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"I repeat who are you?" demanded Scott.

"I'm Ranma. Sorry about this." said Ranma.

Kitty snickered. "I hate to tell you this but Ranma is a guy."

Feeling suddenly tired Ranma let out a sigh. He was so tired of having to explain his curse.

"Nabiki do you think that you could field this one for me?" he asked.

Looking at Ranma with concern Nabiki nodded.

"She really is Ranma. He has a curse that causes him to become a girl with cold water. Hot water will change him back." said Nabiki.

This only caused Scott to snort. 'Curses? There's no such thing. I bet this is just a ply of Magneto's.'

Unaware of Scott's growing suspicions Ranma was silently wishing for some hot water. The stares that she was receiving was starting to make her nervous. A sudden tingling sensation caught Ranma by surprise.

It was a sensation that Ranma had become familiar with ever since that fateful trip to China. Looking down Ranma saw that he was both dry and now male. 'What in the world?'

Everyone else including Nabiki had just witnessed Ranma suddenly shift from his girl form back to his boy form. Recovering from the shock what they had seen Xavier was the first to speak.

"Interesting, perhaps it would be best after all if Nabiki and Ranma did share a room. They both are already used to his situation." said Xavier.

"Charles are you sure that is such a good idea?" questioned Ororo.

Xavier nodded. "Yes it will help to prevent any misunderstandings that might have occurred with anyone else that we roomed him with."

Sometime later...

Nabiki waited patiently in their new room as Ranma finished putting away his clothes. Once he was done Nabiki finally asked the question that had been on her mind.

"All right Ranma-kun what's wrong?" she asked.

"Ah it's nothing Nabs." said Ranma.

"Don't try to lie to me Saotome. Why did you want me to explain your curse earlier?" Nabiki countered.

Ranma knew Nabiki well enough to know that she wasn't going to give up until she got the answer she wanted. Unfortunately Ranma wasn't quite sure what answer to give his fiancee.

With a sigh Ranma sat on the bed next to Nabiki. He hung his head before he finally spoke.

"I'm just sick and tired of having to explain this curse of mine. Every time I meet somebody new my curse gets activated before I can mention it."

"Don't worry about it. Perhaps once we find out what your powers are, you can use it to control your curse." Nabiki said as she rubbed Ranma's back.

Enjoying the feeling of Nabiki's fingers on his back Ranma stretched out on the bed. Straddling Ranma's legs, Nabiki began to work more viciously on the knots in his muscles.

"Is this helping Ranma-kun?" She asked.

Ranma's only response was a deep "Hmm." Nabiki grinned. It wasn't too often that she saw Ranma let his guard down so completely. Before she could even react Nabiki suddenly found herself being flipped over. Grinning down at her Ranma bent down and slowly kissed Nabiki.

Meanwhile out the two lovers' window a black raven with red eyes watched them briefly before flying off. The bird landed a few yards outside the institute before transforming into Mystique.

Walking back to her car Mystique smiled evilly. She had finally found a weakness of Magneto's to use against him. After all what better revenge for her then to target Magneto's own son.

"And what better way to attack the son then through the fiancee." whispered Mystique.

The next morning...

Ranma went through his usual morning kata. As he did Ranma let his mind wonder. Today was the day that he was going to find out just what his mutant powers were. While Ranma practiced several of the institute's other inhabitants watched him in awe.

"Oh like, wow."

"Ah don't believe it."

"Man I bet he could kick Logan's butt."

These were the whispers that Logan heard as he neared the gathered students. He hadn't yet met this new 'son' of Magneto's that had suddenly appeared. Leaning against the frame of the door Logan silently watched as Ranma went through the rest of his practice. 'The kid's got some serious talent.' he thought.

From a nearby tree a crow watched Ranma's practice with interest as well. The boy obviously couldn't be attacked directly. However there were other ways of attacking someone. The crow watched Ranma for a minute longer before flying off in a search of its real victim.

Nabiki grinned as she looked out of her and Ranma's bedroom window. From their room on the second floor Nabiki had a perfect view of Ranma doing his morning kata. Seeing the shocked looks on some the other students Nabiki gathered that none of them had ever seen a martial artist if Ranma's caliber before.

