~Ginny...meet Draco~

By Tanx

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Chapter one: A unique opportunity – Introduction

This is just an INTRODUCTION to the story so don't be mad! If I get a good response I promise I'll write heaps more in due time . . .if I get a response!

Ginny squished through the enormous crowd to see the sign everybody seemed to be talking about –

Wanted: a date to the Yule Ball. Signed: Draco Malfoy, Slytherin

Ginny chuckled to herself.

DRACO?! Advertising a date?! That was so not like him.

Ginny walked carelessly away from the sign, completely ignoring the lovely pristine white tags hanging from the bottom of the poster begging to be caressed and pulled and ripped apart and shoved in a dark pocket. Yes, she ignored all thoughts of taking one of these tags and appearing at the ball with a person who would shock and amuse the entirety of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Yet after at least a minute of walking what Ginny thought was forwards, she found herself, much to her dismay, BACK in front of the sign.


Ginny stole a tag with a swift movement of her hand without drawing much attention to her awkward movement and blushing face. (*curse red hair and freckles!*)

She couldn't wait to be walking down the green carpet with the silvery blonde by her side and her hair all tied up in the beautiful gold pin her mother sent her last Christmas.

'Hang on,' Ginny thought, 'I haven't even enquired yet and I'm already bloody fantasising.'

Ginny smiled at her eagerness to respond and ran all the way up to the third floor corridor where Gryffindor held its residence.

* * *

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