Title: the Twin

Author: bitmaxmouse

Rating: pg to pg-13 (so far)

Summary: AU. Takes place in a world where Harry has a twin and his parents never died.

A/U note: Sorry if there's... problems with the grammar, my brain likes to get ahead of my fingers and sometimes I miss things. I do hope you enjoy the overall plot.

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Harry had always been told that the trauma of encountering Voldemort made him reclusive. But he knew that it didn't exactly add up because Jerry was standing right next to him in the crib and he is just fine, save for the lightning scar on his forehead. On that fateful night, their parents had been out meeting Sirius and Remus. So they hired a sitter, who wasn't very smart seeing how she opened the door without even checking who was on the other side. And just their luck, it happened to be Voldemort. He immediately killed the sitter in a flash of green light and then he rushed upstairs to the twins.

When the Aurors found them, they were both crying and Jerry had the lightning bold scar on his head and Voldemort laid unmoving on the floor next to them. And after that day Jerry was celebrated as the Wizarding World's Hero.

Although they were twins, they were the complete opposites of each other. Jerry was strong, impulsive, and overly loquacious. He had short buzz cut hair, which suited his athletic build and he had perfect eye sight… James loved Jerry and practically doted on him because of his fame and not to mention, he had more interest in Quidditch than Harry did. Sometimes, James made it so obvious that he loved Jerry more that it made Harry sick.

One would have thought that since James loved Jerry more, Lily would have been closer to Harry.. Well, she wasn't really. After the 'incident' Lily became one of those paranoid parents who thought everything was wrong with their children. She thought that Voldemort cast some sort of strange 'mental' curse Harry. And although Jerry was there, she always thought that Jerry was normal and Harry wasn't.

Anyways, she constantly had Medi-witch and wizard head doctors come into their house to psychoanalyze Harry. The results were varying and each came up with a more fantastical story than another, which then needed a bunch of special potions in order to cure. Harry could have sworn that he spent half his life drugged up on various potions he shouldn't have been taking.

Ever since the moment he could communicate with his parents, he kept telling them that nothing was wrong with him and that he just wanted to be left alone. And over time he became antisocial and indulged in books. Moreover he had gotten used to standing in Jerry's shadow and he really didn't want to hear his parents compare him to his twin and then ask him why he couldn't be like Jerry . Every time they made a comment like that, it felt like someone was carving pieces out of him.

After a while, even before the age of five, he began to develop a distance from his parents and found himself struggling to be as independent as possible.

He wasn't good looking and strong like Jerry. The medical potions seemed to have stunted his growth, since a lot of them made him not want to eat for days. He had longish hair tied in a ponytail, which James would sometimes pull on or call him a 'girl' over. He was pale because he didn't like to go out where Jerry was.

Jerry was a less than ideal brother, at school he would get his friends and gang up on Harry and at home he spent all his time outside with James bonding. Once Harry found himself thinking that they were constantly outside putting on a show for the camera people that liked to come over too much. The reporters really annoyed Harry, but his father seemed to enjoy them, he even invited a few to tea once.

Although Harry looked like James, they didn't really get along. They lived under the same roof for nearly eleven years and hardly knew each other. Harry knew why, It was all because of that incident that happened when Harry as six. Dr. Riventhol was looking at Harry this time and James just happened to be home because it was a holiday. He had gone over to the living room to see the session, he saw that Harry was hunched over. He made an annoyed sound and walked over to put a hand on Harry's shoulder, intending on telling him to sit with his back straight.

Harry's reaction was extremely unexpected: he flinched and twisted away until he was as far as possible from his father's hand. The psychiatrist had then said, "How unusual. I'm sorry to ask this Mr. Potter, but do you physically harm your son? Abused children usually react like this."

James was so stunned and so angry that he threw the psychiatrist out and then proceeded to yell at Harry for the next few hours. Harry just sat at the table, mute and stiff. Moreover, unlike normal children, Harry didn't even cry, he just stared blankly, retreating into own imaginary world. After James was done, Harry looked up timidly and asked, "May go now?"

The truth was, Harry didn't like his father touching him because it was almost like a stranger touching him. Once he had told a psychologist that he wasn't sure how he'd feel if his father died because he didn't really know him. He didn't want to sound cruel, but it was true, he didn't have any sort of feelings or connection with his father. Just complete detachment.

The only parent he seemed to 'care' for was his mother, but then he also wasn't sure if he 'loved' her. On the first day of school, unlike the other kids who wanted their mothers, he found himself yearning to go home to his room full of books. He was a lot smarter than Jerry, but he never let on to his parents about it, he was afraid that it would be another thing that they would use to wonder what was wrong with him.

Unfortunately at the age of nine, one of the psychologists, Dr. Branherst, noticed this. Harry was tired and he really wanted to get the session over with so he started down the list of problems past doctors had told him he had, making sure to say their Latin names perfectly and defining each one. Then he told the doctor that since he had told him all the problems he had, he didn't need to be here any longer.

The doctor had stared bewildered, saying, "How did you do that?"

"How did I do what?"

"You probably just have exceptional memory don't you little Harry."

"I have normal memory, and it's just Harry. I know I'm small compared to my brother, but…"

"Yes… your brother, let's talk about him."

"Didn't I already tell you what's wrong with me? Y-you can go now, the other doctors already saved you the trouble and diagnosed me." Harry quickly replied, almost begging for him to leave.

"Well, not every one practices psychology the same way."

"So now you want to add onto that list? Look, it's obvious that I'm a messed up kid, can't you just leave me alone? I promise I'm not suicidal or anything. I'm just really tired of all this and I'd like to get on with my life without people constantly telling me what a freak I am."

"Do you think you're a freak?"

