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Chapter One:

Harry sighed and stared out of his window at Privet Drive. To say this summer was his worst yet was an understatement to say the least... but here he was, trying in vain to complete the essay that the stupid, over-grown, greasy-haired bat set them for these holidays. Bending over his parchment, he dipped his quill into his ink for the twentieth time that night.

Write a three foot essay on the properties and effects of the Polyjuice potion to be handed in on the first day of term.

Harry couldn't help but grin. He recalled his second year, when he, Ron and Hermione brewed such a potion... Feeling slightly cheered, he - again - bent of his blank parchment. He froze. What the hell were the properties of Polyjuice? Well, now that he thought about it, Hermione did do most of the work...


Harry closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. Ever since the death of his Godfather, he couldn't seem to think properly... He started to blink rapidly, trying to stop the unshed tears from falling... Trying to push that horrible thought out of his head, he glanced at his clock, and his mouth fell open in a kind of weird fascination. He had completely forgotten! It was his birthday in two minutes! But his fascination was quickly sinking as he realised that there would be no warning letter telling him to stay out of trouble this year, no messy note quickly scrawled on the back of a soggy newspaper telling him he'd see him sometime again soon... because, as much as Harry hated to admit it, Sirius was...

"Dead..." Harry whispered quietly to himself. Yep, he sure was. He was completely, utterly, no question about it – dead. Harry squeezed his eyes shut, dimly noticing the 11:59 flashing on his clock-radio before he closed them. Calm down... he thought to himself firmly. No use getting worked up over it now... He suddenly heard a crash to his left. He opened his eye and peered at his ink bottle that was lying in a thousand pieces on the floor. He glared at it, as if it was the ink's fault it blew up. Real smooth, Potter. He thought to himself. Get yourself expelled for the second time in two years.

His musings were cut short, however, when Pig barrelled through his window, and connected rather painfully with his head. But Pig didn't seem to notice. Pig continued to zoom gleefully through Harry's bedroom, knocking over various things, bumping into walls, and, eventually, flying straight into Harry's hand. Harry shook his head in bewilderment. How the bird managed to be so dumb was beyond him. He untied the parcel and the letter attached, and Pig hopped back up, ruffled his feathers and shot like a bullet towards Hedwig's cage to rest and have a drink... only to miss the cage the cage completely, fly straight into the wall behind it, making a dull thud as he hit the wall behind the cage and bounce off it, landing at least a meter away. But Pig – unfazed – hopped back up again, and flew into Hedwig's cage. Grinning, Harry read Ron's letter.

Hey mate, How are you? We've been so bored here. The house is all clean, Mrs. Black has been burnt, Kreachers dead-

"WHAT?!" Harry yelled, but he clapped a hand over his mouth and froze, not daring to make a sound. He heard an unnatural silence in the bedroom next to him, but he relaxed at the snore that followed quickly after, and the groan of bedsprings as Dudley rolled over.

yeah, Kreachers dead all right. When he found Mrs. Black's portrait burnt to a crisp, he burst into tears, got an axe and cut off his head. Where the hell he got the axe, I don't know, but we're gonna have a party when you get here in memory of him. Nice, huh? Well, anyway, mum STILL won't let Fred and George join the Order, and their furious. They've made even more stuff to eavesdrop on the Order. They're really funny! I got you a pretty cool present. It's a little notebook, it may sound stupid, but I've got one identical, and if you write a note to me in your book, whatever you wrote will appear in my book, so we can talk to each other without anyone noticing! Well, hope you like it. Mum says you might be able to come soon. Hope your okay, dealing with... you know... Anyway, hope to see you soon, mate.

PS. Do you know who will be the Defense teacher this year? It better be
someone good!

Harry couldn't help but smile at Ron's letter. It was nice of him to worry like that. He tore the paper away from his present. It was leather, dark blue in colour, with silver clasps and a lock. Harry quickly wrote a reply.

Hey Ron, I'm fine, honestly. Tell the Order that as well, will you? I love the present, its amazing. How are you? Its been boring here, nothing much to do, so I know how you feel about being stuck there. How did Hermione react to Kreachers death? Was she upset, or was she glad? Anyway, you've got to tell me about Fred and George's new inventions! Hope you don't die of boredom, Harry PS. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with your owl, Ron!

