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Chapter 1

Hamilton Flemming sat at the end of the dock with his feet dipping slightly in the, fresh cold water of the New Rawley Lake. His Blue eyes that were usually deep and bright were now replaced with sorrow and hurt. Hamilton's clothes were obvious had not been changed form the night before, his white tuxedo was now left down to a button down white shirt, and rolled up white suit trousers. Hamilton was still surrounded by a tinge of dark, but dawn was soon to rise. Behind him crackling of twigs broke him out of his deep thoughts. A women in her mid thirties with blonde curly hair approached Hamilton, with a worried expression. Hamilton took notice of the women but said nothing.

"Hamilton honey where have you been, I've been looking everywhere, darling were you out here all night."

Hamilton looked at his mother and nodded.

"Oh honey tell me what happened" She looked pleading at her son.

Hamilton shook his head and gave her a half smile, he stood up and picked his shoes in one hand and gave his mother the other.

"Sorry mom must have lost track of time, sorry to worry you"

Still holding his mother's hand Hamilton and Kate headed 500 yards towards there home.

500 yards the opposite way, Jake Pratt or originally known as Jacquelyn Anne Pratt, stood in her boxers and tank top.

Out aloud

Oh my god I need the award for the most stupid person alive. I mean I just alienated the guy, first he thinks he is gay know I say surprise I'm actually from the female range. Mother why couldn't you be there for me, then I would have not needed to do all this. AHH! Okay calm down girl Breathe Breath Yoga sucks. I have officially lost it I'm talking to myself stop! Good Ack! I'm still doing it.

Jake plunged into her bed and put her pillow over her head, and tried to get an hour in before she had to face Hamilton again.

It was 8:15 and English class was up first. Hamilton stepped out of his house dressed in light blue jeans a white vest and an open white shirt. He padded softly still lost in thought, he had arrived a little early knowingly that Jake would be there too. Jake dressed in dark blue jeans, and a black zipper jumper, approached Hamilton giving him enough space. Hamilton jumped in the conversation first before Jake had any time to react.

"Jake I just want to tell you, that you seriously messed with my head, you lied and deceived me, I mean come on are you on Prozac or something, and you were supposed to be my best friend...

"But I still want to be" Jake said her voice quavering.

"No listen we can't I'm too confused, you hurt me bad, point blank. You're a liar and I hate you a lot right now"...

Hamilton was cut short Jake had backed off and run all the way back to her dorm room, her eyes filled with tears.

"Oops" Hamilton realised the harshness of his tone but it had to be said.

Jake ran all the way back to the dorm crying her eyes out. She stuffed her clothes in her duffel bag, but thought better of it, why would she need boy's clothes if she no longer was going to be here. Jake still crying ran out of her room and ran to the Deans' office knocking vigorously she waited for a few minutes.

"What is the meaning of this?"

A man dressed in an Armani black suit, stopped abruptly when he saw at the supposed young boy. He pushed the door open to let Jake in.

"I..I am so sorry sir but I... I need to tell you something"

Jake replied helplessly.

"Its okay son, why don't you take a seat, and tell me what is the matter. Its Jake isn't it.

Jake nodded.

"Yes Hamilton has spoken in great detail about you. It looks like he found a good friend in you Mr. Pratt.

"Really it didn't seem like that a minute a go.

The Dean looked at her and relaxed back into his chair.

"Okay Mr.Pratt please tell me what is the matter. The way you knocked on my door it seems important. Truth be told I wouldn't even let Hamilton get away with that, you're very lucky.

Jake stifled a laugh

"Good nice to see a student smile. Okay now tell me what has got you so upset"

Jake told her story. She told him about her mother, and that was the reason she committed fraud. Her encounter with Hamilton and him finding out the truth about her. The Dean sat quietly listening to Jake, when she had finished he stared at her a long while, and then suddenly clapped his hands.

"I do say Miss. Pratt you are amazingly female, I didn't even realise it myself until now, how very stupid men really are."

Jake laughed out aloud, making the Dean laugh with her.

"However you will not get away with what you did young lady. First thing of all I want you to call your mother and tell her what you did, and arrange a time where all three of us can meet. Then you clean out your room. This charade only lasted for a couple of weeks, however if you still want to stay at New Rawley you can go to the girl's campus".

Jake's head shot up.

"Really sir"

"Yes Jake you can go there. However your punishment will be dire. I will have to consult the Board members. You will also have to clean out the boat shed, clean all the rowing boats, and much more. If you do not want stay here anymore then I'm afraid you will have to deal with the police.

"Police okay I want to do option one".

