When all there is, Is You!
Natalie Elizabeth

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Chapter 4

Spike made it to Angels a few short hours before sun up. He looked at the place before him. Great the poof would have to live in a place like this he thought. Spike strolled through the doors and inhaled deeply.


Spike heard noises coming from somewhere in the back and ventured forward. A slim covered Cordelia and Angel entered.

"Next time Angel, warn me not to wear my good clothes" Cordelia said peeling her slim covered top away from her body.

"You didn't have to come, Cordy" Angel said walking over to the wall and hanging his axe up. He turned around and stopped when he saw Spike.

"Getting a bit old peaches only been standing here the last five minutes" Spike said with a smile on his face.

"Spike" Angel growled.

"Umm Angel" Cordy said. "Remember what I said earlier about understanding, now would be a really good time"

Angel looked over at Cordy confused.


"Where's Buffy" Spike demanded.

"In Sunnydale, why?" Angel asked to quickly.

Spike shook his head. "Don't play funny buggers with me Angelus I know there here"

"I don't know what you're talking about" he said walking over to the stairs.

Cordelia followed him then went up the stairs to get Dawn.

"Why do you want Buffy for anyway, still pissed you couldn't kill her" Angel asked smugly.

Spike tuttered. "A lot has changed since you left sunny hell. You have been replaced in the slayers little group"

"Oh yeah" Angel asked. Buffy hadn't mentioned anything. "By who"

"By me" Spike said triumphantly. "Spend my nights hanging out with the slayer in her house with her friends.

"Yeah right" Angel said laughing. "Buffy wouldn't let you anywhere near her friends or family"


Angel looked up to see a pyjamas clad Dawn run down the stairs. Spike walked over and caught Dawn as she flung her self off three steps before the bottom.

"Bit" he said holding her tight.

"You came" she said still holding on to him.

Spike nodded. "Where's Buffy?"

Dawn pulled out of the hug. "Spike we're not going back to Sunnydale" she said adamantly.

"I know" he said "That's why I am coming with you"

Dawn took another step back. "You can't Spike"

Spike looked at her confused. What did she mean cant. Did the slayer fill her head with crap?

"Angel can we go talk somewhere" Dawn asked.

Spike looked at Dawn surprised when did she become so grown up. She was only what 14, 15. Spike shook his head. She was all most 16 she told him a few months ago. She couldn't wait to drive and she wanted Spike to teach her.

Spike followed Dawn and Angel into an office and watched as Angel sat behind the desk. Dawn sat on the only chair in the room and curled her feet up. Spike took of his jacket and draped it over her before leaning on the desk.

"So what's this about you not going back to Sunnydale" Angel asked. "I thought you guys just needed a break.

Dawn shook her head. "Where not going back we weren't happy there"

"What about school" Spike asked addressing the more important issues. "When the social workers find out you aren't going they'll find out your missing. Buffy would really be on the run then and I can't keep the social worker off then, he's already doing me a favour".

Dawn looked at Spike confused. "I thought Buffy sorted it out"

Spike shook his head. "She sorted the old one out. I just made sure a demon friend was appointed your new one but these only so much he can do"

Dawn nodded then looked down at her knees.

"If your enrolled in school some where else Dawn you would be ok" Angel said trying to shed some light for the poor young girl.

"Where" Dawn asked not looking up.

Angel thought. "Well it has to be somewhere safe and obviously away from Sunnydale if you are serious about this"

Dawn nodded but didn't look up.

"I know a place" Spike said.

"Where?" Dawn asked again.

"With friends of mine"

Angel growled.

"Not demon friends you wanker, human friends. A family, live on the other side of the bloody country but they would take you in"

"Really" Dawn asked looking up.

Spike nodded.

"I don't know about this" Angel said.

"Carol and Ben Mckillan. Look them up if you have to."

"I will" Angel challenged.

"They have a good school there. Bit. Sheri, their daughter, she goes there. She's about your age she loves it"

"How do you know these people" Dawn asked.

