "'re being unreasonable. Your father is trying to be strong."

Enishi pulled Kaoru closer to him when her eyes began to glisten with tears she was trying hard not to shed.

"Do you know why he works so hard? He promised your mother that he would take care of you no matter what. He spends so much time at his job for you."

Aoshi approached her, but Enishi still held the crying girl.

"Do you know what he's doing now? He's practically sick at home because he's so worried about you. The only thing keeping him from looking for you is his fever."

She almost jumped at the news like she had been struck.

"Kaoru, your father loved your mother very much. And no matter what you may believe, he loves you, too."

The tears suddenly trailed down her cheeks and Kaoru began sobbing into Enishi's arms. He could only watch helplessly, holding her as Tomoe watched from a distance and Aoshi looked on wordlessly.

It was then that he had known. Kaoru wasn't staying with him.

* * * *

Enishi was silent while Kaoru packed what few belongings she had brought with her in her knapsack. He still couldn't believe that the girl that he had wanted to marry was leaving. When she stepped into his life, it was like she had lived with him all along.

He knew that he was young, but he didn't have to be an adult to know that he was in love.

After buckling her knapsack, Kaoru slung it over her shoulders and stood before Enishi. Her eyes locked with his, struggling with the words that she wanted to say.

"Enishi-kun," she said. "I want to give you something."

Her hand opened to reveal the jade beads that she had treasured. She began wounding them around his wrist, and putting on her best smile, she said, "These were my mommy's prayer beads. They always made me happy when I was alone."

If he wasn't in grief, he would've thrown them back at her. Couldn't she see that it wasn't prayer beads that he wanted?

Sensing his indifference, the smile was replaced by a frown. "...are you angry with me, Enishi-kun?"

He adamantly hung on to his resentment, but his attempts were quickly failing when he saw the newly formed tears.

" you...hate me?"

In response, he pulled the girl into a tenacious hug. Automatically, Kaoru clung to him like she had done on the night that she arrived at the Yukishiro estate.

"I could never hate Kaoru-chan," he told her truthfully.

"Enishi-kun, I'm sorry!" the girl said through heavy sobs. "I don't want to leave...I really don't. I want to stay with you!"

The words both stung him and eased him, and Enishi stroked her hair soothingly.

"Daddy is sick, and I have to go back and take care of him," Kaoru hiccupped. "But I don't want to go...I want to be with you...!"

A light flashed on in his head. Stepping back from their embrace, Enishi went to his desk and searched inside the drawers. After a few seconds, he found what he was looking for and went back to Kaoru.

"Kaoru-chan...if you really want to be with me, then there's a way that we can be together."

Kaoru wiped her eyes and listened, encouraging Enishi to go on.

"Give me your hand," he gently commanded, and Kaoru did as he told. He slipped a ring onto her dainty finger, the cool metal fitting a bit loosely around her skin.

"I made it for you," he explained. "I promise that I'll get you something better, but for now it's your engagement ring."


"Uh-huh," Enishi grinned joyously. "Nee-san says that when two people are engaged, it means that they're going to become husband and wife soon."

He took her hand into his, gazing into the crystal blue depths. "I want Kaoru-chan to be my wife. I want to be with you."

Enishi cupped her cheek with his hand, causing her to blush.

"Do I make you happy? Do you want to be my wife, Kaoru-chan?"

A smile lit up her adorable face and Kaoru affectionately hugged the taller boy. "Of course I do, Enishi-kun! I want to be with you more than anything else."

Afterward, the two said nothing else, enjoying the comfort of their embrace.

* * * *

It was painful letting her go. It took every bit of his control as she crawled into the limousine with her cousin and watch it drive away with his Kaoru-chan in the backseat.

For now, he wouldn't be able to see her. But that would all change later.

Nee-san told him that when two people are engaged, they make a promise that they would give their hearts and being to one another. They are always linked to one another, no matter where they were. He knew that this was true of Kaoru and him. Even though she was gone, there were still traces of her presence that would never leave him.

Sitting on the bed that they would share, he cradled the yukata that she had slept in during her stay. Her scent still lingered on the cloth, and he could've sworn that he could still feel her warmth as he held it.

He despised her cousin for taking her away, and a little part of him was angry at nee-san for allowing Kaoru to leave. But those feelings would subside soon enough.

All that mattered was his plans. Enishi would grow strong so he would be able to protect Kaoru. He would become the head of his family so that he could give her everything that she could ever dream of.

As far as he was concerned, Kaoru was engaged to him. And he wasn't going to give her up.

He would see her again someday. And then, he would ask her to marry him.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:'s almost three in the morning. Inspiration can hit at the funniest times, don't you think? If Enishi sounds obsessive to you, I'm sorry if it freaks some of you out. I didn't mean for him to be that way: I just wanted to keep him in character and act like a child would in his place. I'm still trying to keep some of the characters in check. Anyway, please tell me what you think. Your feedback is always helpful ^_^

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