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The night was suffocating and the air seemed like poison. Emma hated the fact that she was alone with tears streaming on her cheeks, but it wasn't her fault. It was her boyfriends. He was the one who betrayed her and slept with someone else.

Again, she could feel the anger rising in her throat, mingled with the cold air. The Pain was returning. It was something she felt in her whole life but this one was intense and for a brief moment she thought she would pass out.

Emma looked around. Did she see something or was it an illusion? She didn't have the answer but now she walked more briskly and with more speed as the fear took over her. Emma knew she was a capable woman, since the age of eleven she went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and she always had her wand with her.

'Relax, no one can hurt you.' She said, for comfort and reassurance.

But that didn't stop the feeling that someone was following her. In her mind she could hear the slow footsteps and the atmosphere of increasing danger. Emma turned around again, no one was there, but this time she saw a shadow that disappeared the next second.

Emma took out her wand that was in her bag. She was ready to take out anything that was about to attack her.

'Who are you?' Emma shouted.

There was no reply, and she was getting impatient. She was sure that this danger was real and was not just a fragment of her imagination.

'Why on earth won't you come out?' said Emma, in a last attempt to lure out whatever was following her. Emma was about to take a sigh of relief when out of the shadow a figure slowly began to slither into view.

The skin was almost completely white and the eyes were yellow with no pupils. It opened its mouth, and Emma could see the teeth which was sharp and completely black. All her years in the Wizarding School she had never seen something like this. She quickly cast the first charm that came to her mind.


When Emma saw the first sign that the monster was weakening, she ran as fast as her legs would take her. She saw the first sign of her home in the distance and sincerely hoped she would make it but the monster was getting closer and her spell didn't seem to be working.

Emma felt a terrible pain in her back. She turned her head and saw the monster with its claw in her back. It had completely ripped some of her skin and the pain was unbearable. But she still held on to her wand tightly. With heavy breath she said one last spell that she could manage 'Crucio'

She wanted to hurt the thing no matter what even if it took her strength. It was illegal but it was self-defence. A necessity. For a moment Emma saw the hope and it seemed that the spell was finally working, with the beast weakening its hold. It was only for a second and it regained its strength. Emma took one last breath and awaited her fate.

The next morning a jogger found the body of a woman on the park. The body was mutilated beyond recognition with skins ripped off but the face was perfectly untouched and it had a terrified expression. The police was ,however, able to identify the victim and found out she was just metres from her home.

///// So how does this murder have anything to do with Buffy and trio at Hogwarts?

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