"PC Taviner could I have a word please?" Came the voice of Sheelagh Murphy

"Yeah sure serge" Des replied. Des didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed by this, Sheelagh could either argue or say sorry and des had a feeling it would be the first one. He walked as slowly as possible to Sheelagh's office, He'd hated arguing with her since the first argument they had.

"PC Taviner I have been told to inform you that there will be a sunhill stars in their eyes next Wednesday" Sheelagh informed him

"Oh right it's a bit soon isn't it?"

"Oh yeah inspector gold said that it was exactly a year from Cass Rickman's death in two weeks so it couldn't really be in that week"

"Oh... yeah... how could I forget!" Des felt like smacking himself but instead he just massaged his head

"Des we need to sort this out"

"What out its you that seems to have a problem"

"No Des I mean every time you come into my office you want an apology, well I didn't do anything wrong"

"Hold on how can you say you didn't do anything wrong? You stormed out of the pub"

"I left because you couldn't tell me that you loved me"

"You know what Sheelagh forget it! I hate arguing"

"I hate arguing as well most humans do!"

"Oh so funny, that's what I love about you Sheelagh! Your cocky comments" Des shouted sarcastically and stormed out of Sheelagh's office. Des went to tell everybody else about the stars in there eyes. Some people were already planning acts by the time the shift was over. Des knew that he was going to be Robbie Williams; he also knew that he owed Sheelagh an apology. Des headed for Sheelagh's office but instead of knocking he went straight in. What he found when he entered wasn't what he had expected though,

"Sheelagh I..." He began as he opened the door and walked into the room "Sheelagh are you ok?" Des asked Sheelagh was sat at her desk crying,

"Oh Des I... I'm fine" She replied, Sheelagh knew that she had nearly let her feelings slip. She had hold of a pregnancy test, although Des had never seen one before he knew what one was "Is that positive?" He asked

"It's got nothing to do with you! I'm surprised you even know what it is! Your feelings seem to come and go within three weeks"

"Oh cut the crap Sheelagh, yes or no it's a simple answer to a simple question! And if the kid is mine I think it has everything to do with me!"

Sheelagh was shocked that Des would say something like that to her

"No its not now get out"

"Wait I've come to say I'm sorry"

"Ok then bye"

"I'm so..."


Sheelagh got up and walked over to Des. She wanted to kiss him so badly but instead she slapped him

"How dare you come into my office without knocking, shout at me and then ignore me!"

Des left Sheelagh's office and went straight home. He decided that he would drown his sorrows. He was sat for about 4 hours drinking (he was absolutely Bladdered by then) when he had an idea, he would say sorry to Sheelagh in a song. Feeling impressed with his idea Des went to bed. At home Sheelagh was thinking about what had happened, thoughts like 'Did I say something wrong to make him say those things' and 'did I go over the top hitting him?' were going through her mind. Both officers arrived at the same time that morning; they avoided each other all day. They did they all week until the night of the stars in their eyes.

"You going on tonight?" Des asked

"Yeah, you?" Sheelagh replied

"Yeah. Is Patrick coming?"

"Nah its not his scene and he says if that nasty piece of work that arrested him was going to be there he definitely isn't going!"

Des laughed at this. Patrick Murphy, the husband of the woman who slapped him was scared of Debbie McAllister. At the end of the shift everyone was really excited. Gary and honey were going on as Nelly and Kelly, Gina gold was going on as Madonna, Sheelagh Murphy, June Ackland, Smithy and Jim carver were going on as the fast food rockers, Des was going on as R-Kelly and Adam Okaro, Kerry Young, Reg Hollis, Debbie McAllister, Juliet Becker, Sam Nixon and Phil Hunter were going to be s club 7. The night was promising to be a good one for everybody. Gabriel Kent was the host. First up was Madonna with beautiful stranger, Then there was Nelly and Kelly with dilemma, then Fast food rockers with the fast food song (this got the whole station rolling on the floor laughing seeing 3 sergeants and a CSU officer dancing around in costumes like snow whites outfit), then it was S Club 7 with s club party (By the time they were up the whole station was in tears) when they had finished it was time for R-Kelly. Before des sang he made a little bit of a speech, "Hiya everyone... you know that I'm not... well I'm not into all this soppy love stuff but I'm singin' this song because I need to say sorry to someone really special to me. In other words I'm dedicating this song to someone... I'm not saying who but they know who they are so here goes... If I could turn, turn back the hands of time Then my darlin you would be mine If I could turn, turn back the hands of time Then I, I would not be livin this life alone" Sheelagh knew this song was for her, She could feel tears falling down her face. She barged past people in order to get outside before people noticed that she was crying.