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Buffy woke up with a start. She was sweating after having a particular bad nightmare but in a way it wasn't unusual. But this dream was special, it seemed so real. Nothing to worry about, she thought.

Quickly, she put on her clothes, brushed her teeth and went downstairs. After being in England for months she still couldn't believe what had happened on these past few months. No more Sunnydale, Welcome England.


Buffy did just that. Less than a nanosecond later a steel disk flew through the air.

'How many times do I have to tell you not to train in the living room?' said Buffy.

The girl, Kay, was covered with freckles and was laughing nervously.

'This place is kind of...big... so I thought you won't... mind'

'I do mind.' Buffy replied.

In a way she was used to pupils being nervous around her since Willow had once told everyone what Buffy and the Scobby Gang had achieved. The story had spread around like wild fire and soon everyone knew. Even the new students. Buffy didn't mind all the attention but it would be nice if someone outside talked to her like any ordinary person rather than gaping in awe or laughed nervously.

'Dawnie, how is it going?'

Dawn was sitting by the fireplace with a big smile plastered across her face, 'I'm fine.'

'Then why are you so suddenly happy?' asked Buffy.

'Not going to tell.' Replied Dawn.

'Let me guess; good grades in school?


'Or it about a guy?'

Dawn finally gave in defeat. So it was true that her sister was dating someone. Buffy had heard some whispers among a few of the girls talking about a guy that's stuck to Dawn. Or something.

'Just remember your last boyfriend, who was a vampire and tried to suck all your blood off.' Said Buffy. 'Yes, Buffy.' Replied Dawn.

At that precise moment a the doorbell was heard, and a girl went and opened the door.

'Giles.' Said Buffy with joy.

It had been a long time she heard from him, and the only information she had about his location is that he lived somewhere in London. To be truthful, London was a BIG city.

'No time to talk.' Replied Giles.

Buffy crossed her arms, 'No need to be moody.'

As always Giles brought his usual supplies of occult books. He quickly lay it on the table.

'There have been strange killings of young women. Five had already happened and today a new woman was found dead with a very mutilated body-'

'How mutilated?' asked Buffy

'Her skin was ripped off and her org-'

'Please, don't go into the details.'

Giles continued his talk. 'Those six women were witches.'

'Willow has to know about this,' said Buffy who was on her way to the phone.

'Those witches do not practise Wicca magic. They have wand and is educated in a magical school named Hogwarts. So, in theory Willow is safe.' Said Giles

Buffy quickly went to take her coat and her weapons, ready to fight the demon, but Giles hindered her on her way.

'This is suicide. Those witches are very strong and had been trained since they were only eleven year old. There was some evidence they used magic and I suspect it didn't work on the demon or whatever it is.'

'Is there no way to kill this thing?' asked Buffy.

'We could use the help of an old man I know. A very powerful man - Albus Dumbledore.' Said Giles.

'What are we waiting for? Let's go.' Said Buffy.

'There's one problem. Albus resides in the Wizarding World and to fight this thing we may need the help of Aurors.'

Buffy looked stupefied. 'I don't really understand the half of the things you are saying. Can you please speak in proper English?'

'You are going to the Wizarding World.' Said Giles, impatiently.

'Who's going to teach the girls while I'm away?'

'Someone from the Ministry of Magic.' Replied Giles.

'If it's all worked out then I'll go and kill this-'

'Can I go too?'

Buffy turned around and saw Dawn by the door, looking eager and excited.

'We're talking about fighting a demon. It's too dangerous.' Said Buffy.

'Buffy, I'm eighteen, not a five year old.'

'But- Ok.'

'Giles can I bring Dawn with me?' asked Buffy.

'If you... wish.' Answered Giles.

'Dawn, you and I will go to the Wizarding World. By the way when should we begin to pack?'