Ginny, Meet Draco ch5

Okay well I really don't feel like updating but for fear of murder and or what I like to call 'reader-wrath' I've decided to continue with my story which you all seem to like. (Hope I'm not jinxing myself . . .dammit!)

Sooo anyway where were we? Oh yeah . . .

Ginny had decided that since her little break into song (v. embarrassing, however seemingly v. successful) that she needed to quit being something a of a recluse and break out of the Ginny mould.

Apart from that there was a boy with golden hair and a sexy smile that she intended to have by the end of the day.

Ginny thought back to some love advice someone had once given her: 'Be ruthless. Stop at nothing to achieve your goal, yet don't be too keen, because by doing this you'll only achieve the reverse affect.'

'Hmm . . .'thought Ginny. 'Makes sense to me.'

Just at that moment of deep pondering about love and its do's and don'ts Seamus Finnigan strode past with a look of deep resentment on his face.

'What's-up Seam?' Asked Ginny, mildly amused at the look of discontentment on his oh so-I'm-Secretly-in-Love-With-Draco-and-Very-Very-Closet-Gay face.

'Well it's just . . .I'm starting to think he's . . .Draco's . . .not . . .you know . . .'

'Not as bad as everyone makes him out to be, I've noticed too.' Ginny butted in rudely.

'NO! Nothing like that gosh . . .no what I'm saying is that I don't think he's . . .well . . .gay. Eh?'

Ginny choked on her breath.

'Well with all do respect, Seamus,' she started, 'the sign did ask for a partner however I do believe there was no female criteria.'

'Correct!' Said the Irish (A/N: Irish? Scottish?!) boy triumphantly, and he wandered off, now smiling pleasantly.

'A closet gay, some evil twins, a nerd dating a superstar . . .i'm starting to think they just dump the freaks in Gryffindor.' Ginny said quietly to herself, chuckling at her observation.

A dreary looking Snape leaned his abnormally ugly head around the entrance door –

'Alright, settle down, settle down. Call backs list has been finalised. See the parchment I am about to put up on the wall to see if you made one. If you did, come back inside.'

Ginny's heart skipped a beat.

'Oh and. . .'Snape continued, 'Mr Malfoy regrets to tell you that the auditions were intended for females only. That is all.'

Ginny turned her eyes to Seamus, who had punched the wall with his fist and scowered off.

She was just wondering why forty-odd people had rushed past her to the door, then she realised once again . . .the list!

Ginny hopped up eagerly and stood outside the many people, waiting for an opening.

After about five minutes of waiting, the people started to clear away. Some looking hopeful and pleased, others looking miserable or annoyed.

Ginny observed the sign and held her breath, Around six names were scribbled on a small teard off piece of parchment:

Call backs:

Jeanette and Briggita Forsythe

Leslie Hunchwhyte

Jemima Higgins

Hermione Granger

Dinah Braithwayte

Thankyou to all who auditioned. Better luck next time.

Ginny silently screamed when she saw her best friend's name, however upon reading the list over twelve times, just to check she hadn't been mistaken, she sighed deeply.

It was a stupid idea anyway. She thought to herself. I'm not even his age!

Ginny sunk away slowly, stopping only to congratulate Hermione.

As she was walking away, she thought she heard her name being called. Well her last name, but she assumed it was just a calling to one of her many brothers in attendance at the school.

'Weasley, hey Weasley!'

My god! Can't they just answer them?! This is annoying!' She thought dryly, speeding up to escape the racket.

'Weasley! GINNY, STOP!'

Well that was definitely my name!

Ginny turned around to see a puffing, red Draco Malfoy standing, clutching his chest.

'What, Malfoy? Come to laugh in my face, have you?' Ginny said, annoyed that he would do such a thing.

'Well no. I was hoping you'dc ome back . . .I . . .I liked your singing.'

'Well if you want me to come back why didn't you write my name up on the call backs list?' Ginny said exasperatedly.

The red headed girl watched his face, observed his speechlessness.. After a moment it dawned on her.

'Oooh, I see.'

'YOU DO?!' Said Malfoy, hopefully.

'Yes, I see.' Ginny took a deep breath and smiled falsely. 'You didn't want a Weasley on your stupid list. You couldn't handle for one minute the thought of people seeing you actually interested in a fucking Weasley. That's right, isn't it Draco? Or should I say, Malfoy?'

She dared him to look into her eyes but he avoided them continuously until he finally spoke.

'That's not really it . . .' He said timidly. 'I really do want to see you again but . . .well you know, if the others find out I'll . . .'

'Lose your 'friends?!' Lose those dickheads who probably hang out with you because you PAY them to?! Whatever Malfoy, I've had enough.'

And with that she stormed off.

Ginny walked hastily down the cold corridor, shivering with the wind.

She looked back once and saw the blonde boy staring back at her helplessly . . .

And she couldn't continue to walk. She had to turn back . . .

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