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"Talking" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

"What's going on Chuck?" asked a very irate Logan. A very flushed Ororo stood next to him nodding in agreement.

"As you can see, I've asked all the adult X:Men here. I need to ask your advice on a touchy subject. As you all know, Rogue disappeared shortly after graduation. I have not been able to locate her since, until last week." Xavior paused to let this information sink in.

Hank, Logan, Ororo and himself all had a special bond with the resident Goth before she had left, which was going on three years.

"What the hell do you need to ask us about Chuck? Get her back her!" demanded a very exited Logan. Rogue had always been like a daughter to him, and he missed her a lot.

"I must agree, Professor." stated an equally exited Hank. Since Rogue could not touch and didn't like crowds so much she would spend hours in the med bay assisting him and listing to his new discoveries. She had become somewhat of an apprentice and he sorely missed her company.

"I agree with them, Charles. And no doubt the children will be ecstatic." stated Ororo calmly, although no less excitedly. As with Hank, due to her mutation Rogue and Ororo had bonded over discussions on religion and plants. The children, Ororo knew, missed her too. Nobody could have guessed the uproar the Southern Bell could have caused among the X:Men. She had somehow created an unbreakable bond with a lot of the original X:Men as well as the new Recruits. Bobby, Ray and Sam all crushes on the untouchable X:Woman for different reasons. Kurt, before and after learning they were siblings, was very protective of her as was Evan and Scott. Kitty, Amara and Jubilee all looked up to her because she was her own person, never letting anyone dictate her life. Then there was little Jamie Mordox. Rogue was his idol. Brave, smart, witty, nice (to him at least), and beautiful. She was really the only one who talked and hung out with the 12 now 15 year old boy. Jean, unfortunately didn't get along with her at all, and was half the reason Rogue was gone. The other half being none other than Remy LeBeau. Him and Rogue had been dating for about a year when she had walked in on him and Jean doing something other than studying. Or so the rumors stated. Ororo had no doubt they were true because the rumors had originated from Rogues very own journal, which Charles had reluctlently looked in after a week of her absents. Although everyone still blamed Remy and Jean the rest of the mansion eventually forgiven them.

"That's the problem." Xavior calmly interrupted Ororo's train of thought.

"We always assumed that Rogue ran away. Under further investigation this information is false. It appears that while out for a walk Rogue was in an accident and was air lifted to a hospital in Toronto. Although her body made a complete recovery, her mind did not. She suffers from acute amnesia (A/N I'm nowhere near a doctor so I'm just saying that she lost her memory and calling it acute amnesia cuz it sounds cool)." All three adults were taken a back by this news.

"Well if that's true, then why didn't you detect her when the doctors touched her? Surely her mutation..." Hank was cut off by a look from the Professor.

"Apparently, the accident negated her mutant abilities. (A/N not sure if it can be done but its my story so..ya..) Which is why I called you here. We have two options. We can either go to Rogue and explain to her about us and her past or we can leave her be."

Logan couldn't believe it. Threes years of worrying about his Strips and it all came down to a decision.

"Do we know if she's happy?" he asked gruffly.

"Oh, thank you for reminding me Logan. If you will turn your attention to the screen..." All the adults turned as the screen was brought to life...with a picture of Rogue on it. She still had the two toned hair but that was all that was the same about her. Her hair was now half way down her back and lightly curled. Her face was slender and no longer adored with pale make up. The most she had on was lip gloss and light green eye shadow. Her face, which was once pale even without the make up was now bronzed as if she spent a lot of time in the sun. Her emerald eyes which were once cold and distant were now warm and inviting, sparkling with good humor and mischief. She wore a lavender peasant top and a white skit that seemed to be made just for her and ended above her knees. Her hands, which used to be covered by gloves were now adored by silver rings of all sizes sparkling in the sun and she had a silver bracelet on one wrist and a golden one on the other. She was with two boys who had made a thrown with there hands and were currently holding her seated on her "thrown". Hank, Logan and Ororo were shocked for the second time that day. That wasn't their Rogue. But she looked so happy and healthy.

"Mia Garcia is what she goes by nowadays. Attends Parora College (A/N made up :D) Currently studying how to be a child aid. Works at the Clutter as a waitress part time and lives in an apartment with her two best friends Ryan and Max." explained the professor.

"Let us talk to the children about this, if were going to make a decision it should be made together as a team." Ororo suggested. "Yes, I agree." was all Hank could come up with, his mind buzzing with the new information. A grunt was all they got from Logan.

"Very well, I shall call them in." stated the Professor.