Summary- Ryou and Bakura have been going out for a while during the summer. One day Bakura gets mad at Ryou, and Ryou runs away. What happens when Ryou finds someone else? Mentions of B/R, Y/Y/J. Also Main pairing S/R, S/R/B

Dark Love

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter Three

Ryou laid his heads down onto the pillow. This was the umpteenth time he had tried to get to sleep. He rolled over and looked at the clock that was on the table beside the table. It was only ten o'clock. Ryou shut his eyes and tried to get asleep, it didn't help, nothing worked. Ryou got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom that was just down the hall taking along a change of clothes. Maybe he could take a bus to Yugi's place and tell him what happened. Yugi was an understanding person and maybe they could figure out a solution to this problem.


Ryou got off the bus, and headed towards Yugi's place. Soon he got there and found himself on the doorstep knocking at the door. Yugi came to the door.

"Who is it?" Ryou heard Yami call from the living room. Ryou knew that Yami cared a lot of for his hikari and never wanted to see him hurt. That was one of the major differences between the two Yamis.

"It's Ryou," Yugi said as he turned around facing Yami who had gotten up and had quietly walked over to Yugi. Yami slipped his arms around Yugi's waist.

"Please come in," Yugi said making room for Ryou to enter. Ryou entered the small entrance, and took off his shoes. He then headed to the living room. Joey was there too sitting on the floor his deck beside him. Joey looked over to Yami and Yugi, "Are you going to finish this game or not?" Joey said. Yami let go of his abiou's waist and sat down right across from Joey. With deck in hand he continued on playing the game. Yugi led Ryou to sit at the couch. Both sat down. Yugi looked at Ryou and asked "so what's new."

Ryou looked down at the ground. Why exactly was he going to word this? "Bakura and I had a fight." Yugi gasped, he knew Bakura was the kindest person but he knew Ryou and him got along fine.

"So where are you staying?" Yugi asked.

"Kaiba's place." Ryou simply stated. An odd silence filled the room when all of a sudden Joey threw his cards down to the ground where they scattered all over the ground and said "What do you mean I lost?" Yami was smirking. What was so important?

Ryou tapped Yugi, "why is this such a big deal?" Yugi smiled. "Well Joey was always complaining that Yami was always with me so well Joey made a bet that if he won a game of Duel Monsters Joey would get to spend the night with me," Yugi took a breath and then continued, "well as you see Joey lost." Ryou knew that Yugi and Yami had started going out about a year ago, when all of a sudden Yugi and Joey started seeing each other. Yami wanted his abiou to be happy let Joey join into their relationship but by the looks of it Joey didn't get any of the action. Knowing there must have been a penalty for Joey asked, "so what does Joey do because he lost?" Ryou asked looking at Joey who was gathering up his thrown cards and placing them in a somewhat neat pile on the ground.

Yugi glanced at Yugi and leaned closer to Ryou. "Poor Joey," Yugi softly whispered as he noticed Yami pulling out something from a locked drawer. "Joey since he lost has to do whatever Yami says and Yami has always wanted to see Joey in puppy ears, a tail, and a collar." Yami went over to Joey and slipped on the black spiked collar onto Joey's neck, he then slipped the headband onto Joey's head where it sat still. The color worked perfectly with his hair. Yami then slipped his arms around Yami and tied something around it. Joey stood up and faced Yami. Yami peered up at Joey. "Go sit on the couch," Yami demanded. Joey sat on the couch right beside Yugi.

Yami turned to the stairs and Yugi followed. Yugi didn't leave until he whispered. "You can stay as long as you need to." He then looked at Yami who had an urgent look on his face, "By the looks of it I'll be back in an hour, Yami seems to want to really want this." Yugi said before Yami took Yugi's hand and led him upstairs.


Ryou took the last bite of the chocolate chip cookie. Like Yugi had said him and Yami had come back an hour ago. Yami had a great smirk on his face, and Yugi was looking quite tired. Yugi had ran over to Joey as soon as he saw him, and hugged him. Yugi and Yami had quite a relationship together, but so did Joey. Ryou guessed it was hard for Yugi to be going out with two different guys. 'Bakura I miss you so much' Ryou though to himself. "If you want to get Bakura to go out with you again, start going out with someone completely different, like Seto." That was Yugi's suggestion. Ryou headed upstairs to the bedroom that Yugi had indicated for him to stay in, tomorrow he was going to go back to Seto's. Ryou didn't want to wait, so he promptly got out of bed, and left the Motou residence.


Bakura's Point of View

I walk through the streets of Downtown Domino, I just got up and walked away from the house, it just reminded me too much of Ryou. I wish I could find Ryou, I still love him very much. We just had a little argument over something stupid. I guide myself into a coffe shop that is open twenty four hours, and took a booth near the window. A tired looking women serves me a cup of coffee, I gulp it down quickly, pay the bill, I even leave a small tip. I think I'll go somewhere I would never go, to Seto Kaiba's house. I know he would probably laugh in my face, but apparently throughout the years he has gotten friendlier. I quickly walk to the Kaiba Mansion. Damn it there is a gate all around, and security cameras! I push a button that says talk, a voice comes magically through the speakers. "Hello do you have an appointment with Mr. Kaiba?" A manly voice said.

End. P.O.V.

"Nope, but I really need to talk to him about something."

"I'll need to talk to him, what's your name?"


Five minutes later the voice came back on, "Mr. Kaiba will see you in the main living room, someone will guide you to it. The huge gate opened, and Bakura followed the richly lit pathway that led to the front door. The door opened just as Bakura was going up the steps. Bakura followed the man dressed in a tuxedo, and soon found himself in a beautifully decorated living room. Seto was sitting on the couch, wearing a blue housecoat. Bakura sat down on the couch.

"I screwed up royally," Bakura said spilling his heart right away.

"I didn't mean to anger him, I still love him." Ryou just walked in, as he heard Bakura speak. "Bakura?!" He cried out surprised, and at the same time shocked. He sidestepped into the living room, there was Seto try to calm down Bakura.

"I'm worried about him, how about if he got hurt, or worse killed." Bakura said morosely. Seto had seen Ryou step into the room, but Bakura hadn't.

"I'll go, you were obviously sleeping." Bakura turned to leave, and spotted Ryou. He gasped, and ran up to the white haired bishie. "Ryou, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it. Can you forgive me?"

"No, Bakura. I'm going out with someone else, Seto."

Seto gave Ryou a look that clearly read 'what the hell are you getting me involved in?' Ryou flashed Seto a smile that read 'just go along with it.'

Seto got up, and stood by the pair, "yeah, our first date is tomorrow, we are going to that new restaurant that just opened up." Bakura looked devastated, he ran out of the room, and then out of the house. Ryou ran after him, "Bakura wait!!" He called after his Yami as he continued to run. Ryou almost caught up to Bakura, but slipped on a piece of broken bottle that someone had smashed on the sidewalk. Ryou cried out as he landed onto the concrete sidewalk. Bakura turned around, and ran to the spot where the fallen Ryou was. "I really want you to join me on this date, I hate to admit it but I have feelings for both of you." Was what Ryou really wanted to say but instead said, "how about a double date?"

Authors Notes- Ummm can I say odd ending of chapter?