Hold On

A cry of hope

A plead for peace

And my conscience beating

It's not what I want for

It's all that I need

To reach the break of day

So I run to the edge

Beyond the shadows of a doubt

With my conscience bleeding

Here lies the truth

The lost treasures of my youth

As I reach the break of day


I blinked as what seemed to be the whole village of Kokoyashi stormed past me. I kept my steady pace into the village looking around at the emptiness. I looked a few feet ahead of me and saw Nami on the gravel road.

She picked up a knife that was on the ground and I tensed, thinking that she knew I was here. She screamed in frustrating and began to stab her upper arm repeatedly. I stood still; shocked. She was screaming someone's name, but took no notice. I grabbed Nami's wrist and stopping her mid swing; knife falling from her grasp.

I could only see the pool of blood that was gathering, creating a dark crimson stain on the soil.

She turned and looked at me. It was a minute before I dared to look back. The tears that fell from her eyes fell and formed little circles like rain falling from the sky in the dirt.

I wanted to kiss them away.

But knew I couldn't.

She ripped her arm from my grasp and started to yell at me. She said how she'd told me to leave. How I have no idea what was going on.

"Your right. I don't know." I said.

"Get Out!" She yelled. I wouldn't. She knew I wouldn't. Couldn't. Though hoped I would.

She stopped and brought her hand to her face, covering her mouth trying to stifle her cries.

She turned back and said, "Luffy. . . help me."

I stood there and my decision was made the second the sentence had left her lips. I took off my hat and placed it on her head. I know she will take care of it, knowing how much I love it.

I turned around and started walking back towards the exit of Kokoyashi; only slightly surprised that Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji where there.

This Arlong guy will pay.

"Lets Go."