Tom gave a satisfied laugh after watching the boy's demise, ''Stupid mudbloods, they never learn, do they?''

The basilisk gave a satisfied growl, having consumed a satisfying meal.

Tom slowly walked over to pet the basilisk, ''It'll only be a matter of minutes and I'll be back to my old self again.''

The basilisk's lowered its head and allowed for its new master to pet it.

But suddenly the basilisk made a strangled watery sound. Tom gasped and took a step back, ''What is it?''

The beast curled and wailed in pain. Then it began to thrash wildly as its eyes rolled backwards as blood stared to leak from its nose and mouth. And without warning, it collapsed onto the cold stone floor.


Tom screamed in rage, ''What's the meaning of this?!''

The center of the basilisk's body sliced open in a grotesque manner, steaming blood leaking onto the cold floor, its insides spilling out. And from the opening a blood covered figure walked out of the creature's body in a still, almost mechanical manner.

''When I become fully corporeal, you will regret this you meddling brat. I shall-''

A voice that Tom had not heard before, interrupted him, ''Silence.''

It was inhuman, cold, raspy and definitely not how the mudblood boy sounded like before. Tom was about to reply, but found that he couldn't. His hand quickly shot to his throat in horror and his semi-ghostly figure took a step back.

The blood covered boy followed after him, step for step.

Tom stopped and angrily mouthed, ''Who are you?!''

''Silly little boys shouldn't play with magicks that are beyond them.'' The, thing replied.

Tom summoned as much power as he could and broke the bind on his voice. Then het tried his best to stare down the boy. He reminded himself that this was probably some stupid trick that the mudblood was trying to pull, ''Little boy?! I am Lord Voldemort! How dare you insult me.''

Tom dashed to the side and picked up Draco's wand. He then turned around and aimed it at Harry ''Avada Kevadra!''

The green deadly light headed towards Harry, but a split second before, split down the center and continued to harmlessly travel away from the younger boy.

Tom paled, ''It can't be. That was...It must be because I'm still a ghost.''

Then he stopped speaking as he realized something he hadn't seen before, the boy's eyes were completely white. Just like how the Malfoy boy had described. Tom's attitude suddenly changed, ''Oh! I didn't realize it was you. Young Malfoy told me of you power. I hadn't realized that he was telling the truth. I applaud your skill.

Harry gave a dark laugh.

''You would be a great asset to-'' Tom babbled.

But during this time, Harry knelt down and picked up the diary. And without warning, a red flame came from the palm of his hands and started to consume the book. Tom's words were never finished as he let out a strangled scream of pain and disappeared as the book turned to dust.

Finally, as Tom's dying screams echoing through the chamber, Harry collapsed to the ground unconscious, never realizing what had happened.

Harry choked as he woke up to the sickening smell of blood. Then he reached out and touched his sticky face. Harry quickly rushed over to the pool besides Draco and washed off his face frantically while muttering, ''Merlin, that's disgusting.''

After he mostly cleaned his face and tossed his outer robes away, he looked around, confused. ''Where is...?''

He first identified that the basilisk was dead, seeing how it was lying there right in front of him with its stomach sliced open. Harry made a face as he backed away; the smell coming from the reptile's corpse was putrid. He looked back and forth for any sign of Tom and he was about to search the entire Chamber when he noticed the large pile of ash on the ground beside Draco.

Harry assumed it was the diary, because although Draco was still unconscious, he was breathing normally and a more normal color had returned to his face. Harry stood there and then asked to no one, ''What happened?''

He had wanted to investigate the chamber some more, but the fact that Draco was still unconscious and Harry's legs were feeling very odd from the poison, was probably a bad thing, so Harry quickly picked up his fellow Slytherin and carried him on his back, heading the way he came from.

Harry weakly muttered as he continued to exit the labyrinth, ''You really need to stop eating all those chocolate frogs. God you're a lot heavier than you look.''

Then he finally came to the opening, which was long slid down from the bathroom sinks. He gave a weak groan, ''You've got to be kidding me/ I can't even feel my feet anymore. I can't climb that.''

But he still tried. He retied Draco's loose robed around himself and Draco, which was how he was keeping the blonde from falling off. And he slowly, very slowly climbed up the sliding tunnel he had come down from.

