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April 9- AEHS auditorium

Oh my gosh, I feel sick. WHY did I agree to do this? Sure, I'll save 3 lives, yada yada

yada! Who cares? It's all Grandmere's fault-she told me that a princess, especially a

princess as into charity and stuff as I am, should DEFINITELY do this. And you know

what? I agreed with her. I actually agreed with her! I am such an idiot. I mean, I figured

'Hey, fear is a selfish reason not to go through with something that could save three

people's lives!' But you know what? Now that I think about the needles, I've decided that

being selfish isn't all that bad. I so fully don't want to donate blood anymore. Seriously,

who their right mind would actually let someone suck an entire PINT of blood out of

their veins? You know those containers of Ben and Jerry's? Yeah, I am pretty sure that

that is a pint. Ew. I read that woman only have like 10 pints of blood in their entire

bodies! I am giving up a TENTH of my blood! And you know what I didn't think about?

Maybe, with my lack of a chest and all, I only have like 9 pints of blood!! !!! I might as

well just slit my wrists now!!! My veins will probably collapse from lack of blood! Or

maybe my heart will just be like "Gee, with so little blood, what is even the use of

pumping?". Or maybe I'll faint while crossing the street in busy New York traffic, and

get run over by those freaky tourists who think they are driving like aggressive New York

natives, but are really just driving like idiots! Doesn't anyone realize how FATAL this

could be? And what would happen to Genovia if their future leader dropped dead?? They

would be ruled by SEBASTIANO! He would fully make a law that everyone has to wear

spandex on Wednesdays, or something completely heinous like that. And Sebastiano

probably couldn't care less about the homeless dogs and cats and ocelots and stuff in

Genovia. He would probably take one look at them and be like "Dog/Cat/Ocelot fur is the

new denim". AAAAH. And you know what else? This so called "safe" procedure isn't

even taking place in a hospital! They are holding it on the STAGE in the auditorium at

AEHS! Seriously, the stage! What if someone falls off or something? What if something

happens, and there is no hospital equipment stuff around, and they DIE??? Oh, great, a

nurse is walking over to me...I think it is time for me to meet my fate. Oh Gosh, I am too

young to die- I haven't even told Michael how I feel about him!! I am going to die a tall,

breast-less, un-self actualized, un-Michael-ised, Princess FREAK!

April 9- later- AEHS auditorium

Ok, false alarm, I am still sitting in the lumpy theatre chair that I was in earlier. She just

handed me some forms and told me to fill them out. The questions were pretty generic,

you know, name, age, sex, all that good stuff. She told me to let her know when I am

done, but I so fully plan to stay sitting on this seat until Algebra is over (We got to choose

which period to miss, and I was like 'um, duh, Algebra') and then I am going to leave

and go to my next class. SO, I will sit here and write away. Dang, why is it that when I

am actually ALLOWED to sit here and write, with no one to bug me about writing math

notes or listening to them rant about the Ho's or whatever, I so fully don't have a single

profound thing to say? Hmm...what to write...I think I feel a poem coming on....

Ode to Blood

Oh blood, flowing through my veins,

If you only knew the danger

Which faces you

And your mistress;

Oh red blood cells, if

AHHH!!! Yes, the poem was very profound and all, but something EVEN MORE

PROFOUND just walked in!!! MICHAEL MOSCOVIZ!!!! He just walked in, and

SMILED at me! I think I am going to faint!! And my blood hasn't even been sucked out

yet!! Oh, he just walked over to the nurse, and got a form from her! And...OH MY

GOSH, he is walking in my direction!! I think he's actually gonna say hey to me! Oh

please, let me say 'hey' back, not 'h-hh-h-e-e-ey'. He will think I am such a freak!! Ah,

he is almost here, he-

Wow. Michael Moscovitz is sitting right next to me. He said 'Hey Thermopolis' and I

was like "Hey Michael' (No squeaks!) and he was like "Is this seat taken?" And I was

like "Um, no" and he PLOPPED himself right down next to me!!!!!!!!!! Haha, he keeps

looking up from his form and over to my diary, trying to see what I am writing. But he

can't', I am making sure of that!!!! Oh this is so nice! Oh shoot...a nurse is coming over

here...she is looking right at me! Oh no. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no. She is standing right

in front of me. She just asked if I was done. I squeaked yes. I think I am supposed to

stand up and follow, but I can't! Oh, if only I could lean over and sniff Michael's soapy

neck one last time...Oh, wow, Michael must see the sheer terror on my face, because he

just did the weirdest thing!! I was just about to stand up, and he grabbed my hand and

kind of squeezed it!! But, the weirdest part was what he said- "Don't worry Mia, if they

turn out to be vampires, I'll totally get Buffy to kick their butts" Which wasn't a weird

Michael thing to say, since he is in love with Buffy (Lucky duck...) and all, but he called

me MIA! He NEVER does that! Ok, the nurse just cleared her throat really loudly; I

should probably get up.....

