Title: Musical Math

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, Christophe Beck, and those other people who wrote "Once More, With Feeling."

Summary: Ever wonder about the song Dawn's math class sang in "Once More, With Feeling"?

Author's Notes: Pointless fic written after I bought myself the "Once More, With Feeling" CD.

            Dawn sat in her math class, feeling bored and antsy.  It seemed like there was something better going on outside the school.

            She had mostly tuned out the teacher, who tended to have a mindless droning voice. Suddenly, though, the lighting in the class changed. Electrical problems? Dawn wondered. But suddenly her teacher jumped up on the desk and began to sing [to whatever tune you want, I was to lazy to come up with one myself]:

                        "Oh I know you people think this class is a bore

                        Gregory, don't think I can't hear you snore

                        And Miss Summers, I see you staring into space

                        I understand that you all think this class is a waste


                        You have to learn your square roots

                        And your exponents too

                        And variables

                        Whether it's x or w.

                        And two-variable equations

                        Would be a snap

                        If you didn't think that "math"

                        Is synonymous with "nap".

                        You never listen to my lectures

                        That's why you fail the tests

                        And if you're having trouble

                        I'll take tutoring requests.

                        But if you don't do your homework

                        And attention you don't pay

                        It's you that will be sorry

                        Come graduation day!

                        Now I'm giving you some homework,

                        Page three hundred and two

                        Numbers one to fifteen

                        Pass it in when it's due.

                        And if you don't complete it

                        One-hundred percent

                        Then you parents will regret

                        How their tax money's spent!!!

                                    Oh yeah…."

            Dawn suddenly felt the urge to solve some two-sided equations.


Like I said, pointless drabble. Review if you want. This was mostly published because the idea was flying around in my brain and I needed to get rid of it. I know it was sorta lame. Thanks for reading anyway.