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AUTHOR'S NOTE 1: Before anyone asks, yes this is a Yu-Gi-Oh! story. It's a slightly different perspective on things, but it is definitely a story.

AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: Originally, this story was intended to run for the entire length of 'Tournament of Shadows', as they are quite strongly connected, but to do that I would have had to change the theme/format of the story at this point. Instead, I'm going to finish it with this chapter and possibly write a sequel at a later time. I hope that you've enjoyed reading what is certainly the strangest story I've ever written. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

Interview with an Authoress
Chapter 12: The Final Show

By Shadow's Mirror

Show aired December 31, 2008

The door to the Royal Magic Library is forced open just enough for a slight figure in a hooded cloak to slip inside, then forced closed again. This proves more of a challenge, as the wild storm winds buffeting the outside of the building try to gain entry to the library as well. Twice, the winds almost pull the door from the cloaked figure's hands, but finally it is closed against them. As they howl their outrage outside, the figure turns and leans against the door to catch its breath, gaining a first look at the inside of the library as it does so.

"So... even here, things have changed." The voice that comes from beneath the hood is soft and feminine with a note of sorrow in it. Moving slowly, as if unwilling to disturb the stillness of the library, the cloaked girl straightens and begins to cross to the large table that has pride of place in the centre of the massive room.

Normally, the library would be aglow with the soft light from the dozens of large green magelights that hover all around the room. In the parts of the room where the shelves of books rise in columns that only the library's winged caretaker has the power to view the top of, the magelights are set beneath platforms that hold a small stand with ink, quill and a stack of paper. The platforms are set at intervals in a spiral up the towering columns. The lights beneath them usually ensure that every book is illuminated, so a potential reader can see all of the titles on the spines.

On this day, however, all of the magelights are so dim that even the three hovering in a bunch above the table barely give off enough light to reveal the papers the cloaked figure sets there.

The normal sight of the librarians bustling around in their long robes is also missing, but with the storm so fierce in the Shadow Realm, the girl hadn't expected them to be there.

Although she hadn't expected the head librarian to be there either, the absence of his twinkling eyes and ruffling feathers as he oversees the running of the library and all of its daily business is a strong reminder of just how wrong things in the Shadow Realm have become.

With a soft sigh, the hooded figure reaches inside her cloak and withdraws a small video camera. She sets it on the table and adjusts it until she is happy with the position, then sits down in the chair it is aimed at. Turning it on, she eases back her hood enough to show the gentle smile on her lips.

"Hello and welcome to the show." Her smile turns a little sad. "Dark Magician, you've said that so many times, but I know you can't say it right now. So I thought I'd tape this show for you, instead. It won't be long now, and then you can all watch this together." Her smile brightens again.

"So... it's been a while since I was here last. A lot has been going on. But I've done something that I think will make you and the others rather happy." She pats the papers on the table in front of her.

"As you know, I record the things that happen in the world this Realm links to. Seeing things past and present... that's part of my power. But there's a difference between knowing events and being able to write them down. Sometimes, it takes a while for the right words to come." She smiles.

"Stories are like recipes. You add ingredients, mix them, flavour them, then cook them. You stir a little here, add a little more sugar or salt or spice there, put in water and leave to simmer every now and then. Before you know it, you have a story all ready to go. Usually, each chapter has to simmer for a time. But every now and then, you get one that's pre-cooked and just needs warming up." She laughs softly.

"One chapter a month for four months. The last was a week ago. That was the epilogue. 'A New Beginning' is now complete." The girl sits back in her chair and looks a little more at ease there.

"So now everyone will know how it happened. How Bakura returned to Ryou after the duel that should have ended with he and Yami leaving the world. But what they probably don't realise is that 'Beginning' was the beginning for more than Bakura's second chance at a life by Ryou's side. The prophecy Bastet mentioned was the start of something too. Also, all of the stories I've written... all of the events I've told of... They've happened after Bakura's return. With one exception, of course."

She smiles a little more. "That one is really the true beginning of it all. Bakura and the others have no idea how it connects to the present events, but they are starting to learn a little of it." Her smile fades. "Events have begun to move more quickly there." She sighs and shakes her head.

"Things are beginning to happen in the Domino City tournament. Last week, I wrote of the events of the second day and night of the contest. This week... day three. The beginning of it, at least. A lot is going to happen in that tournament, but then again... a lot is riding on the outcome of it, too. Far more than most of the contestants realise." Another sigh, but this time it's rather heavier.

"On another note, I'm now in a rather rare predicament. I've caught up to myself in 'Shadow's. I'm starting to write of things that give too much away. So I'll have to stop writing of that for a time. But I can write more of past events, and I will." The girl's smile this time looks slightly sad.

"I posted another chapter of 'Hearts' last week. A very important chapter. The most important one so far. I wish you could be here to read it, Dark Magician, but at the same time, I know you don't need to. The Shadow Realm was a big part of what happened there, and you already know how it all turned out. I only hope you like my telling of it." Again, her smile is slightly sad.

"So, last week brought the end of 'Beginning' and the continuation of 'Hearts' and 'Shadows'. This week... more 'Shadows' and two one-shots that should lighten the mood considerably." She grins. "They're short bits of fluff and nonsense aimed purely at entertaining rather than being any sort of serious literary endeavour, in other words."

Her tone becomes serious again. "Well, my dear friend... That's all my news and it's time for me to get going. I have a lot to do today. I hope that you and the others wake up soon and the Shadow Magic returns to how it should be. Until then... I'm going to miss our little chats so much. Maybe we can do it again, when you're feeling up to it. You know where to find me, when that happens."

As she talks, she stands and a whirling portal of shadows forms behind her. The girl turns the camera off but leaves it on the table, along with the papers containing her latest records of events past, present and future. Turning, she walks into the portal. "It's time to duel!"

The End