"No, I'm saying it for your benefit." Harry replied unkindly.

"Now Harry, there's no need for that."

"How much are my parents paying you anyways. I bet it's a lot, which is why you feel obligated to finish my session."

"Can we not detract from the point?" The doctor said, almost nervously. "Now about your brother."

"What about him?"

"How do you feel about him."

"You're going to have to be more specific."

"Do you like him."

"Not particularly."

"Why not?"

"Just 'cause…" Harry replied, but he could tell the analyst wasn't buying his answer.

Harry gave an annoyed sigh, "Jerry likes to pick on me at school and at home. He steals my stuff, shoves me in the hallway, blames everything he did wrong on me. I read about it, it's just sibling rivalry and it's just a bit stronger between us okay?"

"So you understand the concept of sibling rivalry."

"Yeah… who doesn't?"

"Most kids your age don't."

Harry shrugged, "Most kids my age are stupid."

"Do you have friends?"

"Not really."

"Why not?"

"I just find them kind of boring."

"Is it also because you think they aren't as intelligent as you are?"

"All they want to play is Quidditch and exploding snaps. I have better things to do."


"Just stuff. I like to read."

"Yes, I got that impression. What do you like to read?"

"Anything, everything. I'm one of the only kids under ten who has a library card to the local library. The librarian got sick of me begging her to let me take a few books home." Harry said, looking a bit amused at the memory.

"Can I see some of your books?"

Harry blinked and then nodded and went upstairs to grab some books. He came back down with a large stack, "Sorry, theses are only a few, but they're the ones I read the most often."

The doctor's eyes widened as he picked up the bent and over read copy of "Art of War.". He held it up, "You can't possibly underst- "

"Well, sort of, I go on mum's computer if there's parts I don't understand and I look it up. A lot of people made notes on this book and made it easier to read."

"Why do you read it?"

"I was hoping there was a better way to get around being beat up by my brother, I don't know, it doesn't really work all that often. Maybe I'm not reading it correctly."

The doctor looked through the books, "'Hogwarts, a History', 'Encyclopedia of Spells and their History', 'A Collection of Merlin's writings', 'The Grindelwald and Voldemort wars'…"

The doctor stopped and held up the thick leather book, "Why are you interested in this?"

"Why not? I was there when my brother defeated him. And besides even I'm baffled as to why he survived the Killing curse. We're both supposed to be dead."

"You know about the Unforgivables?"

Harry shrugged, "Yeah, I thought it was common knowledge."

"The schools don't tell you about them. Most kids 'shouldn't' know"

"Oh, well, I guess I got it from my readings."

The doctor finally put the book down and then picked up the second to last book, 'Salazar Slytherin, the Parseltongue'.

The shrink blinked, "What's this for?"

"In the Grindelwald and Voldemort book, I read that Voldemort was a Parseltongue, and I wasn't sure what that meant. So I decided to look in this book, and after reading a while, I found it kind of interesting. So I just kept reading."

The doctor thought for a moment and then decided to ask a weighty question, "Do you agree with his views?"

Harry shrugged, "Not really, I guess he's just kind of biased…. I think Muggles are a lot smarter than Wizards give them credit for."

The doctor finally picked up the last book called, 'Twentieth century technology.'. He had never heard of this book. "What's this?"

"It's a book of Muggle technology through the last century, it's absolutely fascinating. If I were a Muggle and had better eyesight, I'd be a astronaut in a heartbeat."


"Yeah, they're these Muggle scientists that go into outer space. Of course, I can't because I don't have perfect vision, but I think making the space craft would be bloody amazing in itself."

The psychologist nodded, looking a the pictures of men floating around in the compartment of the shuttle. He really didn't know very much about the Muggle world so he wasn't so sure about what Harry was talking about…But one thing was clear… Harry was very gifted.

Later, after a few more questions, he let Harry go back to his room and he went into the kitchen to discuss the session with Harry's parents.

"I think you should take Harry to take the WIT (Wizarding Intelligent Test)."

"Oh no," Lily cried, "Are you saying that he's behind too?"

The doctor gaped. Was it possible that Harry's parents didn't know a thing about how intelligent their son was?"

"Uh, no. In fact he talks like a mature adult. This is a bit surprising, since most children aren't even mature until they're around ten or eleven. You are aware that he reads a lot of far advanced books for his age."

Lily and James looked at each other, "He does? We just knew he liked to hole himself up in his room a lot."

"Don't you ever check up on him?"

"He doesn't like to be bothered."

The doctor nodded slowly, "I see. Well, after you have Harry take the WIT, I do suggest maybe getting him a tutor or sending him to a school for gifted children. It's obvious that he doesn't get along very well with the other kids because their mental capacities are so different."

Lily and James looked surprised, "Uh, alright, we'll have him tested right away. And then we'll see what we can do… but I'm sure that Harry's happy at school…"

"Really? Does he tell you this?"

"No, Jerry says so, he's such a good boy, always looking out for Harry and all that."

The doctor suddenly froze, realizing the situation. "I see. Well, just consider it."

"Yes we will doctor. Thank you."

Meanwhile, Harry was upstairs magically changing all the titles on his textbooks so that his parent wouldn't believe the doctor. He was hoping that Dr. Branherst would keep it to himself, instead of blathering away all of Harry's secrets.

A week later, the test results came in and they said that Harry was actually between an only less than average and average seven year old. James grumbled, "I knew that guy was a fake. We've been his parents all these years, of course we'd notice if Harry was a genius."

"Don't get yourself worked up over this. It's not your fault Harry isn't really smart like Jerry is. Oh! By the way, did you see Jerry's report card, his teachers all say he's such a wonderful boy…."

And that's how it went…