April 9- later- blue bed thing on stage in AEHS auditorium

I am SO embarrassed!! I will NEVER show my face again!!! So, the nurse led me to this

little cubicle they had set up, and I sat down on the folding chair inside, and this other

nurse-guy walked in and looked at my form, and was all like "Hello Amelia" and really

quickly I went "Um, its Mia please" and he was like "Ok Mia....I need to ask you some

questions, but first I need a blood sample. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit!" So he grabs

my finger, and PRICKS it, and all this BLOOD wells up, and I totally shriek!! Like,

really loud!! I am surprised that Lars hasn't come running from the teacher's lounge,

where he is (most likely) flirting with my French teacher! Anyways, he looks at me really

strangely, and I am totally red and I am like "Sorry, I don't like needles or blood" and

you can totally tell he wants to say 'then why are you here???' but instead he says "Ok,

Amelia, on to the questions". SO, he is asking me all these questions, like if I have Aids

(Um, no...) when all of the sudden, he is like "Have you had sex with anyone in the last

year?" and I turned bright red, and am like "NO!" and he is like "Have you ever had sex

with anyone who may have had aids?" and I am like "NO!!" and he keeps asking me all

these questions about having sex with guys, when I finally burst out "I have NEVER had

sex with ANYONE, let alone been properly KISSED, so can we PLEASE go onto the

next part??" and he looks totally taken aback, and it was really embarrassing and all, but

want to know the worst part? I looked up, and MICHAEL was looking over the cubicle

wall at me, and CRACKING UP!! He was laughing at me!! REALLY hard!! And I

turned even redder, and was like "Um, Michael, how long have you been standing

there?" and he goes "Since I heard you scream after being poked with a needle!" and

starts cracking up even harder, and then a nurse came and grabbed his ear, lecturing him

about other's privacy, and I guess she took him to his own cubicle, because when I came

out and sat on this blue bed thing (Which is where I am now) he was no where to be seen.

Oh crap, a nurse is coming towards me with a huge needle...Oh gosh, I am so dead! OH

NO! Michael just walked out of his cubicle! He is going to see me in my moment of

weakness!!! Oh, if there is a God, please make a sand bag fall from the sky and kill me!

Or at least knock me out or something....

April 9th- later- the limo

I love Grandmere. She is the most wonderful person in the world! Because if she hadn't

forced me to give blood (not that I gave any...), I wouldn't- wait. I should tell you what

happened. So, the nurse came towards me with the needle, and I (as I've been told)

turned white as a ghost. I then started hyperventilating, and the nurse was like "Are you

ok honey?" and I was like "No, I think I'm going to be sick." So I get off of the bed

thing, and start running towards the exit (and apparently towards Michael), when all of

the sudden, everything went black, and the next thing I know, I am lying on the ground

with something wrapped around my shoulders, and all these people around me. You

know, nothing of interest...until I realize that the thing I am lying on in Michael

Moscovitz's LAP, and his ARMS are wrapped around me!! And I looked up at Michael,

and he was white as a sheet, and his eyes were all wide, and when he realized I was

awake, he went "Mia, are you ok??" and I was like "Um, I think I need to go lie down in

the nurse's office or something, I feel really sick", and one of the nurses goes "Man,

those are some nerves you got there, missy, you passed out right onto this poor boy!" and

I turned bright red and was like "Michael, I am sooo sorry, are you ok?" and he still looks

really weird and is all like "I'm fine, Mia, but what about you? Can I take her to the

nurses office?" and the blood people were like "Sure" so he stood up and grabbed my

hand and helped me up really gently, and then put his ARM around me, so I could lean

onto him, and we walked out of the gym and into the hall. So, we are walking down the

hall, when I am like "Michael, I really feel gross, could I just lie down here?" so he pulls

me into this abandoned classroom, and I lay down, and he sat down next to me and was

kind of fiddling with my hair. We were like this for a few minutes, when finally he said

"You gave me a scare, Thermopolis!" And I started laughing weakly and said "Why?

You thought I would accidentally knock you off the stage or something?" and he looks at

me with his (still) wide eyes, and he leaned down, and before I knew what was

happening, he KISSED me!!!!! Not on the cheek. Not on the forehead. On the lips. And

then he pulled back really quickly and said "Mia, I'm so sorry, that was totally wrong of

me!" and then I gave him this (apparently) heartbroken look, because he kind of smiled,

and leaned down, and kissed me again! And this time, there was definitely some tongue,

if you catch my drift. And then he broke the kiss off again, but instead of apologizing he

went "Hey, you should go tell that nurse that you've finally been properly kissed." And I

cracked up, and he was laughing. And then our laughter grew down to chuckles, and then

to comfortable silence. So, we were sitting there, me lying in his arms, when he goes

"Mia...I...I want you to know that I've liked nearly as I've known you. And, well..I

think...I think I'm kind of in love with you." And I got all wide eyed, and looked up at

him, then finally I went, in this breathless, really quiet voice, "Really? Michael...I think I

have been in love with you for years" and I thought maybe he didn't hear me, but he did,

because the next thing I know, he was kissing me again. And then, after like 5 minutes,

he was finally like "Lars is going to get worried, maybe we should find him" and I

agreed, so we got up, and went back out into the hall (he was still letting me lean on him)

and we found Lars, and I told him I wanted to go home. So, he left to get the limo, but

before he did, the weirdest thing happened. Lars gave Michael this questioning look, and

Michael grinned and nodded, and then kissed me on the forehead. And then the limo

came, and I got into it, and Lars clapped Michael on the back, and then Michael climbed

in next to me, and I leaned up against him, and we only just dropped him off at his

apartment, but before we did, he asked me if I wanted to go see Star Wars at the

screening room with him this Friday! And he is taking me out to dinner and everything!!!

So, I was like "YES!" and he grinned at me, and kissed me, and climbed out of the limo,

and went inside. So now I am sitting in the limo, writing about what has probably been

the best day of my life, and you know what? Despite not tackling my fear of needles

properly, I think I have finally found self actualization. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AN- So, was that ok? I know it isn't exactly my best work, but its cute...I hope. Haha. Anyways, be sure to review, so I can know exactly what you guys liked and disliked about my story! And who nows, I may even write a second chapter- the same story, but from Mikey's perspective! So, you'll find out exactly why his face was so white, and exactly what he and Lars were doing....but I think most of you have a pretty good idea :-P