AN: Don't flame me! This is my first Yugi-oh fic ever!

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Seto Kaiba thoroughly exhausted, stopped inputting the commands in into the system and closed his eyes. The successive interviews with the babysitter's for Mokuba while he went to Germany to interview new executives had been mind numbing, throat drying agony. Lately all he wanted to do was to be left alone, and yet Kaiba Corp seemed to need him more then ever.

Even with Noah's help and everything back to normal. Something seemed different, it seemed almost wrong.

Sometimes he wished that everything was different. A sudden beeping noise filled his ears, and


Clouds of hot pink smoke filled the air, the surveillance team went screaming into the testing room. Coughing loudly, one brave soul went into the wreckage in the middle of the room and pulled out a not to tall, very curvy teenager.

Seto steadied himself for a long moment, and saw with a gasp as one of his workers let him go. A look of total terror, spread over a fatigued face. In confusion Kaiba tilted his long face to one side and blinked.

Come to think of it he felt funny, his head felt like he had a weight dragging down on it. And his clothes, especially around his chest felt tight.

"What's wrong?" he asked, and then shrieked clamping a hand over his mouth. He began to sweat, was that voice his?

*What the hell?!!!!!* Seto began to shake, a thousand different things going through his mind. He did feel bizarre, let it not be that something unnatural happened to him...

"M-Mr. Kaiba?" his workers were surrounding him, awed their mouths open.

"You're a girl," another one added and then the Great Seto Kaiba fainted.