Leaning out of the window Nabiki tried to get a better view of her fiancee. On the edge of the roof a crow watched Nabiki maliciously. With a flap of its wings the crow flew from the roof straight for Nabiki's head.

Nabiki let out a scream as she felt something strike the back of her head. The impact caused her to lean even further out the window. In an instant Nabiki knew she was going to fall. She was too far out for her to pull herself back inside. Just as she started to fall a tree branch suddenly reached out and grabbed her.

Ranma felt his blood run could when he heard Nabiki's scream. Seeing her start to fall Ranma realized that he wouldn't be able to reach her in time. Suddenly something snapped inside of Ranma. Raising one arm he watched amazed as a nearby tree branch actually stretched out and caught Nabiki. 'Did I do that? Did I just use my power consciously?' he wondered.

Mystique silent cursed as she flew in circles over the institute. That damn brat of Magneto's had managed to save his fiancee. She had not thought that the boy would have been able to control his powers so quickly. This would require some more planning on her part.

Ranma stared at the branch that was still holding Nabiki. Curious to see if he could control his still unknown power Ranma tried to will the branch to lower Nabiki to the ground. To his amazement the branch did just that. However as soon as Nabiki stepped off the branch Ranma dropped to his knees. His head exploding with pain. The last thing Ranma saw before blacking out was Nabiki racing to him.

An hour later in the medical ward...

Nabiki paced as she waited for news on Ranma. She was still in shock of her near death. Nabiki knew from experience that being Ranma's fiancee came with danger. But being in America Nabiki thought the danger would be lessened.

"Nabiki." Xavier said as rolled up to her.

"How is he Professor?" asked Nabiki.

"Fine. At the moment all Ranma is doing sleeping." said Xavier.

"Can I see him?" Nabiki asked.

Xavier nodded. He could sense the concern coming from the young woman.

"Of course. Eric is with him right now."

"Professor do you know why Ranma collapsed?" Nabiki asked as she started to walk past Xavier.

"Yes, but I think that it would be best if Eric told both you and Ranma." answered Xavier.

With a nod Nabiki decided not to press the issue just yet and went to join her fiancee.

Ranma's eyes slowly opened taking in the white ceiling. 'Huh, this the Tendo's. No, wait, that's right. I'm in America with Nabs. Must've hurt myself pretty good. Wonder what happened?' thought Ranma.

As he tried to sit up a hand pushed Ranma back down on the bed. Looking up Ranma saw his father frowning at him.

"You shouldn't try to move just yet son. Your body took a massive strain from your use of your powers." said Eric.

"Just what are his powers?" asked Nabiki as she joined them.

Ranma grinned at her. "Hey Nabs. Don't go trying to fly out the window next time. Scared a couple of years outta me."

"I think I lost a few myself." admitted Ranma.

"Yes, well as touching as this is. We still have the situation of Ranma's powers. Luckily Charles and I were able to discover a little more of Ranma's abilities." said Erik.

That got Ranma's attention.

"So just what is it that I can do?" he asked.

"From what we can tell you seem to be able to control the sphere of reality in the immediate area around you. How far you could actually stretch your control is unknown right now." said Erik.

"Is that why he's been able to what he has recently?" asked Nabiki.

Erik nodded. "Yes. Ranma collapsed after saving you probably because of the strain that his body went through. Until now Ranma has subconsciously been using his power. Using it with real intent must likely be incredibly draining."

Ranma sighed. Another thing that he had to worry about now. At least he no knew just what his powers were. If he could control reality around him even slightly then he might be able to finally have a way to control his curse. Already Ranma could see the different uses he could apply his power to.

To Be Continued...

Howling Wolf: Hey sorry it took me longer to get this chapter finished than I originally thought. Expect to see Nodoka and the amazons making a reappearance in the next chapter. On the note of Ranma's power, he can control reality but on a small basis. It takes great effort on his part since controlling reality would be strain on anyone. So a lot of what he does is without much actually focus.