Title: Normal? Why Not?
Author: DearOne
Rated: R
Warning(s): Language, Sexual situations, Blood
Genre: Fluff, Mystery, AU
Setting: BtVS: Post Chosen
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Summary: Sequel to Normal? Never. When a vampire with a soul, the slayer, their son, and another little one on the way are all living under the same roof, evil is bound to come a knocking.
Disclaimer: Joss and Mutant Enemy, among others, own BtVS and AtS. No infringement intended.
Feedback: Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, and or questions are very much appreciated. I'd like to know what works and what doesn't. But please, no flames. I can't take that kind of heat.
A/N(s): (1) The fic was first published in '04. I am just now re-writing, it seems a story can always use improvement. (2) Some chapters will be written in a character's POV.

Part 1: Catch a Falling Star


[Italy, September 25, 2004]

"The baby boy has your eyes. They twinkle like the stars. Did she pluck the stars? We have to take them back. Blind now. With her now. Daddy needs to make it all better. Take me to Daddy."

"Jamie, my name is Jamie, Drusilla. How many times-"

Dark eyes flashed a feral yellow. And the newly risen vampire cowered. "Sorry. Right, let's go."


[California, September 24, 2004]

"So, what do you think, Luv?" Spike was watching her. Time stood still. What is she trying to do? Kill me? It has been on my mind since the day she returned to L.A.- No. The day when I found out I was a father. No, that's not right either, you nit! I've been bloody well thinking about it, since- fuck- since I laid eyes on her. Right, maybe I was thinking of something entirely different. But same concept, really. Wanted to make her mine. Want. Her. Buffy. Simple. And now, here, my unlife is at stake and she's just looking at me? Bloody hell. What does it take? He raised an eyebrow, "Well?"

"Spike? Come on. What do I think?" Buffy asked. "Think what? Hafta be a bit more specific than that."

"You know what I'm asking. The thing that we were talking about earlier," He said, helplessly.

"Oh, you mean getting MARRIED, that thing?" Buffy said, dryly. "I think I might as well say no, it seems to me that you don't really care what my answer is." She brought her arms up and folded it across her chest.

"What? Of course I care! Why would you think I wouldn't?"

"'So, what do you think, Luv?'" Buffy repeated his words in a mock accent, it surely didn't sound the same way, but the point was made. "That's how you are going to ask me to marry you? If that is the case then I don't think it's worth answering."

Spikes' eyes widened at that. Oh, nononono that wont ever do. He straightened up. "Look, I'm sorry, I take it back then."

"What? The question?" Buffy knew otherwise, but seeing him squirm a bit was fun.

"No, not the question," Spike said, almost frantically. "I meant how I asked the question, I take it back."

"Okay then, but this is your only do over," she said, and grinned to let him know that she wasn't angry.

Spike drew in a breath. "Right." He looked up as if in resignation, wondering if this girl was for real, when he looked back at her again, he chuckled. His life had forever changed, he was done for. At her smile, he knew. This, forever, is what he wanted.

He brought a finger underneath her chin, tilted her head so that they were seeing eye to eye, and whispered, "I care." He caressed her cheek with his thumb and then let his hand fall, touching the length of her exposed arm on its journey down. He walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her against him.

She leaned back, into him, letting her head fall back on his shoulder. They fit so perfectly together.

Spike drew her in even more, her back molded to his chest. He turned his head and she did the same so they could both see into each others eyes.

"Let me prove to you just how much I care." His words felt foreign on his tongue, but as they left his mouth, he thought no other words made more sense. "Look Luv," he continued, and pointed to the sky. "See that?"

"Yeah, but I've seen the stars before. And I kind of have the feeling that you didn't make 'em." Buffy remarked, playfully.

Spike tightened his hold around her, telling her that he was serious. He captured her gaze again with his eyes. He looked at the sky again and she did the same. He grinned to himself and then whispered in her ear, "Pick a star."

"Any star?" she asked, tilting her head to watch him out of the corner of her eye. Her heart raced at the sight of him. He really was serious about all this. She realized again how much he really did care, not only that, she knew that this man next to her loved her so much that he'd do anything to be with her. She finally found someone who returned her feelings.

And she didn't think she would ever get those butterflies in her stomach again, but there they were, fluttering wings and all. She welcomed them. It all made her feel young but she never felt more grown up in her life. She felt an impending giggle at her throat, but not wanting to ruin the moment, she bit it back.

"Any star, love."

"Then that really, really bright, glowing one over there," she heard herself say as she pointed to one of the stars.

"Be a bit more specific, luv. I want to be able to see the one you want."

"Okay." She brought her hand back down to his, adjusted his hand and guided it, till his pointer finger was pointing to the star she chose. "That star right... there."

"The big one, love?" After taking note of where she directed him to look, he brought their hands back down and wrapped it again around her, their hands still clasped together.

"The star right next to the big one, towards the left. You see the smaller, but glow-ier star?"

"Oh, I see it now. You have exceptional taste, luv."

"Well, I have made a couple good choices in my life," she said, while squeezing the hand she was still holding onto.

He kissed her just below the temple. "Okay, now that you picked a star, I'm going to go and get it for you."


