Hilary's Thoughts About Kai and Tyson

Both of them were sent to me from above But I'm really not quite sure of which one to love. I think to myself, put your heart on a shelf, Remember how it broke before...

Flashback of Hilary's First Love

"Hilary, we have to talk." The seriousness in his voice wasn't normal, but she ignored it.
"What is it, Kento?" She moved closer to him. It wasn't until she looked into his elusive eyes that she realized something was wrong. "Kento?"
"Hilary, I..." He acted sad, but he knew he'd enjoy every minute of seeing her sorrow. Then he'd be doubly rewarded when he went to go visit his other girlfriend, soon to be his only girlfriend, for a private party between the two of them. "Look, this really hurts to say this, but I think maybe we should end our relationship." Her eyes widened, a mix of shock, pain, and disbelief.
"Wha-Why? I...I don't understand..." Tears began flooding her eyes. Kento couldn't wait for the monsoon of emotions.
"Well, ya see...I...I'm not really sure I'm ready to truly love a girl," he tried to explain. To himself, he thought, 'Oh yeah, that got her.' Luckily, she looked away to hide her blotchy face, because he couldn't suppress a smile any longer. The more he prolonged this the more it hurt her, but it robbed him of his time with Melani. Time to wrap this up. "Don't get me wrong," he blurted, almost blowing his cover by laughing, "I enjoy being with you, it's just that...well...you understand, I'm sure." He put his hand on her shoulder, acting sympathetic, but he almost couldn't bring herself to touch her, he hated her that much.
"Yeah," she replied, still refusing to look up. "Yeah, I understand." But she didn't. Without another word, she left the school balcony, confident that this stage would pass and he'd come back. But it still hurt.
As soon as she was out of earshot, Kento broke into a maniacal laugh. "Stupid girl. No one could ever love you. Especially not me. Not now, not ever." He grabbed his backpack and headed to Melani's. * * *
Hilary sat at what used to be her and Kento's favorite table at Back to Snack's Coffee Shop. She sighed as she sipped her strawberry milkshake, frothing with whipped cream and the cherry remaining untouched on top, waiting for her and Kento to share, as always. But today, there was no Kento to share it with. 'He'll come back to me,' she tried to convince herself, 'He loves me.' Something in the back of her mind wasn't sure. There was treachery in his voice earlier, hiding something. All of a sudden, that same, familiar voice was heard not too far away. He was here, but not for her. It seemed he didn't realize she was even present. Who was he talking to? She turned around and gasped at what she saw. Her snack fell to the ground, forgotten.
"Come on, Mel, I'll buy ya another latte."
Giggle. "Okay."
Something took control of Hilary. She walked over to them, surprising Kento as she slapped him hard across the face. When it withdrew, it had left a large, red, hand-shaped mark on the cheek of what she once thought her boyfriend. She turned to Melani. "I hope you two are very happy together," she said with stiffness and hatred, later described as putting the ice in malice. * * *
Hilary sat in her room, desperately hugging her flower-shaped pillow, half wishing Kento had told her the truth. Darkness enveloped her. Once a fearful intruder, it was now a friendly, concealing ally. At least she had figured it out. She wanted answers to new questions and no one to answer them now. She no longer knew what it was like to love, or to be loved in that aspect. She finally came to a conclusion, and made a vow.
"I'll never fall in love in again," she whispered into the night.

Present Day (3 Years Later)

