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Chapter 2: Skippy We Go!


"Come on Remus! Harry's back!" shouted the giddy Marauder out in front. All Dumbledore had had to do was tell the two downtrodden men in his office that Harry was in the Hospital Wing, and they had scrambled out of their chairs and bolted, not even waiting for the old man.

Remus, putting on an extra burst of speed, passed his friend with an arched eyebrow and a grin, which lead into a full-out sprint the last 50 metres to the wing's entrance. Albus called out to them from behind.

"You two! I need to speak with you first!"

Pretending they didn't notice, however, they slammed themselves through the doors, though quietly so Poppy didn't notice. They stopped, eagerly looking around for the face that belonged to the young man they knew so well. They couldn't find him. One quick scan quickly told them no black hair was in this room.

Scowling they turned around only to meet the gaze of Albus, who ushered them slightly outside into the hallway.

"I told you I needed to talk to you first," he gently chided, though the other two weren't falling for it. "Now, for some reason currently unknown to us, Draco Malfoy showed up at the Hogwarts gates this afternoon. I brought him inside for treatment"- he held up a hand to stop Sirius' comment- "and the bundle of robes he was carrying with him. While Poppy and I treated him, Severus took the robes and set them down on the nearest bed. It seems that a six year-old Harry had been sleeping inside of them."

Remus and Sirius both looked a little stunned... for approximately three seconds, before grinning wildly. Harry was alive, and better yet, they would get to see him as a child, something they had been denied.

Albus continued, a slight frown pushing its way onto the wrinkled face as he studied the two Marauders. "Now, don't make too much noise on this part, especially you, Sirius. The boy is sleeping right now, and you may see him. However, before he went to sleep, Severus spotted quite a large bruise on the child's face shaped like a handprint. He would have had to have been slapped very hard to be that dark, and it still looks very fresh.... Now, I don't believe Harry remembers anything recently. From the few sentences he said, it sounded as though the child doesn't know where he is and was with his aunt just a while ago. Of course, you know this is quite impossible."

Sirius and Remus exchanged dark glances. The Dursley's were lucky they had been already been killed years ago by Deatheaters, or they would be after their blood right now. They knew, from the few times Harry had told them about his life with them that he had been the victim of a negligent, and perhaps abusive, childhood. Here was their proof.

"Now, let me take you in, or Poppy will most likely kick you out. And do not attack Draco Malfoy either." He gave them both a glance and opened the door for them to enter again.

Now that they looked closer Malfoy was lying there in a bed, though he was so pale and so thin, he blended into the white sheets and barely made a rise under them. The bed next to him looked to have a little lump up near the pillows. Approaching, Remus gently pulled the covers down a little. A head of black hair and a childish face, eyes closed in sleep greeted him. Sirius was almost jumping on the spot in glee. Albus smiled at both men, and whispered a spell which effectively healed the bruise on the child's face. The magic coursing over his face seemed to have caused him to shift slightly, but overall he remained asleep. The three watched him for a moment before a soft rustling of sheets behind them made the group turn.

Draco Malfoy had woken up and was currently searching around for something, most likely his wand. He gave up and slowly shifting, rose out of the bed, approaching them. Sirius was restrained from blocking the blonde as Draco focused his dead eyes on Harry. Standing next to the bed now, all three watched in confusion as the young man bowed to the sleeping child in bed, before turning around and heading towards the door.

"Might I enquire as to where you're going, Mister Malfoy?" asked Albus. The boy twitched when he halted, as though expecting some sort of punishment, but when none came, he simply said, "I must go fix Master breakfast before he wakes up."

"Mister Malfoy, you are ill," began Dumbledore, though quite surprised by the answer. "You will get back into bed, and breakfast will be brought to both you and young Harry."

Without complaint, Draco turned around and went back to his bed, pulling the sheets around him but sitting up quite straight nevertheless. Sirius was dumbfounded, as was Remus. This boy had been the Dark Lord's mightiest weapon besides the Dark Lord himself?! Oh, how the mighty have fallen...


Wake up, and serve Master,/ it says in my head, and I obey it, as I have since I remember. I wake up and open my eyes, taking in with a quick glance my surroundings. Master must have moved, for he is no longer in my arms as I walk.

You brought Master here, remember? Now rise up and serve him./

I look around for my wand. I can't find it. Must go pay respects to Master before making him breakfast, nevertheless. The men watch me as I approach the bedside. I know their names from the war. Sirius Black being restrained by Remus Lupin, and Albus Dumbledore watches on. Should I speak to him of why I'm here?

First, you must make Master breakfast./ Right. Deep bow to my sleeping Master and off towards the kitchens. Somehow I know this place, though how I don't remember.

