When all there is, Is you!
Natalie Elizabeth

Chapter 1

Buffy sat on her bed in her room staring. Her eyes were vacant and her body felt like shutting down. She wasn't sure what to do. Confusion was an understatement. She had told Spike that she didn't care if he told her friends cause they would understand, they wouldn't hate her, well at least after awhile. She would never forget the look on Xanders and Anya face, it wasn't disgusted it was just shocked. It was all out now, Tara, Dawn, Anya and Xander knew, Willow would probably find out from one of them if she hadn't figured it out for herself.

Buffy sat on her bed in her room staring. If her eyes weren't open, you wouldn't know she was awake. Her eyes were vacant and her body felt like shutting down. She didn't know what to do and that scared her. Confusing was a big understatement. When Spike had threatened to tell her friends about their so-called relationship, she didn't care. She had called his bluff and won. He hadn't told; well not until Xander was beating him to death. He was getting the shit kicked out of him anyway, why not reveal all?

Spike had said she was afraid of being happy that's why she wouldn't tell her friends. Which was ridiculous, they knew now and she wasn't happy. She just felt vacant, vacant of thought. Her body felt overcharged, she felt stressed. Was she having a panic attack, what was a panic attack? Whatever she was feeling, she didn't like it and she had to get away from it.

Buffy walked down stairs and grabbed the telephone and began dialling.

"You have reached the double meat palace how can I help you"

"H h hi this is Buffy umm there has been a death in the family and I wont be able to come in for about a week, I have to leave town bye" Buffy quickly hanged up the phone and stared at it for a few seconds before running up the stairs.

Buffy ran into her room and grabbed her suit case from under her bed unzipped it and put it on her bed. Walking over to her drawers Buffy pulled out a few pairs of jeans and shirts and stuffed them into the suitcase. Walking around her room Buffy began opening drawers and grabbing anything important and adding it to the suitcase. Buffy ran downstairs and into the kitchen looking for the emergency money. Her mother had started putting money in a tin just after Buffy had run away the first time. She wanted her daughter to know that if she ever needed money to fix a problem there was some. Buffy grabbed the tin out of the back of the freezer and opened it. She had never opened the tin but had always known it was there. Buffy raised her eyes at the amount of hundred-dollar bill that were in there. She had figured there would be a few hundred dollars in change but she guessed there was maybe a thousand dollars. That would defiantly help them. Buffy heard the front door open.

"Crap" Buffy whispered she had hoped to leave without anyone noticing.

"Hey Buffy what ya doing" Dawn said coming into the kitchen.

Buffy sighed with relief "Umm hey Dawn umm nothing"

"Well what are you doing with the tin?" she asked with raised eyebrows. She had known about the tin, she had thought her mum was secretly hiding ice cream. She knew there was a lot of money in there so she knew something was up if Buffy was digging in to it.

Buffy sat down on a chair defeated. "Look Dawn I have to tell you something and I am hoping you will understand. Everything has gotten really bad and I just can't cope right now, I thought it was getting better but I was just kidding myself" Buffy sighed she was admitting to her younger sister she was a failure.

"Buffy what are you saying"

"Dawn I'm leaving"

"What no you can't" Dawn screamed. "You can't leave me. Not again please. Don't you love me?"

"I do Dawn," she said standing up trying to calm her sister "That's why I want you to come with me"

"What?" Dawn stuttered. Did she say come with me?

"I want you to come with me, I never thought of leaving without you unless you didn't want to come, so it's up to you Dawn." Leaving Dawn behind had never entered her mind. She needed her sister. It had been three weeks since they had found out. Willow and Dawn had figured it out. Well what were they supposed to think when she ran out of the house because she had seen Anya and Spike having sex, that she was with Anya? Xander had been scarce recently and Willow had asked numerous questions, but not Dawn.

"So you and Spike" she had asked simply.

Buffy had nodded then quickly replied with "so not happening anymore" and that had been it. No questions nothing.

"But where would we go, for how long" Dawn asked.

"I don't know Dawn, I just know I have to get away, it might be a week, a month, maybe more I don't know. Once I leave I may never wanna come back"

"And what about the others, Willow, Xander" Dawn asked

"They will deal Dawn they have before" and if not, she didn't need them.

"Are we going to tell them"

Buffy shook her head.

"We do you want to leave" she asked smiling

"As soon as I can, I'll understand if you wanna stay here why should I ruin you life as well" God knew she had stuffed up her own.

"Can you help me pack"

"What?" Buffy asked shocked. She thought Dawn would definitely want to stay.

"Help me pack"

"You sure about this Dawn, I mean I don't know where we are going or when we are coming back if at all."

"Buffy if you are going then so am I, remember life hasn't been great for me here either"

"Yeah I am sorry," Buffy said feeling that it was her fault to.

"It's not your fault come on lets pack"

"I was hoping to leave before Willow got back. So we had better hurry. I packed already. I didn't think you would want to come so I didn't pack for you."

Buffy and Dawn walked up the stairs to her room and began to pack.

"So where do you want to go Buffy and how are we going to get there"

"Well I was thinking we would maybe head to L.A at least we know our way around there, and that way we can decide where we want to go by bus, plane whatever, well manage"

"Can we see angel while we are there, maybe he can help us out" Dawn wasn't thrilled about seeing angel but she knew he could help.

Buffy cringed "Umm yeah I guess maybe he can give us some direction"

Dawn quickly finished packing then looked around her room.

"Don't worry Dawn the stuff will be here when we get back"

"If we get back," Dawn sighed.

Buffy put her arm around Dawn "Dawn if you don't want to go then you can stay just swear you wont tell the guys where I am going"

Dawn picked up her suitcase and confidently walked out the door.

"Nope we are going, now come on"

"Alright" she said following her sister out the door.

Buffy went into her room and grabbed her own suitcase. Heading down stairs Buffy saw Dawn writing a note.

"What are you doing"

Dawn looked up scared. "I was just writing them a note I wasn't telling them where we were going just that we were going, so they didn't think we were attacked or something you know, see" she said handing her the note.

"We had to leave" Luv Buffy and Dawn

Buffy smiled at her sister. "Ok well I'll go place it on my bed hopefully that will give us enough time to get away"

Buffy ran up the stairs and into her room. Placing the note on her bed and glancing once more around her room Buffy shut the door trying to by them more time.

"Hey Buffy hurry up" Dawn yelled. "Willow will be home soon I know it

Buffy rolled her eyes and met her sister at the bottom of the stairs.

"Alright so you ready to do some walking," Buffy asked.

Dawn picked her suitcase up then almost dropped it. "Sure" she said struggling out the door with it.

Buffy picked up her suitcase surveyed the house then closed the door.


* * * * *

Willow walked into Buffys house just after six and looked around.

"Buffy, Dawn, are you home," Willow yelled

Not getting a reply Willow walked into the kitchen and grabbed a drink from the fridge. When the telephone rang, Willow put down her drink and went to answers it.

"Hello Summers residence"

"Hey Willow its Tara"

"Oh hey Tara, nice to hear you voice what's up" Please, please want to see me.

"Oh nothing I was wondering if you girls wanted to hang out tonight you know maybe the bronze or a movie"

"Well I am up for it, but I think Buffy and Dawn went out for some sisterly time"

"Oh well its just the two of us then what do you say we meet at the bronze in half an hour is that ok"

"Sure" Willow said smiling "See you then"

Willow ran into the lounge room and grabbed her bag and coat. She left a note for Buffy and Dawn by the telephone and headed out not wanting to late.


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