Harry read it through again, and glanced at Pig to see if he was up to delivering the letter back to Ron yet. But Pig was as energetic as always, hopping from foot to foot.

Harry rolled his eyes at the crazy bird. He sighed, and as quick as lightning, grabbed Pig from inside the cage before the bloody bird could escape. After tying the letter securely to Pig's foot, and telling him to take it to Ron, Pig zoomed happily out the window and soon just became a speck.

Harry froze when he heard giggling from somewhere in the shadows. Slowly, he reached into his pocket for his wand...

"That won't be necessary, Harry." Said a clear, gentle voice. He could definitely tell it was a girl.

"Who are you?" Harry tried to keep the fear showing in his voice, "Show yourself!"

"I am not going to hurt you..." She stepped into the light. She was a girl that looked around his age, with deadly straight beautiful golden hair that reached her hips. She had the strangest eyes, though. They were a very dark blue, unlike any he had seen before...

"Harry... you are aware that you are... special..."

He couldn't help but snort. "Tell me something I don't know."

She shrugged. "Okay. Very soon you're gonna get some unbelievable powers and then get really pissed and start yelling, 'WHY ME!' yada yada yada... is that better?"

Harry stared at her, his mouth opening and closing, trying to look for the right words to say.

"You gotta be kidding me..."

She grinned at him, and plonked herself down on his bed.

"Maybe I shouldn't be so direct... Okay... I was born in this world... just like you..."

She paused, tapping her finger against her thigh, with her chin resting in her cupped hand.

"Anytime you want to continue, I'll be ready." Stated Harry dryly, one eyebrow raised.

"Oh, yes, well... I was born in this world. But when I was seven, I was taken to another world... or realm if you prefer."

She paused again.

"They told me that, I, along with another, would work together to stop the rising darkness... or something like that anyway... They told me that, when I was sixteen, I would harbour new, unexpected powers... as would another. But, they told me that the other was not able to leave this world yet, and so I would join him in this realm, and... fill him in on his new powers."

She stopped again.

"My true name is Rosie Dion. But everyone calls me Nightmare. The reason is that I can project any image into a persons head. I also have visions of the future. I can do other things, as can you. But now..." She suddenly looked excited. "We get to pick your new name Harry!"

"Well..." He sighed. "What's my special power?"

"You can do a bunch of stuff with shadows." She scrunched up her nose, trying to remember. "You can... um... Oh! You can completely disappear in Shadows, so no one can see you even if your still there! And you can travel through shadows, as in, if you step through some shadows in one room, you can appear through some other shadows in a completely different place, depending where you wanna go. You can spread shadows, like, make everything go completely black so no one can see anything... that's about it for shadows I think."

Harry stood there for a second, his mouth hanging open from shock.

"Close your mouth; you look like a goldfish." She snapped.

Harry's mouth snapped shut so quickly his teeth made a clicking noise as they connected.

"What do you mean 'that's about it for SHADOWS' ?" said Harry weakly, "Theres more?"

"Oh yes. You're a shape-shifter, as am I. You can turn into any animal, impersonate anything, even their voice. You can turn you body into absolutely anything. And you're a fire elemental, and I am a water elemental... You can read minds-"

"I can what?!"

"Read minds, Potter – Shadow, I mean-" she stopped suddenly. "That's perfect!"


"Shadow! It's your new name!"

Harry's face lit up. "Cool!"

She snapped back into her business-like manner. "Yes, yes. Read minds. But you and me, we share a sort of bond, so we can discuss things in our mind."

"Huh?" said Harry, his face blank.

She sighed.

Like this


(AN: Harry's mind speech will be in bold italic, while Rosie's just in bold)

Harry looked horrified. "How did I do that?!"

Rosie chuckled, "You'll get used to it. Anyway, back to powers!"

"There's more?" asked Harry dryly.

"Yep! You better believe it!" She grinned, "So we've got shape-shifting, elemental, shadow, reading minds... what else... Ah!" she smacked her forehead. "How could I forget! Wandless magic!"

And Harry promptly fainted.

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