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Howling Wolf: Welcome to my twisted mind of crossovers once again. This time I am doing a crossover that does not involve digimon. There have been plenty of Ranma/X-men crossovers, but mine has a twist no one has used as far as I know. And that twist is this: Ranma is really Magneto's son. Oh and this takes place at the end of the last season of X-men: Evolution. It's also a Ranma/Nabiki pairing. So read and enjoy.



Ranma stared out into the ocean from the window of the jet. He still couldn't believe the sudden changes his life had taken. And that the man sitting next to him was his real father.

Four days ago...

It had been a typical day in Nerima as far as Ranma was concerned. After being woken up for their usual early morning spare by his father, Ranma made short work of the panda man. An effort that did not go unnoticed.

Nabiki felt excitement run through her as Ranma slowly walked back into the house. She had found herself watching Ranma more and more recently. To Nabiki's surprise she kept noticing how handsome Ranma looked.

'No, oh no I did not just think that!' panicked Nabiki as she walked downstairs.

"Hey morning Nabiki." Ranma greeted her as he stepped inside.

"Morning Ranma-kun. I have to say Saotome that you've beaten your personal best for your morning spar with your father." Nabiki said trying to calm her pulse.

"Nah, Pops was just too slow today." Replied Ranma.

Seeing that Nabiki looked a little pale Ranma put a hand on her forehead. Nabiki was startled when Ranma placed his hand on her forehead. 'The big goof thinks I'm sick. How cute. Ugh, I did not just think that!'

"Pervert! Let my sister go!" came a familiar voice.

"Akane, don't! Ranma was just..." Nabiki tried to say a fraction too late.

Akane had not heard a single word Nabiki had said. Instead she used her mallet and sent Ranma on a one way ticket on Akane Air-Lines. Nabiki sighed as she looked at the newly formed Ranma shaped hole in the roof. Really her little sister was just too violent sometimes. 'I guess I might as well head to school, if I'm lucky maybe I'll run into Ranma on the way.' She thought leaving the house.

Meanwhile in LEO (lower earth orbit) Ranma groaned in frustration. Akane hadn't even let Nabiki explain. 'Now I'm gonna be late for school.' As he soared through the air Ranma saw that he was going to land right at Furinken High. 'Whoa. That's weird. Usually Akane knocks me someplace other than where I want to be.'

The students that were gathered in Furinken's courtyard stared in shock and amazement as Ranma flipped onto the ground.

Ranma grinned. That had been easier then he had thought. Had Ranma looked behind him he would have seen the air shimmering from where his flight had been.

"Raaannmmmaa! Prepare to die!" screamed Ryoga.

"Hey P-Chan. What are you so worked up about this time?" asked Ranma as he dodged Ryoga's punches.

"Stop calling me P-Chan!" roared Ryoga.

Ranma frowned as one of Ryoga's punches went past his defenses. Grinning, Ryoga surprised Ranma with a round house kick to the ribs. The impact sent Ranma flying into one of the school's outer walls. Ranma fell to his knees, shaking his head to clear it. It was obvious that Ryoga had been training again. Suddenly Ranma rolled to one side. Where he had been kneeling seconds before now rested a katana.

Ranma groaned. "Not you too, Kuno."

The mad kendoist laughed. "Indeed Saotome. For today I, the Blue Thunder, shall end your foul sorcerer ways. Have at thee!"

It didn't take Ranma more than a few seconds to realize that Kuno was wielding a real katana. Flipping over Ryoga's umbrella the young martial artist realized that both his opponents were aiming for his death and they weren't going to quiet until they got it. Before Ranma could block another attack several chains wrapped around his arms.

"Saotome I will free Shampoo from you!" Mousse cried as he slammed Ranma into several parts of the wall.

Nabiki walked into Furinken just in time to witness in her mind a massacre. Before her was Ranma getting beaten to a bloody pulp by his three rivals. It was obvious even to her that Kuno, Ryoga, and Mousse were out for blood. Ukyou and Shampoo walked up next to her, surprise and shock also on their faces.

Nabiki felt her heart stop when she heard Ranma's scream. Not that it had been hard to miss, half of Nermia had probably heard the scream as well. Without thinking of the consequences Nabiki made an all out run to Ranma. Shampoo and Ukyou looked at each other before following Nabiki's lead.

Ranma groaned as he slid off the wall Mousse had slammed him into for the fifth time. The impact felt like he had broken a few ribs. Ranma knew that he was in trouble. With his arms binded to his sides Ranma was only able to dodge and kick his opponents.

Ryoga smiled like a shark that had just smelled blood. He, Kuno, and Mousse were about to gather around their fallen foe for the final blow when Nabiki ran between them and their prey.

