"Will he be alright?" Cecilia looked up to Suu with a worried look. Suu was giggling, she could almost imagine the sight of Seth and Seto battling somewhere in his mind.

"They will be fine"

"They?!" Cecilia looked down, and Suu stomach turned in terror. Pegasus had done it, how... She was afraid to think, she didn't want to know.

"Yes, you see that thing in his coat, the strange rod? That is another Item, like the one your husband had."

Cecilia had already stood and taken out the thing from Kaiba's coat, she stared at it as if expecting something. Suu walked over and took it from her, and placed it near Seto's sleeping body. Immediately he seemed to relax, fingers came to curl around it.

For a long moment he looked like... Suu brushed the thoughts away the butterflies in her stomach increasing with each moment.

"How long am I going to watch you?" Suu asked Cecilia then. The pale blonde looked at her and shook her head.

"That is up to my husband, I don't know. Everything is so very different now, I really don't know how he did it but I'm alive again." Cecilia stared down at her hands...

"Then why aren't you happy?" Suu asked as she crossed the room to open the door. As she did so there was a knock and standing in front of her was Pegasus. Suu went stiff trying hard not to hit him.

"You are a liar," she snapped before she passed him and went into the hall.

She waited outside, hushed conversation coming to her ears. Shivering with repulsion, to think that he had been lying to her all along.

That bastard...

Tears filled her eyes, and dripped down her cheeks. Why did he say those things, when he had never meant them? Was she really someone who could be used so easily? All those months of flirting, of Kimo filling her head with stories. Wonderful stories of the past...

In that moment she hated men more then any creature on the Earth.


Her eyes focused to the tall form, she looked away "Yes, Mr. Pegasus what is it that you want?"

"What do you think this is child?" he asked walking up to her pinning her to the wall. She cringed at his touch.

"I think that you have been a seducer, and that is what I despise about men." She replied icily. Pegasus smiled

"You somehow seem flustered by her coming... Is it because you have feelings for me? Or was it that you discovered I may not have such deep feelings for you?"

Suu closed her eyes "I hate men like you."

"And what if I said you passed my test?"

Suu's eyes flew open with shock "W-what?" and then she reached up and brushed back his hair.

Her eyes widened "Oh gods help" her lips moved and no words came out. Pegasus was positively grinning now.

"But she was real... Then it was" she began

"And Illusion, yes dear" he finished conceitedly, the Millennium Eye glimmering in the light. She smacked him hard

"HOW DARE YOU! Pl---" but all her protests were cut off, when Pegasus kissed her. Pressing her whole body into the wall, trapping her hands, she was helpless. Sinking into the taste of his mouth.

The wild taste of his mouth...

Their lips unlocked and for a long moment Suu stared. Her lips bruised from the force of the kiss, eyes wide and listless. He stepped away from her and smiled

"Have a good evening Suu, dear."

She watched him go easily, and faded like smoke into the shadows. In shock her fingertips came to her lips. He tasted like wine and... She was afraid to lick her lips, she didn't want to...

Oh gods what had just happened?! And then there was a soft breath that made her turn. Seto Kaiba leaned against the door, watching her... His glare was icy, Suu felt something fall to the pit of her stomach.

"You were right he does like you." Seto said quietly...

They stood barely three feet apart, one dour girl in black and another pretty boy in a tuxedo. A strange pair for a fact.

Very strange.

His brows drew together in pain "I—I have been wanting to tell you this for a long time, b-but now I don't think I can ever tell you." Seto was stuttering again something he seemed to have picked up from his feminine side.

Suu leaned against the wall and nodded "Go on"

"I- really like you, no maybe I love you."

Suu's eyes widened and she walked over to him placing hands on frail shoulders. Kaiba looked down, he was red as a cherry unable to look into her eyes. A soft kiss was pressed to his cheek, he looked up

"And if I told you I was fond of you too, would you believe me?" she asked then looking neither happy nor sad. Her face was impassive, like the first time he had met her. But his heart had skipped a beat.

Seto shook his head "Pegasus, he's in love with you; I don't want you to choose. I know that..."

Suu listened to the even voice trail off, how Destiny twisted poor Seto's arm. Suu knew what he was going through, secretly she suffered.

"You know what then is my decision" she said firmly, Seto nodded and touched her face.

"You may have your happiness but I shall never be there to share it." She whispered before kissing his lips. It was a soft kiss, nothing like the one she was forced into.

Their lips unlocked "B-but"

"Don't say anything more" she hushed and then smiled. Her whole face lighted up, maybe that was what she was like before Saburo died. Seto wanted to see her happy, almost as much as he wanted to see his own siblings happy.

"I have to marry him, or he will destroy me you understand that" she spoke

Seto nodded "I could stop it"

Again a dark head shook

"No, he is powerful in more ways then one. And I don't want to see anything happen to you or the Item you now possess. Pegasus pulled many strings for me, and now I have to pay him back with my companionship."

She said it so easily as if it were always to happen

Seto eyes widened "You can't! I won't let you throw your life away to that JERK!" he burst his fist clenched.

Suu laughed "Maybe it wouldn't be permanent" she muttered softly. Seto was confused...

"D-do you know everything that's going to happen?"

She cast him an insipid smile and replied "And if I did, it's not that I can change any of it."

Seto was reeling "Then you know a way out?!"

"No, I don't. I just have a feeling, that's all. Sometimes my woman's intuition is wrong. I will let whatever is going to happen.... And if I'm wrong I shall become the new Mrs. Pegasus."

Kaiba was growing angry and frustrated "So then do you like him?!"

Suu blinked slowly "Like Pegasus? You could say that... Maybe it is only because he reminds me of Shuichi. But you I like much better... Seto, you are the cutest little rich boy I have ever met. And considering how intelligent you are, you and I are perfectly matched."

Seto's mouth fell open, which caused her to giggle again. "There now stop being worried, I'm not going to go away forever." She cooed gently, her smile now sad.

"When you come back can you tell me how you got to know Shuichi?" Seto whispered as she began to walk away, he was feeling so numb and stupid right now....

"Surely, just don't think of killing anyone while I'm gone."

Seto smiled a little and nodded feeling warm on the inside.

Someday they would meet again...

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