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"So, Jamie, uhh, where is everyone?" Ria asked, looking at the grayish cookies in front of her with some hostility. They looked like they were going to grow some arms and legs and attack soon.

"Dunno. I woke up from a nap when I heard a car leave. I'm assuming that Remy, Kurt, Kitty, St. John and Jean were in it, cuz everyone else is away. Uhh, don't you want to try a cookie?" he asked, hope in his voice and eyes.

"I made them all by my self! Cleaned up after and everything!" he added, hoping to to get his idol to eat his cookies, so what if they were a little grey! They probably still tasted good...he hoped anyway...

"Well, you see, I'm on a new...DIET! Ya, that's it, I'm on a new diet, and I can't have cookies. Sorry, sugah. Hey, what about you Ryan? Want to try one of these...delicious...looking cookies?" Ria asked Ryan, who until now had been slowly backing out of the kitchen.

"Uhh, thanks, Ria, but..."

'Oh, if looks could kill!' Ria thought to herself, as Ryan struggled to come up with a plausible excuse not to eat the cookies.

"...I'm allergic to raisins!" he finished lamely, hoping he convinced the young boy.

"Oh, well, that's okay, there are no raisins in the cookies." Jamie said, with a bemused smile.

'Why would being allergic to raisins stop him from eating chocolate chip cookies?' wonder Jamie silently.

"Uh, Jamie, sugah, if there's no raisins, what's that?" asked Ria, hesitantly pointing to a chunk in the cookie that 'looked' like a raisin, but could also have been a baked in bug...

"Hmm, don't know, oh well, you..." before Jamie could finish there was a sound at the front door.

"Wonder what that was?!" Ryan asked, all but running out of the kitchen. Maybe, if he was lucky, it'd be an insane Doctor come to kid-nap him, at least that way he wouldn't have to eat

"Uhh, it might be dangerous, we should go check, just to make sure," Ria yelled out behind her as she too fled the kitchen.

'Come on masked murdered, come on!' she thought as she skidded to a stop behind Ryan, who was holding a bat, getting ready to open the door.

"Maybe they want a cookie." Jamie said, coming up behind them with a plate of cookies, which were slowly evolving into a new species.

"Uhh, yaaaaa..." Ryan snickered.
"That's probably it."

"Oh just open the door!" Ria snapped, getting tired of thinking of the cookies, that were now forming there own community.

"Fine, I'm going," sulked Ryan as he slowly turned the knob and opened the door to see a horrific site. Well, to Ria, anyway.

There was Remy, looking hot as ever, and in his arms, nestled quite comfortably, with her arms twined around his neck, and head resting on his shoulder with a sly look on her face, was Jean.

"Thank you, Remy, for being such a gentleman!" she cooed, before trapping her fingers in his hair and pulling his head down to deliver a kiss, right on his lips.

"Oh, Ria, I didn't see you there." she lied with a sweet smile.

'Is it to late to eat the cookies and die?' wonder Ria briefly.


"Damn it, were late!" cursed Remy, looking at the radio clock, that was right now blinking an annoying 5:25, as if mocking him for being late..damn clock, what did it know anyway?!

"Calm down, you just have to explain that we had car troubles. She'll understand." Jean said, annoyance lacing her words. Damn it, he was still think of that damn River Rat.

"Don't, like, worry, Remy. Ria won't be angry, she probably isn't even there yet." Kitty said, trying to give Remy some hope.

"But, petite, what if she is dere, and she be wif all her aimes, and dy keep knocking on da door and ringin da bell, and no one answers and she t'inks dat we don't want her dere anymore, and leaves and den she never talks to Remy again! What would Remy do den, huh, petite?! HUH!" Remy said, slowly working himself into a panic attack.

"Vov, dude, calm down! Ria vouldn't leave, not unless she thought ve really vanted her gone. And since ve practically had to beg her to even zink of coming up, she knows zere must be sumvthing vong." Kurt said, trying to calm the Cajun down, seeing as he was driving the car, and probably wouldn't notice if he drove off a cliff.

"Ya, mate, and it's not like the Sheila can just turn around and head 'ome. She'd 'ave to drive for another week, and she probably needs a little sleep right now, so even if she did leave, she probably went to a 'otel. Don't worry mate, it's all apples!" St. John said as he played with his lighter.

"Oui, your probably all right. Damn, why did we agree to come at all?" he asked, giving a pointed look towards Jean.

"Hey, don't look at me, I suggested we go. I didn't point a gun at your heads and demand!" Jean sulked, annoyed beyond telling that they were probably going to figure out her plan soon. Oh well, at least she 'hurt' her ankle. That means that one of them would have to carry her in, and she new that it wouldn't be Kitty, or Kurt, and St. John would some how get out of it, so that left the lovely Remy to carry her. So, even if that despicable River Rat was there, the first thing she'd see was her beloved Remy carrying another girl, and if she had it her way, a little more....

"Finally! Look Remy! There's her car! Told you she'd still be here!" Kitty chirped energetically, she was twenty seconds away from seeing her best friend again! Ohh, she could squeal!

"Uhh, sorry to burst your bubble, but could someone please help me out?" Jean asked, once they were parked and walking towards the house. She watched with mild amusement and annoyance as the all looked at her like she was a one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater.

"Uhh, I like, have to get stuff out of the trunk!" chirped Kitty.

"I have to help! Zeres a lot of stuff!" chocked out Kurt as he went to help Kitty.

"Sorry, Sheila, bad back." And with that, St. John went around the mansion to the back door.

"Guess that leaves you, Remy. It'll be easier if you carried me." She smiled sweetly, and held out her arms for him.

"Umm, o..okay." and with that, Remy lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the front door, just to have it open and see the face of his chere, Ryan, and Jamie.

And before he could say anything, Jean put her plan into action.

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