Harry walked into the potions class room with his midget Charlie.

" This place smells like hamster cage!!!" Harry yelled.

" That's just Snape." Said quickly.


Lucius loved a lot of things

Like burning people

And laughing at them

Those pictures of third world countries were also great fun to him.

But what he loved the most was going commando.


Under his robes.

He was NOT like his stupid son, Draco.

Who wore itchy thongs,

Thongs just gave Lucius yeast infections.

Don't tell anyone.

He also loved to flash people in little muggle towns.

But one day, Lucius went to France, for another glorious day flashing people

The first person he flashed was a man with a black mustache, which was rather fake looking.

But to his astonishment, the man flashed him back.

Lucius was astounded.

He ran, rather perturbed at the man for showing him his sausage roll.

But Lucius concluded it all on that the man was



Long time no write.

I'M learning French, and I have a rather odd fascination with France as of late. If your French, don't take this to heart. Come on, this came from the author who made fun of Micheal Jackson, calling his a squirrel/chipmunk thingy…..