It felt like hours. It probably was, since Harry found himself sweating like crazy from exerting so much strength climbing and carrying Draco when he really had no more energy to give. He could feel that same dark fuzziness seeping over him.

Harry then started to call out as best as he could, ''Help! Somebody please help! Draco and I are stuck down here!''

Harry has expected no one to come, but someone did. Unfortunately, it was Myrtle and she couldn't help carry Draco or Harry back to the entrance.

Harry weakly muttered to Myrtle. ''You have to find someone to help. Please... I think the poison... is... killing me... Hurry.''

For once, Myrtle looked serious and quickly darted upward as fast as she could, given her ghostly abilities.

But Harry was already blacking out again, before he closed his eyes, he hoped that he would be able to open them again.

''Hey!'' A voice shouted close to him. Harry jolted awake and stared up at black blob. But when he tried to focus the world seemed to mesh together into a strange swirl of grays and blacks.

Harry made a face, ''Who? I ...''

''Lumos.'' Harry heard the boy say in a baritone voice.

The boy was checking his eyes with his wand, ''Merlin! Keep still, you're eyes aren't supposed to be that color and they're dilated really badly.''

Harry's head lolled. The swirls were sort of orangish now, like many orange and yellow snakes dancing near a blackish blob.

Harry muttered, ''Draco.''

''Don't worry about him, he's just unconscious and he's probably better off than you at the moment. Okay, I want you to stay awake, can you do that for me?''

Harry's eyes were fluttering again and he whimpered. The darkness felt so good.

Then he felt a sharp slap onto his face, ''Hey! Stay awake! If you don't, I can't carry you and your friend at the same time!''

Harry nodded, and tried to stare up at the tunnel above him. He felt himself shuffled around as the boy put him back down so he could tie Draco to his back using the same robes the Harry had used to do the same thing. Then he felt himself lifted up by two strong, but straining arms.

''By the way, I'm Cedric Diggory, one of the Hufflepuff prefects.'' The boy said before starting out of the tunnel.

Harry was still awake when Cedric climbed back out, but the pain was getting worse, he could feel his lunge collapsing and he started to make pained wheezing sound. Harry could hear Cedric cry out in distress, ''No no no! Don't do that! Come one, hang in there! I'll get the both of you to the hospital wing! Just hang on!''

Harry blindly groped the air, like he was reaching for air to breathe in.

Then he heard Cedric screaming, ''Dammit Myrtle! Where are the teacher's?!''

Then Cedric saw the door slam open with three disheveled teachers and the Headmaster.

Snape was the first one by Cedric's side and he was pulling Harry out of his arms. Cedric quickly instructed him, ''The one on my back is mostly okay. This one needs to be in intensive care. He's been poisoned really badly, I think his lungs just gave out. His eyes are a strange pale violet color and his veins are protruding out and are black colored. ''

Without missing a beat, Snape quickly put Harry into stasis and ran towards the hospital wing with the Headmaster in tow as fast as he could.

Flitwitck then untied Draco and levitated him off of Cedric's back and followed after Snape and Dumbledore to the hospital wing.

Mrs. McGonagall was the only one left and she helped an exhausted Cedric to his feet, ''Are you alright?''

Cedric replied in between pants, ''Yeah, .. I found them about halfway down. I think Harry climbed up most of the way, that's probably why he's in such bad shape. I really hope he'll be okay.''

Mrs. McGonagall nodded and then put a hand on Cedric's back, ''Thank you.''

Cedric shrugged, ''It's nothing, part of being a prefect right?''

Mrs. McGonagall gave the Hufflepuff boy a watery smile, ''Two hundred points to Hufflepuff for your bravery.''

Harry stayed in intensive care for nearly two weeks. At some point he had been shipped over to St. Mungo's where they had to drain his entire body of blood to get rid of the poison, which then had given the entire surgery staff a huge scare when his heart stopped. But luckily, they were able to work fast, put in clean blood, and re-enervate his body.

Lily stayed at the hospital night and day and nearly had a breakdown when she heard the flatline for a few minutes.

For once, James stopped being a prat and prayed to every deity to be kinder to his younger son if he got out of this alive.