Spike sighed. "A couple years back when Dru dumped me. I travelled around drunk for a little while. I did something stupid and well then helped me out. There good people I wouldn't send you there if they weren't."

Spike watched as Angel brooded. Did he do anything else?

"How will we get there" Dawn asked.

"You got the freezer money right"

Dawn nodded.

"Check the bottom, its false. There's a couple thousand it there"

Dawn looked at Spike surprised.

"I am sorry tis not more. I did have some money once but Angelus here went a spending spree and decided to spend my money instead of his"

Spike glared at Angel then frowned as he saw him unlock the bottom draw in his desk. Angel grabbed out a stack of papers and threw them down in front of Spike.

"It's all there"

Spike looked down at the papers the back at Angel.

"It's all there in your name. Plus a bit extra"

Spike picked up the bank statements and looked at them. Dawn watched as Spike eyes bulged out.

"Bloody hell Angel there's more then a bit more here. What you do, win the lottery"

Angel looked away. He didn't know why but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do.

"I came into some money so I invested some for you"

Spike shrugged then smiled. "Here you go Bit. Two first class tickets for the both of you"

"I'll get on to it." Angel said getting up.

"Better make them in fake names" Cordy said from the doorway.

"But wont we need fake IDs then" Dawn asked as she watched her life being taken over.

"I know a guy" Cordy said smiling.

Angel frowned at her.

"What?" Cordy exclaimed. "I can't have a guy"

"Cordy and I will organise it" Angel said walking out the door.

"Hold on" Dawn said standing up.

Angel and Cordy stopped.

"Lets say we do, so this. What about our house and my school files"

"Tara" Spike said. "She agreed to help. She's the only one who knows you guys are missing"

"What will happen when she sells the house? How will we get the money? There probably won't be much but still."

"We will get Buffy to write a note" Cordy said. "We will say we found a note under the door from Buffy. We will set up a fake account for the money to go into. The money won't actually go into it we will send it to you but make it look like the money is there"

Spike raised his eyebrows, this chick want as dumb as she looked.

Dawn nodded satisfied with the agreement then frowned.

"What about our stuff we grabbed most of it but there are still things I want" she said remembering they didn't take many photos.

"Give me a list and I'll steal the stuff for you" Spike said smiling.

"Alright all settled" Angel said. "We'll get started on this. Oh and you can tell Buffy Dawn"

Dawn nodded.

When Dawn and Spike were finally alone Dawn threw her arms around Spike once more.

"Thankyou so much"

"Its ok bit. Just promise me one thing"

Dawn nodded. "Anything"

"Write to me"

"Your crypt has a letter box"

Spike shook his head then looked around for a piece of paper. He ripped one of a pad that's said Notes from the desk of Angel and wrote an address.

Dawn looked at the P.O box address and smiled.

"Ill write every day"

"Anytime Bit I just want to know your both ok. If you ever need anything"

"Thankyou Spike"

"You better get some sleep. I'll call Tara and get her to work up a blocking spell so red can't trace you"

Dawn nodded as tears ran down her face.

"Will I ever see you again" she asked through sobs.

Spike smiled. "You know me I am like a bad penny I always turn up"

Dawn tried to smile but the tears kept coming.

"If I don't bit, I want you and Buffy to have these"

Spike pulled the cloth bag out of his pocket. He opened it an out fell opal earrings and matching ring.

"They were supposed to be for you mum. She said she wanted antique jewellery to pass on to you two one day. She said she didn't have anything from her mother or mother in law and she really wanted a family heirloom. I bought this set because I liked opals. Different and unusual and I thought you mum might like them. I never got a chance to give them to her so here" he said handing them to her. "You take them"

Dawn looked at the jewellery in her hands.

"Ill make sure Buffy gets this"

Dawn turned and walked out of them room thinking about what she would tell Buffy in the morning. Spike watched as Dawn climbed the stairs. A tear fell from his eyes. The two women he loved the most were walking out of his life.


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