"That's enough Ryoga. You've beaten Ranma there's no need to kill him." Said Nabiki.

"Step aside Nabiki Tendo. The heavens have finally granted me victory over the foul Saotome and I will let no one interfere." Kuno said swinging his sword at Nabiki.

Nabiki paled. She couldn't believe it, Kuno was actually going to attack her. Behind her Ranma saw everything that happened and growled as he watched Kuno attack Nabiki.

In the blink of an eye Ranma was suddenly glowing as one thought entered his mind: protect Nabiki.

Suddenly all three boys were thrown into several trees. They looked as though a giant hand had played with them like they were puppets. As suddenly as it began Mousse, Ryoga, and Kuno dropped to the ground in a piled heap.

Nabiki blinked what had just happened? She was about to ask Ranma if he knew what had happened when Akane stomped angrily towards them. 'Oh this is not good. Akane is in her beat Ranma and everything will be fine mode.'

"Ranma how dare you pick on Ryoga and the others!" Akane growled.

Seeing that Ranma was still slightly out of it from his earlier beating, Nabiki tried to calm Akane down.

"Akane calm down. Ranma is injured." Nabiki said stepping between Ranma and her sister.

Akane glared at Nabiki. Gulping, Nabiki felt a tremor of fear run down her spine. Before anyone could react Akane punched Nabiki in the stomach. Nabiki let out a startled gasp as she sank to her knees.

Through the haze of pain Ranma watched as Akane struck Nabiki. A wave of anger filled Ranma. He heard a growl, but could not figure out where it was coming from. It took Ranma a moment to realize that he was the one growling.

Ukyou and Shampoo were also surprised. They had never heard Ranma growl at Akane before. What in the world was going on?

"If you want him so much Nabiki then you can have him. As far as I'm concern the engagement is off!" Akane said storming off.

Nabiki sighed. "Looks like we're stuck together again Ranma."

"Akane what's wrong?" he asked.

"Is that so bad Nabiki?" asked Ranma.

Nabiki looked over him. "Ranma are you all right?"

"Been better I must admit. What about you? That was a nasty punch Akane gave you." Said Ranma.

Nabiki blushed at Ranma's concern. "I'm fine, but let's get you to Tofu's."

Ranma helped Nabiki to her feet. As soon as she was standing Nabiki was overcome with dizziness. Nabiki had to hold on to Ranma's arm to prevent herself from falling.

"Ok maybe I'm not fine. It's a pity we can't just teleport there instead of walking." Nabiki said with a weak grin.

"N...Nabiki what's happening to me?" Ranma asked as he started to glow once again. Nabiki couldn't answer him as the world around them blurred. When their surroundings came back into focus Ranma and Nabiki found themselves standing in Doctor Tofu's clinic. It's hard to say who was more shocked at the sudden visit. Tofu or his two guests.

"Nabiki, Ranma what?" asked a stunned Tofu.

"Hey Doc sorry about this." Said Ranma before collapsing.

"Ranma! Quick Nabiki help me put him on the examination table."

"Tell me Nabiki what happened to son-in-law?" asked Cologne as she and Mrs. Saotome approached the middle Tendo daughter.

"Elder Cologne, Auntie Saotome thank goodness you're here. Something strange happened to Ranma. I mean even more strange than is normal for Ranma." Said Nabiki who then proceeded to tell them about the events that had happened earlier.

Both Cologne and Nodoka listened intently as Nabiki told them what happened. Cologne shakes her head as she heard what Akane's action had been. That girl never had any patience. She would have to talk to Shampoo later about this. As well as that fool boy Mousse. Nodoka's reaction was quite different from the amazon elder's. Nodoka paled as she listened to Nabiki's tale. For the last few years she had feared that this day would come. Fortunately Nodaka had taken precautions for this event. Now it looked as though it was time to set them into motion.

"Once Ranma wakes let me know. There is much that I have to discuss with my son. And you as well Nabiki." Nodoka said.

"Of course Auntie." Nabiki said before turning back to Ranma.

Neither adult missed this, but they were too worried to make any comment. Although Nodoka did smile, it seemed that Akane had done her son a favor by passing the engagement to Nabiki. Both Doctor Tofu and Cologne inspected the injuries on Ranma's body only to gasp in surprise. Right in front of their eyes Ranma's wounds were healing. They had always known that Ranma healed quickly but he had never healed this quickly before.

"Amazing. It is as if Ranma's body is drawing the extra energy from the very air to speed up the healing process." Noted Doctor Tofu.

"Yes it is very interesting. Mrs. Saotome where are you going?" Asked Cologne noticing that Nodoka was leaving.