And Jerry secretly felt horrible, especially when the Headmaster had retrieved what had happened from Draco after the Slytherin had woken up. Jerry knew that he should have never given Ginny that diary. He hadn't even looked at it, but he thought that she might like him if he gave her something. Girls liked to be given stuff. But at the same time he argued that it wasn't his fault, he had found it with the books that Lockhart had given to him! And Malfoy shouldn't have stolen it from her... well, not that he wanted 'this' to happen to her.

Despite denial of ever giving Jerry the journal, Lockhart still resigned from his position of DADA for next year. Lockhart claimed that he had a tour coming up, which was why he was leaving, but the Hogwarts staff seriously doubted that.

Malfoy's dad had been furious the first day when both Draco and Harry had been taken St. Mungo's and he was informed of his son's condition. He threatened to have Dumbledore sacked or to file a lawsuit against the school. But in the end, when Draco woke up, they had traded words and any mention of holding the school or Dumbledore had completely ceased.

Snape, was both worried and relieved. Worried that one of his charges wouldn't make it, but relieved that the two boys hadn't gone to Voldemort like Dumbledore had suggested.

Harry woke up on Friday. Eleven days since he was admitted to St. Mungo's. His sight was blurry at first, but he was able identify someone was in the room, so he whisper hoarsely, ''w-water''

The figure moved over to the table quickly, and retrieved a cup and a straw for him. After Harry took a few sips and closed his eyes, he asked, ''Where am I?''

''You're at St. Mungo's honey.''

Harry opened his eyes again, just a little, ''Mom?''

He felt a cool kiss touch his brow and light hug.

''How long?'' Harry asked after Lily at back down.

''Ten days.''

''Wow.'' Harry whispered, then he brow furrowed, ''Draco...''

''He's okay, he woke up a while ago.''

''That's good. What'd he say?''

''Not much. He said he had this journal and he blacked out in the common room. He doesn't know what happened. Do you honey?''

Harry nodded, ''I'll tell you after I don't feeling like rain of bludgers hit me. Is it okay if I go back to sleep?.. nn... still tired.''

Lily patted his hand, ''Go ahead honey, I'll be here when you wake up.''

The next time Harry woke up, a large group of people were in his room. Everyone from Sirius to Snape to the Headmaster wished him well and finally he was left with Draco. Harry asked his mom for a few moments with him.

Draco pulled up a chair and stared at Harry intently, ''What happened?''

Harry was a bit surprised, he thought he had a few more days to mull over what he wanted to say, but it was obvious the Slytherin wanted to know now.

Harry sighed and told Draco everything he could remember. He even mentioned blacking out and then reawaking with the dead basilisk and Tom Riddle nowhere to be seen. Draco paled considerably when he said this.

Then Harry gave a deep sigh and turned to retrieve something from the tray of things they had gotten out of his tattered robes. Harry held out Draco's hand and put the item in his hand.

It was the watch.

Draco's face fell even more, ''It was my fault for dragging you into this. I guess I can understand.''

Harry shook his head, ''No, that's not what I meant. I still want us to be friends Draco.''

''Then why are you returning the watch?''

''After you gave it to me, I put even more protection spells on it, as many as I could find. Because I had every intention of giving it back to you. Draco, I can't tell you which side to choose. But if you intend on staying on the same path as you are on now, I seriously think you need as much protection as you can get. Voldemort isn't who you think he is. I told you what he said in the Chamber, he doesn't care about anyone but himself. Keep that in mind.''

Draco was silent, staring intently at the watch, with a resigned weigh on him. He whispered, ''I can't not obey my father, Potter.''

''So you're willing to do whatever he says, no matter how horrible. No matter if they don't even care about your well being? How can you be sure Voldemort won't try to sacrifice you again?'' Harry asked gloomily.

''I don't want to be disowned.'' Draco replied. ''My family, what my father has taught me, it's all I've ever known.''

Harry gave a resigned sigh, ''Just be careful okay? And if things get really bad, please get out before it's too late.''

Draco put the watch into his pocket and stood up to leave. But before he walked away he said, ''I'll keep that in mind.''

It was the most Harry could hope for.

End Year Two.