"Might I enquire as to where you are going, Mister Malfoy?"

I flinch, expecting a curse or whip to hit my back, but none comes. Yes, that was old Master who did those things. I hadn't spoken with new Master yet. I should speak.

"I must go fix Master breakfast before he wakes up."

"Mister Malfoy, you are ill. You will get back in bed, and breakfast will be brought to both you and young Harry."

An order: get back in bed. I comply, seating myself on the bed. The men look at me oddly, but then , many people did. I don't know why. Harry? That's my new Master's name? Why does it sound so familiar? Wait, the battle, it comes back to me. Yes, Harry Potter. He killed old Master, so he shall take control of me now. I am to serve. I will accept any request. Always.


"Okay, he's kinda freaking me out, Moony," Sirius whispered to his friend as Draco watched them unblinkingly for ten solid minutes. His eyes were so dead, and Sirius recognized those kind of eyes. He had once had eyes like that, they appeared sometimes still. But was this what Harry looked at back in third year in the Shrieking Shack? The shell of a human with one single goal in mind?

He was woken from his musings as the door opened, with Poppy levitating two food trays in front of her, both containing a bowl of some thick, savory soup, a slice of bread, and even a tiny cup of sherbert with a glass of pumpkin juice.

"If you would, Albus, my hands are full," she requested, looking at the sleeping Harry before crossing over to Mister Malfoy where she ordered him back into bed all the way, before setting up a food tray in front of him.

Meanwhile, Albus approached young Harry, gently calling, "Harry? Harry, it's time for breakfast. Come on, wake up!"

Smiles lit up three faces as the boy's eyes fluttered open, revealing a rested child who slowly stretched before sitting up. Sirius was almost to a breaking point; he didn't care if someone saw him cry right now, his godson was alive and at least for the moment, the Boy Who Lived had escaped from the Hell that was his life.

"Misters," said Harry, in a shy, childish voice that caused Lupin's grin to increase even furhter, "I'm sorry. I can't see you. My glasses are gone."

"That can be fixed easily, Harry," chuckled Dumbledore, and with a swish of his wand, a new set of glasses appeared in his hands. He bent over and gave them to Harry, who gave a small smile and said, "Thank you, Mister."

"No need for such formal titles, Harry," said Albus, looking at the other two, and Sirius and Remus soon found themselves being looked at by the child. "You can call me Albus, and these two are Sirius and Remus."

"Sairius and who?" frowned Harry. He liked the names, they gave off a mysterious aura that his relatives wouldn't like, but he could not pronounce them. Besides, he was sure he had seen these men somewhere before...

"Just call us Padfoot and Moony, Harry. It's easier," said Remus. Harry felt the man had just read his thoughts. He decided he liked these mysterious men. They were much nicer than his relatives.

"Excuse me, headmaster," came an impatient voice from the back of the cluster. A harassed looking Madam Pomfrey came into view with a tray full of food.

"Now, Mister Potter," and Harry jumped, turning his attention to her, "If you could just scoot back a little, and we'll get you all set up for breakfast. We need to get you used to eating again."

"Sorry, but where's the blonde mister?" asked Harry, turning bright eyes on Albus.

"I believe he is next to you, just there."

Harry quickly turned and sure enough, there sat his blonde mister in the bed next to his, looking at him. To the others' surprise, Harry climbed off the bed and shyly walked up to Draco, before engulfing him in a hug. Draco sat motionless.

"Thank you for taking me out of the scary field, blonde mister," whispered Harry, before pulling back and looking at his saviour. "What is your name?"

Draco paused a moment, as though he had to think about it before he replied, "Draco."

Harry giggled. "Everyone has such fun names here, don't they, Draaacooooo?"

"Yes, they do."

"Well, let's eat breakfast, okay? These people might change their minds if we don't hurry" said the small boy and here he covered the short distance to his bed, scampering back on top of it so Poppy could set the tray down. This was a lot of food. Was it all for him? He looked back over to Draco. The boy was watching him, not even touching his food.

"Well, are we going to eat or not, Draacoo?" asked Harry, arching an eyebrow, looking just for an instant like the grown Harry would. This statement must have been good enough for Draco, because as soon as Harry began to eat, so did the blonde.

Meal finished, Sirius watched as both Harry and Draco sank back into their beds in apparent exhaustion. The two looked as though they hadn't eaten in a long while and that the effort of holding down so much food was very tiring. Kinda like when he was on the run.

He stood up and went over between the two occupied beds with Remus and Albus.

