Chapter 1: Where is Hikaru?

Umi. Fuu, Caldina, and Presea all stood in silence. The room was empty. The four
slowly walked into the room. "Do you think Hikaru got nervous and ran out?" said Umi.
"If I done all that decorating for nothing I'm going to be a tad angry" said Caldina
crossing her arms. The four looked around the room. "Okay we have to find Hikaru" said
Presea. "And don't say anything o get Eagle and Lantis upset". The three nodded and
then they all ran out of the room in search of Hikaru. As Umi and Fuu went down the hall
the ran into Lantis and Eagle.
"Uh hi" squeaked Umi. "Where are you going?" asked Fuu a bit nervous. "We are
going to see Hikaru" said Eagle. Umi bit her lip and looked at Fuu. "You can't see
Hikaru" said Umi pushing them back down the hall. Lantis and Eagle looked at each
other with a confused look are there faces. "Why not?" asked Lantis. Umi bit her lip and
stared at Fuu. "Well uh because if you see Miss Hikaru before the wedding you'll have
bad luck" said Fuu brightly. The two guys shrugged and walked off back down the hall.
Umi and Fuu sighed in relief. Then they ran the other way in search of Hikaru.
Presea and Caldina walked in the throne room were the ceremony was to be held.
Ascot and Lafarga were there talking. Caldina looked around and didn't see Hikaru.
Presea motioned for Caldina to leave. The were about to leave when Lafarga grabbed
Caldina's arm. "What's wrong?" he asked. Caldina smiled and said, "Nothing". Lafarga
lifted his eyebrow. Caldina bit her lip and tried to slip out of Lafarga's grasp. "Tell me
what's wrong" ordered Lafarga. Ascot walked up and wondered what was going on.
Caldina looked at Presea. Presea didn't know what to tell them. "Might as well tell them
the truth" said Presea.
Caldina nodded and took a deep breath. "Hikaru is missing" said Caldina.
"WHAT?" said Lafarga. "What do you mean..." Ascot began to yell out. Caldina clasped
her hand over his mouth. "We think Hikaru got nervous" said Presea. "Please help us but
don't tell Eagle or Lantis. We can't have them worried about Hikaru or they'll go crazy".
Lafarga and Ascot nodded and the four left the room.
Inside castle Cephiro Eagle and Lantis were walking by the fountains. "Are you
nervous?" Eagle asked Lantis. Lantis nodded. "I was surprised that Hikaru chose both of
us" said Eagle smiling. "She has a kind heart" replied Lantis. The two men walked
around the gardens. The flowers were in bloom and the birds were chirping. A blue bird
with a white belly flew down and perched on Lantis's shoulder. "Seems that everything
likes you" said Eagle laughing. Lantis grinned and let the bird perch on his hand. As they
were about to leave Lantis saw out of the corner of his eye a girl with brown hair staring
at the doorway that led outside the castle.
Lantis and Eagle walked up to the little girl. "Mira" said Lantis. The girl turned
around and smiled. "Hello Lantis" said Mira. Lantis noticed Mira was holding a flower
wreath. "Why aren't you going to the wedding?" asked Eagle kneeling down. Mira turned
back around and said, "I'm waiting for Hikaru". Lantis and Eagle's eyes widened. "What
did you say?" asked Lantis. "Hikaru left the castle with this man... he looked a lot like
you" said Mira pointing to Eagle
Lantis and Eagle looked at each other then back at Mira. The two ran out of the
gardens. As they ran out they ran back into Umi and Fuu. "Sorry Sir Lantis" apologized
Fuu. Lantis gripped Fuu's shoulders. "Where is Hikaru?" said Lantis sternly. "I know she
is not in the castle". "Put her down Lantis" said Umi. Lantis let Fuu down. "We're sorry
we lied to you but Hikaru has disappeared" said Fuu. "Thats because someone has
kidnapped her" said Eagle sadly.

Hikaru stood floating in midair. Where am I she thought. Suddenly there was a
loud roar from behind. A monster as big as the God Machines. The monster ran toward
Hikaru. She gasped and was about to pull out her sword when she noticed her glove was
gone. Then she tried to use here magic. "FLAME ARROW" she shouted but not even a
tiny flame appeared. The monster then swiped at her. Hikaru let out a scream.

Hikaru awoke strapped in a metal chair with all kinds of wires connected to her.
She saw looked around the room in fear. Sweat dripped down her forehead. She was still
dressed in her wedding gown. "How did I get here?" she said to herself. "I brought you
here" said a voice from above. A man wearing black was coming down steps. Hikaru let
out a gasp when she saw his face. "EAGLE" she shouted. The man laughed. "No, I'm not
you fiancée" he said pressing a few buttons on a dash board.
Hikaru gasped and stared at him as he walked over. Her pulled of the wires and
the straps. "I'm surprise you have such strong energy" he said looking at Hikaru. "You
see I thought you Magic Knights weren't as all that powerful as people say but I was
wrong. You were able to come back to life". Hikaru stared at him. The guy walked away
and began to type again. "Can you stand?" he asked looking up. Hikaru tried to stand but
a sharp pain stung her legs. The guy typed a bit more then walked over to Hikaru. "I see
that my little game has caused you to much mental strain" he said walking around you.
"Who are you?" asked Hikaru. The guy smiled. "I am Kyu Vision of Autozam" he said
bowing. "Or in other words Eagle's twin brother".