Jake looked through her eye lashes at the Dean, now looking at him he seemed so much like Hamilton. Strong chin blue eyes, just an older version of the man she thought she had fallen in love with. With a sad gaze she stood up.

"Thank you sir, I will call my mother now and thanks for understanding."

The Dean nodded

"Jake I'm not as evil as the students make me out to be, and that's including my son."

Jake smiled and made her way out.

Jake's day was like a blur she got rid of all her boy clothes, and cleaned out her room. Luckily the Dean had an extra room available, so she got all her things shifted into Rawley Girls room 209. Luckily she had stored some girly clothes at the back of her closet. She pulled out a pair of cropped blue jeans and a pink zip up jumper. She remembered she had ordered in new white Nike trainers; however they had pink striped on them which didn't go with her boyish image.

"Well at least my $80 bucks aren't wasted"

She tied her laces and stood up. She applied gel on her hair to form a girlish look and also place two white clips in her hair. Her laptop which was still sitting on her bare desk was the only thing in the room. She clicked the power button and started searching.

Victoria's secrets, DKNY, Miss Sixty, Diesel, Levis and Gap

These were the few sites Jake went on to buy her new girly clothes. After an hour shopping, Jake closed her laptop; she picked it up and headed for the door. Looking back one more time she closed the door behind her.

Once out in the hallway Jake felt weird and scared. A few boys started wolf whistling at her not realising that there buddy Jake Pratt was actually Jacquelyn Anne Pratt. She headed for Scout and Will's room. She knocked on their door. Scout shouted from inside. Sighing Jake went in.

"Hey guys"

Both Will and Scout turned there heads

"Hey Jake"

Scout was the first to react.

"Oh my God Jake what the hell are you doing."

Will stood frozen

"Will look Jake's got boobs"

Jake laughed

"Yes Scout I do. Its okay guys calm down and let me tell you.

Jake waved her hands in front of Will.

"Earth to Will, come on big Willie snap out of it.


These words were the only things that Will could muster.

Jake sat down on Wills desk chair, and she told them all the reasons why she did this charade, also not forgetting Hamilton's hurtful words.

"So I have not had an operation and I have been a female form day one".

"I'm just checking" Scout said with a smile.

School day had finished and Hamilton was exhausted he was heading to the common room when his mother caught up with him.

"Hey Doll" his mom said with a smile

"Right back at yah" Hamilton laughed which felt like a lifetime.

"Okay your dad has asked us to meet him for early dinner at home right now. So we got to go.

Hamilton looked at his mother

"Yeah I was as surprised as you."

Later that evening the Dean and his wife sat at opposite end of the table, while their son was sandwiched in between.

"Well I called you here today for a serious matter" the Dean said

"Whatever is the matter" said Kate holding her wine glass.

"Okay can we get to the point" Hamilton didn't like the game of "guessing"

I would really like to get my homework done"

"I never knew you were a hard studier" said the Dean with a smirk.

"Yeah well things change" Hamilton looked dead at his father, who only raised his eyebrows.

"Okay there has been a serious fraud at the school, but the culprit has owned up and I have cut this person some slack due to emotional family problems. This person has...

"Dad for god sakes who is this person, and what has it got to do with me" said Hamilton angrily.

"Hamilton" Kate replied sharply

"It's quite alright Kate" said the Dean with ease

The Dean looked at his son knowing why he was so agitated.

"It's your friend Hamilton Jake Pratt, he or should I say she has owned up to her crimes.

"What" said Hamilton some what shocked.

"Yes I have let her stay in New Rawley Girls, she told me all her reasons and I fully comprehend."

"Have you lost your mind" Hamilton got up from his chair


"Don't son me she is a liar and a cheat and you are letting him I mean her stay here after what he I mean she has done. I can't believe you"

Hamilton maybe you should realise...

"No dad she is a bad person"

"Isn't that being a little melodramatic, she didn't kill anyone"

"But that isn't the point she HURT ME! Hamilton screamed letting all his rage pour out.

"I know son, but she did not seek you out intentionally. If she did she would be out of here.

"Oh yeah here comes dad to the rescue" Hamilton said sarcastically.

"I'm not you enemy here Hammie, But your hurt isn't the point here.

"Yeah God forbid dad that my feeling have any value to you.

"Hamilton that's not what I meant" said the dean pleadingly

"Stuff it dad" and with that left the room.

Steven looked over at his wife who was in utter confusion. The Dean laughed.

"Steven what just happened" said Kate still holding her wine glass.

"Come on sweetie I think we'll need coffee." Both parents retreated back into the kitchen.