Summary- Ryou and Bakura have been going out for a while during the summer. One day Bakura gets mad at Ryou, and Ryou runs away. What happens when Ryou finds someone else? Mentions of B/R. Also Main pairing S/R. Possible S/R/B

Dark Love

Chapter One- The loss of an Angel

Summer comes

The rose grows

Our Love starts

Summer ends

The rose dies

So does our love

Ryou's P.O.V.

" It's over" I yell as I slam the door. It shuts with a loud bang. I had been yelling at my boyfriend Bakura. Bakura had been yelling for the past hour and a half. It was all over something stupid, I don't even remember the reason. Bakura and I were destined for each other. We complete each other. How can light not attract dark. They say opposites attract, well they did. We had been going out ever since the start of summer. Now it was one extremely broken relationship. I turned around, the sound of a lock being locked. I glanced to see who it was. It was Bakura grinning madly. I took my only escape route, I ran. Even though I had only the clothes on my back I ran. I did not have a jacket, my millennium ring, or my wallet, but I still ran. It was the safest thing to do right now. It just seemed like the right thing to do. At least I would be away from him.


I had ran almost all day. I stopped at a break at a small park in the middle of nowhere. Of course it was in the city, but it felt like nowhere because I was so far away from my house. I was currently sitting at a small bench my feet swinging back and forth. It was then I realized that it was dark. I knew that it was around twelve o clock when I left, but now it was pitch black. The only light came from the small street light in the corner of the park. I pulled my sleeve down, then it came to me I had not brought my watch either. What luck I was having. I could see it in my mind sitting on the beside table waiting for me to put it on. I had not put on today because, I rarely put on a Saturday. If I'm staying home, I never put it on, I prefer to look at the clock on the microwave. Using the only resource I have left and a risky one at that. For risky because I don't know who gangs around this part of town. Bakura has often said that I'm too pretty for my own good, whatever that means. I lay down at the bench, slowing slipping off to a not peaceful slumber.

****** Seto's P.O.V******

During my daily evening walk in the park. I think about things about my life. Today I feel that something is missing or possibly someone. I feel whenever I get close to someone, someone one finds I have a little brother and tries to kidnap him. Mostly for money and sometimes for the publicly .That has happened numerous times with my little brother, Mokuba. Everyone thinks that I have it all, a rich kid of sixteen. Alas I don't. I have many vehicles, a mansion, my own company, and the ability to do anything I want. But there is something, or as I said before someone that is missing When I come to the normally take a break at someone was asleep on it. The young white haired boy appeared familiar to me some how he was wearing sweat stained jeans, and a long sleeved sweater. He wears no jacket. I bent down and tap him on the shoulder. He flinches and slowly gets up. I recognize him now . It's Ryou from school. He usually hangs around with Yugi and his little 'gang', but recently he hasn't been. When I was still in school he would eat lunch in the lunchroom alone then brakes at around twelve twenty when the library opens. I watch him and observe that he looks frightened beyond belief. I now notice that he is not wearing the millennium ring around his neck. Something's is extremely wrong. I have heard that Ryou has been going out with his Yami. Now I don't have anything against same sex couples I am actual bi myself. I do find I like my one gender better though. Now I know that Bakura is not one of the nicest persons in the world, but maybe Ryou changed him for the better. I asked him if he would like some place to stay for the night. He agrees and I take out my phone to call my driver.

Normal P.O.V

The car came rather quickly. The driver got out and opened the door. Ryou got off the bench and walked slowly over to the limo. A couple more steps and he was there. Ryou got in and the driver shut the door. In about two minutes they were moving. Ryou glanced out the window looking at the buildings as they headed towards Seto's house.


Bakura was sitting on the couch with Marik was beside him. After Ryou had left Bakura had phoned the only person he could turn to. That person was Marik. Marik too had experiences like Bakura had so Bakura found comfort in the fact that someone else had experienced what he had. A while ago Marik and Malik had been fighting, now they were inseparable. Unless in this case where Malik was cooking something to eat in the kitchen, while Marik talked to Bakura. Currently Bakura was trying hard not to cry, though it was hard not to. Before their relationship started Bakura hated Ryou, but now he realized he could not live without him.

" I hope you come back soon tenshi " Bakura muttered softly. " I'm sorry for what I did." Bakura whispered to no one in particular.

Authors Notes: So how was it? The poem is by me. I don't know if I will continue this or not. I do have my other fics but I do like this fic, and have considered putting it up for the longest time.