A/N: I've always wanted to read something about KoyoSai, but unfortunately it was hard due to the ghostly problem. This story should provide a good opportunity! So basically, Akira liked Hikaru and then Sai appeared, who attracted Koyo. Sounds good?

Chapter 1

Blink. Blink. Pitch Black. Blink.

Where am I? He slowly stood up, trying to balance himself. "Arg!" he put his hand on his back. He figured that he must've sprained it somehow when he fell. Not that he remembered falling. Hold on a minute. Did he just feel pain? Physical pain? On his back?

Eyes widened, Sai twisted his waist testily. "Ouch!" he winced as he felt the pain again. A smile spread across his face as he twisted his waist to the other way. "Aww!"

He stopped until he could no longer bear the pain. Who can blame him? It was the first time he could feel again in a thousand years. He looked around and realized that he was in a dark alley. Walking toward the busy street in downtown Tokyo, he could feel the warm sunlight on his skin and the summer breezes blowing sweetly by his long violet hair.

A tear rolled down his cheek and he quickly wiped it away. He didn't know why he had returned to the living realm and given a body. Whatever the reasons were, he was happy to know that he would now be able to play Go 24/7 without relying on anyone!

Judging on the style of the tall buildings around him, Sai was pretty convinced that not many years have passed since the last time he was in Tokyo. As he walked by the fast-food restaurant that he recognized as Hikaru had often went there with his friends, he stared at his own reflection in the glass window. Smiling, he saw his own grin. He hadn't seen his own reflection for a millennium. He looked more or less the same from what he remembered: waist-length violet hair in a loose pony tail; his face was still young as always; his tall hat is missing; white tank top with a pair of stripped purple dress pants that somewhat reminded him of his old pants.

Something in his reflection was bothering Sai. Was it because he didn't feel comfortable wearing modern clothing? No. He scanned himself over again, focusing the torso. There were two bumps on his chest. Could they be... breasts? He slowly and shakily raised his hand and poked one of them. He shuddered. No way. NO WAY! "NOOO WAAAY!!!" He screamed out loud.

People inside the restaurant were staring at him. Some were whispering among themselves. Flushed, Sai quickly walked away. How inappropriate of him poking his own breasts in public, he scowled himself. But why were those two bumps there? Does that mean he was given a female body? Was that the tradeoff to be able to return to the living world? If so, perhaps it's worth it. Is it?


A noise interrupted his thought process. Sai dropped his jaw in delight as he heard the familiar noise from his very own stomach. He could feel hunger! He put his hands on his stomach as he felt the vibration of hunger with pleasure with his eyes closed. It seemed like he had forgotten the female problem that he had.

Ten minutes later, his happy face had eventually been replaced by a frown. Perhaps the feeling of hunger wasn't so much of a blessing after all. He searched his pockets, only to find that this new body of his had not come with any money. "Hikaru," Sai realized that his only hope was to find his former host. The thought of seeing him again brought light to his face.

Observing his unfamiliar surroundings, he couldn't recognize any of the buildings. With his bad sense of direction, he had always followed his hosts around without worrying getting lost. Perhaps he should've paid more attention, Sai regretted.


His stomach growled louder this time. With the saddest face, Sai walked aimlessly in downtown Tokyo in hopes of finding something familiar.

"That was an amateur's move," Akira pointed at a black stone.

"Not as amateur as this one over here!" Hikaru heatedly pointed at a white stone.

"That was to prevent black from gaining territories in this corner," the 18-year-old 6-dan explained.

"It wouldn't have worked if I had done this! And you would've lost your entire territory over here!" The 5-dan placed a black stone at the intersection nearby.

"Either way, you didn't make that move and gave me the victory!" Akira started to shout too.

"You made a mistake nonetheless!"

"So did you! And now you owe me dinner!" They had bet earlier that the loser had to treat the winner dinner. Akira was the one who had suggested it. He wanted to take this opportunity to confess his feelings to the blond pro. It had taken him weeks to build up the courage, and he had planned to confess a couple of weeks ago during their weekly meetings. Unfortunately, things always turn out badly in the end with Hikaru storming out the Go Salon. Today, Akira made plans so that they could have dinners together and perhaps even ramen to boost up the other pro's mood.

"No way!"

"What? But you lost!" Akira could see the opportunity slipping away. "You have to at least keep your promise!"

"Man, I'm so pissed!" Hikaru waved his hands furiously. "I'll treat you dinner some other time!" With that said, Hikaru stood up to leave.

The former ghost had been wandering for more than an hour in the streets. He started to wonder if he had been wandering in circles. Suddenly something caught his eyes - the raman place that Hikaru had visited numerous times. Sai remembered that it was really close to Touya's Go Salon. He turned around and saw building in the corner- the signs on the building - Touya's Go Salon! If he said he knew Touya and Hikaru, perhaps he could play a free game, Sai happily thought.


Or maybe he could ask for some snacks first. Sai joyfully ran across the street as the pedestrian light turned green.

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