Hilary walked into class. The bell rang at the same time the teacher walked in. "Good Morning, class," he smiled.
"Good Morning, Mr. Mikrata," responded the class in unison. All of a sudden, the sound of a door sliding open interrupted the momentary peacefulness of the classroom. Tyson nearly tripped as he rushed in, falling on all fours, panting.
"I got here...as fast...as...I could..." Tyson managed between breaths. Finally, he got up and strolled as casually as he could to his seat in the middle of the back row with Hilary and Kenny on either side.
"Nice to see you, Tyson," greeted the instructor sarcastically. "Late as you are..."
"Only by thirty seconds!" objected the blue-haired tardy victim.
Mr. Mikrata shook his head and went on to his job.
"You're in ninth grade and you still haven't figured out how to get to class on time, Tyson," hissed Hilary.
"Oh, shut your trap, Hilary," cried Tyson, causing the teacher to warn him to cease disrupting the class.
"How come she doesn't get on your nerves, Chief?" whispered Tyson cautiously to Kenny, careful not to let Hilary hear him. * * *
"Hey, Tyson! Come here!" called one of his classmates as he was exiting the school grounds. He turned around, "Who, me?"
"Yeah," came the answer.
"See ya at practice, Chief." Tyson ran over. Kenny sighed, knowing that Tyson was late to everything,, and left for the dojo owned by Tyson's grandpa.
"What's up guys?" asked Tyson, curious why they wanted to talk to him. 'Well, I AM the world champ,' he admitted to himself. 'Too bad I forgot my spare autographs.'
The group he had been accepted into didn't waste any time getting to the point. The blond boy who looked about fifteen and a half, a little older than Tyson himself, spoke first. "Why do you always get on Hilary's case?" he inquired.
"What?" This was unexpected.
"Yeah," agreed a strawberry-blond girl. The rest decided they didn't want to see this and stalked off in small packs.
"I, uh, well..." Tyson stammered. 'What to say...?'
"You like her don't you?" demanded the red-head.
"NO!" he denied. 'I don't think...'
"Well, good," said the blond guy. "Cuz she ain't been the same since that Kento playboy-"
"Shhh!" the girl shushed him. The boy covered his mouth, "Oh, yeah, I forgot. Sorry."
"What?" asked Tyson, eager to discuss it now that something sparked his interest. Only classmates of Hilary had known about Kento, and Tyson hadn't met her until last year.
"We can't say," answered the boy at the same time the girl replied, "Nothing."
"But..." started the world champ, cut short by the classmates' "Oh, look at the time, gotta split!" The couple tried to run off before they said too much. The girl escaped, as would the boy if Tyson hadn't stuck out his foot. The boy fell, holding back a curse as he replaced it with the usual "ow."
"Spill it!" commanded Tyson. "What's the big secret? I won't tell anyone, I swear." He placed his foot on the boy's back to prevent him from getting up.
"Okay!" he surrendered. "Hilary wasn't always like this. She just transformed when..." He told Tyson the whole story. When he was finished he said, "That's when she devoted herself to her studies, and began being hard on other people. It was her way of coping with the pain."
Tyson went home later that night with a lot on his mind about Hilary's past.

The Next Day

"Hilary, wait up!" yelled Tyson, trying to catch up to her. For once, he wasn't late, at least, not if she wasn't. They were a block away from school, and could see it looming over the hilltop. She turned around.
"Tyson?" She didn't bother to hide her amazement.
He caught up and walked with her; she could tell whatever it was he wanted to talk about, it was important if he actually made an attempt to get to school early to do it. "Hilary."
"Why didn't you tell us about Kento?' He sounded a little hurt.
"How did you find out about that?!" she demanded, not sure whether to be shocked or angry. How did he know?
"Don't worry about that. Listen, I came to apologize. I've been so hard on you and mean, not knowing why you act the way you do. Forgive me?" He extended his hand.
Tears gleamed in her eyes, partly from remembering that event, and partly because Tyson was actually caring. "Sure." She didn't take his hand, though. She couldn't bring herself to do it. It would only confirm her suspicions. She already thought she was crushing on Tyson, but the main reason she never touched anyone was because of her fear. Her fear of falling in love. * * *
Later that day, Hilary went to Kai's mansion. The team was always let in, so it was no big deal. He was the only one she felt could give her the advice she'd need. She wasn't even sure why she needed it, or even to expose her secret.
"Master Kai is in the training room," offered his butler, waving his arm in the direction of the one she sought.
"Thank you. I can find one way now." He left.
She walked down the hall alone, and the sound of a beyblade constantly hitting a stadium dish rang out from a room sealed by a thick black door. She opened it quietly, careful not to disturb him. His back was to her, and he was going at his training pretty hard. Usually when he was like this, he'd keep at it for hours, sometimes ignoring sleep. She couldn't afford to wait that long.
"Kai?" she said, quietly and uncertainly, hoping he wouldn't be angry. His beyblade returned to his waiting hand, and he turned to face her, his expression changing.
"Hello, Hilary." He always made his sentences short and to the point. Efficient.
"Can I talk to you, or do you have to keep training? I hope I'm not disturbing you."
He took a look at the dish. "Hmph. Doesn't matter. I'm already invincible." He led her to his room. She was quiet until they got there, pondering what to say. "You wanted to speak with me?" he asked, motioning her to sit down on one of the numerous pieces of furniture in the room.
"Yeah. Yeah I did." She told him of her past with Kento and her conversation with Tyson, leaving out the vow she had made. "I don't know why, but I feel I need to tell you all this," she concluded. "I guess I feel I need help dealing with it, even though it's so long ago. Regardless of the time, I still feel the sting as though it were yesterday." She looked at him hopefully.
She didn't mean to enchant him, but she did. She had done it last year. He hadn't dared to make his move, scared of ruining his rep, afraid of frightening her away, and not wanting to steal Tyson's girl (that's what it seemed she was). But now...
He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. She wanted to pull away, but she couldn't Neither one really knew what was happening until they felt their lips touch. For the first time in a long while, she felt that maybe it was okay to break her promise. Maybe she had already done it. But what about Tyson?