"You heard me," he said with a grin. "I told you, I care. So now I'm going to prove to you just how much," he said, matter-of-factly, while moving to her side. "Now, have a seat, luv. Not sure how long this'll take, I never did this before/"

She again did as he asked; completely amused, and in awe of the man grinning at her, melting her heart.


They were at the beach, with nobody to bother them. No worries. No interruptions. No responsibilities for the whole night. And that was exactly what Spike had wanted, one night alone with Buffy. He had asked Dawn and Willow beforehand if they could help him out by taking care of Alex for the weekend, which of course, they gladly accepted.

So he was able to surprise Buffy by flying them to San Diego to have a little stroll on the beach. He wanted to take her somewhere special, somewhere memorable and just as soon as they took off, he knew he made the right choice.

The night would be their first time actually alone together, since the night before the battle in Sunnydale. So, special, it had to be. And special it was.


Spike started to make a show of stretching. He smiled as Buffy rolled her eyes; however, her growing smile and her eyes, which were filled with laughter, betrayed her notorious, perfected, eye roll.

"Now, Buffy, my conquest begins." He turned back and pointed to her star. "That star, Love, is yours. But first, I have a request."

"And what's that request, oh great love of mine?"

"If I get that star for you, you answer my question, no matter how I ask it. Deal?"

"Deal," she said, and held her hand out, expecting to shake his hand on it. The shake didn't happen; instead, he had taken her hand and kissed her open palm. She wasn't disappointed in the slightest that he didn't meet her expectation on that end.

And she never would have expected what he did next.

Spike had taken off, running to the lifeguard tower, and proceeded to climb it.

Buffy didn't know what else to do, but laugh. And laughing never felt so good. It was strange that he could make her feel so much. But when she thought about it again, she realized that that was always the case whenever she was with Spike. They had come a long way, and she loved where they were at now.

Once Spike reached the top, he looked back down to where Buffy was seated and grinned. He turned his head back at the sky and pointed at the twinkling star. "Watch me prove it, Buffy." Spike then shouted at the top of his lungs, "victory will be mine!" And jumped off the tower, reaching for the stars. When he came down, he landed not a foot away from Buffy's feet.

He waited a moment till her laughs calmed into little hiccups and giggles, no other sound reached his ears. Then, as he kneeled down at her feet, sound left her all at once. He lifted his free hand and touched her cheek. When the wind blew her hair around her face, he tucked the stray strands behind her ear.

Her gaze didn't leave his, till he looked down. She followed suit and that was when she saw it, a ring, a diamond ring, sitting in a black velvet box.

"Buffy, will you do me this honor and marry me?"

"Oh, Spike..." it was all she could get out. She leaned forward and closed the inches separating them with a hug. A tear threatened to spill.

Spike hugged her back.

Long moments passed, but it felt like mere seconds.

And then finally, Spike found his voice when he realized that Buffy didn't answer his question yet. He let out a chuckle, "I got your star, pet, now where's my answer?"

Buffy, was just about to give him his answer, but halted when déjà vu washed over her- she couldn't help herself. She wanted to recreate a fantasy, but this time, making it into reality.

She pulled away from his embrace for a moment, and then broke into a smile. "It's just so sudden. I don't know what to say," she said.

Spike picked up on the words, remembering full and well like that day was yesterday, he added, "Just say yes, and make me the happiest man on earth." His face lit up with a smile of his own, he knew what was coming next and he could hardly contain himself.

"Oh, Spike! Of course it's yes!" She pulled him into an embrace, and then pulled away to give him a kiss.

The kiss was not like the frenzied, over dramatic kiss that they shared when they were under Willow's spell. This kiss was passionate; slow at first, and then it grew more intense and needy as her lips parted to let him in.

Moments later, he pulled away, letting her take in a breath of fresh air.

She touched her forehead to his, and whispered, "yes. My answer is yes, I will marry you."

"This then," he looked at the ring he was holding, "I believe, is yours," he said, taking the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger.

"God Spike, it's... wow!" She looked at the ring on her finger, she didn't think an object could take her breath away. But this one seemed to do just that. "It may not be as stylish as the first engagement ring you gave me, you know, the one with the skull, but this'll work." She grinned, and then turned back to look at him, "I have to show Dawn- oh, and Giles! He'll never believe what happened."

"He's gonna have to take a bit of time to get used to it, pet." Spike stated, while moving around her so that he was sitting behind her, letting her lean back into him to rest her head onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and added "In the meanwhile, lets just sit here and adjust; after all, it took me a while to get used to being a father. I'm sure it'll take him a hell of a lot more time to adjust to- what?- having a son-in-law, right?"

She nodded, "Come on Spike, we both know you are a natural at being a father. As for Giles, well, he already thinks of all of us as family... but just in case, we'll bring him some scotch."

Buffy looked again at what must be the most vibrant diamond she ever laid her eyes on, she was awed by it all. It was maybe a carat and a half, or two, she wasn't at all sure. She was never that big with the glamour and jewelry. What she did know was that it was perfect, picked out and made just for her. The diamond sat securely in a platinum smooth structure, she knew he had it made so that she can wear it everywhere and anywhere. "You know," she said, turning her head so that she can give him a sidelong glance, "I don't think I have ever seen an object so beautiful?"

"Well, you picked it out, luv. I was just the bloke who reached out and got it for you." He winked.


A/N: Yes, I took some lines from "Something Blue." Don't sue. Please see my disclaimer.