"Harry, if you would please stay here for a few minutes with Madam Pomfrey. Remus, Sirius, and myself need to speak with Draco privately," said Albus. The boy seemed to not like what he'd heard, as his eyes became slightly fearful and his tiny hands wrung the bed sheets.

" 'kay," the small child said before looking back up at the group. "You pwomise you'll come back?"

"Of course we'll come back Harry," exclaimed Sirius, playfully ruffling the child's hair, while Remus nodded with a small smile. It seemed it perked the boy up a bit.

"I promise I will be back shortly, my Master," said Draco, giving a deep bow, before the group of men led him out of the Hospital Wing, leaving a very curious boy behind.

Now that he was actually looking around, this place he was in was amazing. It was some sort of hospital. He knew that because he remembered when he'd gone to the hospital. That was the time that Dudley fell through the stairs, into the cupboard, and onto Harry, breaking an arm and cracking a few ribs. He'd been in the hospital a few days, and boy had the Dursley's been mad with him!

He shook his head. He didn't want to think of those bad thoughts now, not when he so desperately wanted to see more of this place! But wait, he told the other men that we would wait here. He didn't want the only people that had ever been nice to him to get mad or sad. He slumped back on the floor at the spot he had wandered to where he could clearly see the hallway outside the hospital place. Madam Pomfrey (she said to call her Poppy) was nowhere to be found, and he just wished that something would happen.

Not within five minutes of him thinking that, the undeniable sound of singing sprouted from the hall, a very childish, very girlish voice. He peeked around the door just at the time the girl was skipping past which resulted in both falling hard onto the stone. After making sure he and his glasses were fine, he looked over to see the little girl gaping at him. She seemed in his eyes to be a few years younger than him though just about as tall with flaming red hair pulled back into two braids and large chocolate hazel eyes. She was wearing a maroon dress that was similar to the style the men had been wearing earlier. His question about why they were wearing dresses was shortlived as the girl let loose a bright smile on him and held out her hand, helping him up.

"Hi. I'm Stella. What's your name?"

"Harry," he said, blushing slightly as someone about his own age was being so nice. Dudley had scared away any friends he had made.

"That's the name of my uncle. Neat!" she chirped, before grabbing Harry's hand in her own and started pulling him away.

"Uhm, where are we going?"

"Easy! I ran an erwand for Mama. I have to go back, I need to show her my new friend!"

Harry looked sideways at her, startled, and asked,"I'm your friend? Really?"

"O' course! There's only big peoples around, and I like you!" she said before she pulled them to a stop, looking around very serious-like. "But now you learn the official friend song!"

And off she went skipping with Harry quickly learning her song and how to skip, and they sang out in the corridors:

Come on, if you listen carefully

Such a sweet melody

The three 'o' clock fairies are calling me

Knock on the sleeping door

Get out of bed hurry

Let's go to a candyland on a ship

Ah! Full of dreams

Mint pies and apple pies

Good cake, good spirits

Yippee yippee cookies!....

On they sang past staircases and portraits, Harry being too busy singing and laughing to notice they were actually moving, until they arrived outside a heavy-looking wooden door. It must have been just appearances though, thought Harry, because Stella easily pushed it open, still holding his hand and dragged him inside, the door closing behind them.

"Mama! I'm back!" she called, and within moments, a rather pretty lady with wavy brown hair and eyes like Stella's appeared from another room. She smiled upon seeing her daughter, coming over and kneeling in front of her.

"Did you give the batch of mice back to Headmaster Dumbledore?" the lady asked, straightening out her daughter's dress thingy.

"Yes. Lookie, I found a new friend!" Stella exclaimed, motioning towards her friend, who looked up at his friend's mum. "His name is Harry, just like Uncle Harry!"

"H-Hello, uhm..." started Harry, getting nervous under the rather shocked and scrutinizing look she was giving him.

"Hello, Harry. My name's Hermione," said Stella's mum, gently taking one of Harry's hands and shaking it. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

However, that was just her outward appearance. On the inside, Hermione was a nervous wreck. What had happened?! But then, when Harry tried to introduce himself, she forgot it for a moment. She gladly introduced herself and made sure to let him know she was happy to see him. From what she remembered of the very few things Harry had mentioned about the Dursley's, was the fact that no one ever appeared happy that he was there.

"Stella, why don't you and Harry go to your room, alright? I need to see the headmaster for a little while."

The little girl quickly agreed and soon both kids were out of sight. Quickly striding over to the fireplace, she tossed in a handful of powder and said, "Headmaster's office!" intent on finding out what was going on.

What she didn't expect to see upon arriving was an interrogation going on involving one of Lord Voldemort's right hand men, Draco Malfoy.


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