Tighty Whities

By me

A/N; Wow,  This is a really random one that came out of a random conversation with my friend about my band teacher. So here.

Draco was angry.

Draco was angry because everyone accused him of wearing thongs.

How dare them!

When it was SO obvious that Draco wore Tighty Whiteys

Their false accusations infuriated Draco.

So he went upstairs to his room and put on his favorite song.

It was a wonderful Muggle song from Mya, called " My love is like……. Woa"

Draco always felt pretty during this song.

He pranced around his room in his tighty whiteys using a hairbrush as a microphone

He liked to pretend he was a diva.

He liked to sing extra high notes like Mariah Carey.

He didn't even notice when Goyle walked in with a bucket on his head.

Draco really got into it when is favorite part came.

My sex is like WHOA
My ass is like WHOA
My body's like WHOA
And ur kissin it
So what you think of it

He sang his heart out at that part because it most especially pertained to him

He was just too beautiful to describe. But that part of the song came close to capturing his beauty.

But soon, young Draco got bored.

He started wondering what Thongs felt like.

Of course he loved his tighty whiteys, and would never betray them totally, but It felt like time for a change.

And change he did!

Draco made his way down to the local thong shop.

It angered him that he couldn't find the kind of thong he liked

'Hmmm thongs are fun' Draco thought' They have a lot of variety that you just don't get with tighty whiteys'

He searched and searched and searched until he came across the most beautiful thong in the world

It was neon green.

And it had pink stars!

Daco jumped for joy because it was just right for him.

He also got another one. A black one, for formal occasions of course.

When he got home, he quickly changed into his thong.

It felt wonderful to Draco. He couldn't feel a thing infact.

But he felt sad at the same time.

Because there on the floor, was a pair of tighty whiteys, staring sadly up at him.

So Draco quickly decided he would only wear the two thongs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and his beloved tightey whiteys the rest of the week.

He would alternate!

On the Monday back to school. He strutted his stuff.

Because he knew he had no panty lines.

Hermione in particular loved the new Draco.

She always hated a man with panty lines. They were truly grotesque.

And so she told Draco. And soon, Draco became her bitch.

And all were happy.


My first random Story.. I like these, they are quick and fun…I think I'll write more of these.

Well tell me how you think?