Breaking a Promise

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Chapter 17

K-man blinked. "This is a surprising predicament."

Kai collapsed, clutching a small gash in his arm, beyblade in hand, covering the sight of some of the blood. Kitten's Manul spun a little ways behind him.

"What happened!" Tyson shouted out, appalled.

Roxanne stood. "What the hell are you doing, Kitten!"

The fans booed, angry hisses aimed at the BeyKat leader, who had no reaction to the display. K-man whispered to some of the judges, who had never seen a tie in which an opponent had willingly gone out of the ring to strike a challenger, but, then again, Kai wasn't so injured he couldn't fight. Also, pride decreed that he win the fight without doing so by default.

"The judges have decided upon a penalty match! Winner take all. Kitten has been banned from the competition. Who will the BeyKats choose to represent them?"

Silence ensued as Kitten returned to the bench. Still standing, she looked at Hilary, who asked her, "Why'd you throw the match! They could've awarded them the win!"

Kitten smiled. "I realized a little too late that it wasn't my fight, or my place to decide who should take it." She placed her hand on her teammate's shoulder. "Go for it, Hil." She nodded toward the awaiting ring. "I think we know who really needs to be up there."

Hilary grinned back and got up. As she walked past her captain, Kitten gave her some last-minute words. "No matter what happens, you do what you got to." Hilary turned around to see Kitten flash the thumbs-up as she sat.

'Time to get down to business.' Hilary clasped Battle Lynx in her hand as it finally sunk in that she was fighting Kai. As she approached the bowl, she glanced up at the phoenix master. Quickly, she pulled her eyes away, finding herself unable to meet his own.

They took their stances, bits glowing with anticipation.

"3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP!"

The beyblades were released into the center, spinning side by side, neither moving to attack.

'Come on, Hilary. This is what it all comes down to. Attack!' Kai willed her, not ready to take the initiative.

'Is he toying with me?' the BeyKat thought, not wanting to attack, either. She wasn't sure she could do it. Neither was.

Kitten looked on, eyes glittering, huge smile. 'Come on, girl. You got a score to settle and something to prove. What'll you choose to do?'

Roxanne bit her nails, finding herself too nervous to sit, Lita sitting cross-legged on the cold tile beside her. The former asked, "You think she can do it?" Lita pressed her lips together and took a breath; before she could answer, Kitten cut in.

"Of course she can. Don't worry about her, Rox. She'll be fine." But really, what was going through her head was, 'I hope you prove me wrong, Kai.'

The match was heating up, for each finally decided to go for it. The two blades clashed, sending sparks skyward. It only got hotter when they called out their bitbeasts.


"Battle Lynx!"


Kenny was fervently typing all the data in, Max, Tyson, and Ray looking on over his shoulder. They started when he gasped.

"What? What's going on, Chief?" Tyson inquired.


"Yeah?" Max pressed on.

Kenny gulped, and turned the screen where they could see it better. "They're power's…off the charts!"

Their jaws dropped as they saw the levels shown on the screen.

"Shut it off, Chief! It's frying my circuits!" Dizzi wailed. A few sparks popped from the laptop and a low, dying whir told them it had shut off. The intake was too much. As if the information itself wasn't shocking enough, Dizzi not being able to take it was astounding. This had never happened before. At least, not to their knowledge.

"Oh, boy. This doesn't look good," Tyson commented, returning his attention to the match.


Dranzer and Battle Lynx pounced on each other persistently, only to be knocked back. They appeared equal, but there had to be a winner, and that meant that there also had to be a loser.

Hilary looked back to the bench for inspiration. She restored it immediately back to the bowl, unwilling to take her eyes off the match for more than a few crucial seconds. More than that, and it could cost her the match.

She remembered what Kitten had said, just before she moved away, seeing clearly in her mind the Kitten of that time, and that smile she alone knew so well. "Remember, Hilary, you'll always be one of the BeyKats." She recalled the last high-five they had ever slapped together. Then, it was gone.

She thought back to when she had first joined the BladeBreakers' team. When she had first seen a picture of them all together. She remembered thinking Kai was hot, and being kind of disappointed at his 'bad' attitude when she finally met him in person. Who would've thought then that she loved him now, breaking a promise made to herself so long ago? Who'd have thought now that…that…?

Tears began to well up in her eyes, blurring her vision slightly.

Who'd have thought now that she couldn't bring herself to decide where her divided loyalties really lied? Thought that she couldn't harm him without hurting herself?

"Do what you have to to win." Wait. Kitten had never said to win…

"Stop!" she heard herself yell out, a few tears escaping her eyelids. All eyes were on her, every dazed one. "Stop," she whispered, falling to her knees, supporting herself on all fours. "I can't do it."

Kai's Dranzer returned to his palm, a stunned expression on his face. It was over. He wasn't sure this was how he had wanted to win.

After a while of silence, K-man announced it. "Kai wins by surrender from the BeyKats!" Cheers erupted from the stands as though nothing had happened.

Kai ignored this and walked over to her, crouching beside her and placing his hand gently on her back. She shrugged him off, gazing into his eyes for an instant before rejoining her team. She hoped they weren't mad at her.

"What was that!" Dina screeched, racing over to her. "What the he-!" Kitten quieted her, stepping forward.

"You did what you had to. Don't sweat it."

They all looked over to the BladeBreakers, who were jumping up and down, hugging each other, celebrating. Dina, Roxanne, and Lita went to go congratulate them, leaving the leader and her greatest friend in the world.

"You going to go back?" the pink-clad girl asked, breaking Hilary away from her thoughts.


Kitten smirked again. "It's okay. You can go. No hard feelings, no grudges. That's where you belong." She gestured over to the happy group, the stadium now empty. "And if they can't see it, then they don't really know where they belong, either. I really think you'd be happier with them than you could ever be with us." She paused for a moment.

The BladeBreakers were leaving, everyone waving. Everyone but them. Her chance was leaving. Her chance with Kai.

"Go on, Hil. They're going to leave without you." Kitten voiced her very thoughts.

"But what about-?"

"Forget that. Just go," Kitten interrupted. To Hilary's disappearing back, she called out, "But don't forget!" Hilary turned around. "You'll always be one of the BeyKats."

Hilary rushed back for a quick hug, then ran after them to the bus. Kitten smiled. She went to the lobby and leaned against the doorframe, looking on at the reunion of the team. Kai, the one they were waiting for to leave, was coming out. As he brushed past her, she told him, "Take care of her for me, Kai." Before he could turn around, she was gone.

He glanced back at the bus, and at Hilary's smiling face. 'Yeah, Kitten,' he thought to himself. 'I don't think it's possible any other way.'

The End-