Nodoka looked over her shoulder. "I have a phone call to make. Watch over my son while I am gone, elder."

Cologne nodded. "Of course."

Somewhere in America at that moment...

Eric Lensher, over wise known as Magneto, watched the stars. Eric was doing something that he had not done in many years, relax. With Apocalypse defeated Eric found himself with time on his hands. He and Charles Xavier had patched their friendship slightly. Although Eric knew that he and Charles would never see eye to eye on certain matters. Still he was grateful that Charles had suggested that he take this vacation. Sighing, he began to let his mind wonder. Eric was not sentimental but at the moment he found himself thinking of the past. Of his old friendship with Charles Xavier Magneto's mind paused only briefly before it focused on the short time he had spent in Japan. And more specifically the beautiful woman he had met there.

"If things could have been different." Eric murmured.

But they couldn't and he knew that was no point in dwelling on the past. Still Eric could not help but wondered what had happened to the lovely creature he had met. Getting up Eric prepared to return to his hide out when his cell phone rang. Eric frowned. Not many people knew his phone's number. Only a select few had it. His children, Charles, and one other. But he knew that Charles would never call him not unless he had no choice. That had been Charles' promise when he had convinced Eric to go on this vacation. The rift in their friendship grown closer in the past year. 'No surprise there.' Magneto thought to himself as he answered the phone.


"Eric? Is that you?" the familiar voice caused Magneto's eyes to widen.

"Nodoka? Why are you calling me?" Eric asked.

"I need help Eric. I am sending someone to America tomorrow for his own protection." Nodoka said.

"But why tell me. I am sure you know by now that I am not the man that you should trust with any one you care about. Charles would have been a better choice than me." Eric said bitterly.

"I know that you think that Eric, but I must tell you something. The person I am sending over is our son. Who better to protect him than his own father."

That left Eric completely shocked. A son? He had another son? Then he realized something else, Nodoka had said she was sending the boy to America for his own protection. What danger was his son in?

"Tell me everything Nodoka." Eric said firmly.

Ranma groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. His head felt like it had smashed by Akane's mallet a thousand times. 'What happened? The last thing I remember was making it to Doc Tofu's place with Nabiki.'

"About time you woke up Ranma-kun. We've been pretty worried about you." Said Nabiki.

"N..Nabiki? What happened?" asked Ranma.

"After you some how teleported us to Doctor Tofu's you fell unconscious. You scared me pretty badly Saotome. Not to mention your mother as well." Said Nabiki.

This caused Ranma to look more alert. "Mom? Where is she?"

"Right here Ranma. How are you feeling?" Nodoka said stepping into the small clinic.

"I've been better. Man I can't believe those three idiots. They could have killed someone the way they were fighting." Ranma said.

Nabiki nodded then winced slightly. She was still slightly sore from where Akane had punched her. Which reminded Nabiki? Wow was Ranma going to react to their being engaged once again?

Ranma was worried at how quiet Nabiki had suddenly become.

"Hey Nabiki are you all right?" asked Ranma.

Nabiki smiled at his concern. "I'm fine Ranma, really."

"Good. I wouldn't want my fiancé to be in pain." Grinned Ranma.

"You mean you don't mind being my fiancé again?" asked Nabiki.

"Not at all, if you really want to make it work this time. Besides you're much cuter than that uncute tomboy." Said Ranma.

Nabiki kissed Ranma in response. Startled Ranma blinked before returning the kiss. Nodoka watched as the two teens began a make out sessions heedless of the audience they had.

Nodoka coughed to let them know of her presence. The startled teens jumped apart, embarrassment clear on their faces. Their looks caused Nodoka to laugh. 'Oh yes this engagement just might work out after all.' She thought.

"I am sorry to interrupt children, but there is still much for us to discuss. You are probably wondering what happened to you at school, am I right son?" said Nodoka.

Ranma nodded. Even Nabiki turned her attention to her future mother- in-law. She was just as curious as Ranma was about had happened to him.

"I always feared that this day would come. That your powers would become active." Nodoka started.

Ranma looked puzzle but nodded for his mother to continue.

"You see Ranma you are a mutant. I know this because your father is one as well. And before you ask no Genma has no powers. But then he wouldn't since he isn't your real father." said Nodoka.

"So where is my real father Mon? Did you meet him before Pops, I mean Genma?" asked Ranma.

"I met your father several years ago in Tokyo. At the time he and a friend of his had come to Japan on a study of mutagenic. I fell in love with him the moment we met. Unfortunately my family did not want me marrying a gaijin, so they decided to engage me to Genma." Nodoka answered.

"So what is Ranma's father's name?" Nabiki asked.

"His name is Eric Magnus Lensher."

To Be Continued...