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A few warnings and notes:

I'm not great at characterization until I get more used to writing the characters. If they fall OOC, please tell me, so I can work on that in my next Gravitation fic, whenever that may come about.

It's going to be short, because lately I haven't been able to write long chapters for fics XP.

The only two characters will be Yuki and Shuichi.

So, that's all ^^ Please enjoy.

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Yuki rubbed his eyes, and sat up. He was half tempted to yell out, to tell whoever it was who was poking him non-stop to stop it and screw off, but resisted the urge.

Opening his eyes (and letting them focus), he found an energetic Shuichi hopping by his bed in a ... bunny suit....

"What are you doing, Shuichi?" He asked, fighting back a yawn.

"Waking you up, of course," Shuichi proclaimed.

Yuki stole a glance at his curtained window, immediately noticing how the edges weren't red with the sunlight.

"Is the sun even up yet?"

"It's getting there," Shuichi said, his grin staying plastered on his face.

"Wake me up when the sun is all the way up," Yuki sighed, laying his head down on his soft pillow, his eyes closing, drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly, Shuichi was straddling his chest. "Yuki~! Wake up~!"

Yuki eased one eye open. "What is it?"

"I need to take you on an egg hunt!"

That's when he remembered. Easter. The day he had been dreading. He was nearly afraid to see Shuichi after all that chocolate was in him.

"I've hidden chocolate all over the house," Shuichi explained, hopping along side Yuki. "When you find them all, I'll give you a reward."

Yuki looked at him, then looked at his livingroom. He sat on the couch, and reaching between a pair of cushions, pulled out a brightly coloured chocolate egg.

"Is this one?"

Shuichi looked slightly disappointed, before nodding. "You're so cool~. How did you find that so quick?"

I know you too well. Yuki shrugged.

Within half an hour, Yuki had found all of the eggs, but had only picked up half.

He wouldn't admit it, but he loved seeing Shuichi like this, and didn't want to disappoint him by finding the eggs too quickly. In fact, a small smile had played across his lips for the past 15 minutes.

He stood in the middle of the livingroom, and pretended to look around, when he know that there was an egg crammed in between a pair of books in his book-case.

"Do you give up?" Shuichi asked.

Yuki smiled a little bit more, and shook his head, before heading over to the bookcase, and picking up the egg. Shuichi grinned.

"Are you having fun?" He asked, hopping up beside Yuki. Yuki nodded just a little, but enough to send Shuichi into even more of an energetic mood.

He then found the next 15 eggs.

He looked at Shuichi. "I found them all. What's my reward?"

Shuichi shook his head. "You haven't found them all," he said, forming the words with a little difficulty.

Yuki glanced at him, and upon noticing a new little bump that was in Shuichi's mouth that wasn't there before, he tried not to smile. Instead, he walked up to him, placed his own lips upon Shuichi's, and slid his tongue into his mouth. It didn't take too long for it to find the chocolate egg in Shuichi's mouth, and it took even less time to transfer it into his own. He pulled away from Shuichi, and stuck his tongue out, the egg placed on it, then swallowed the chocolate.

"I found them all. What's my reward?"

Shuichi smiled. "It's up to you. I'll do whatever you want to do."

Yuki smiled a little, suddenly realizing the Shuichi knew what Yuki would choose, and had planned it. Kissing Shuichi, he led him to his bedroom.



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