And Yet You Told Me Otherwise

By Unachieved Nirvana

Summary: I wish I could just tell her how I feel, yet, I'm constricted by my outer appearances. But then again, would she be able to see past that? I know she could, but...she already loves Crono, and he already loves her.


Chapter 1: Outer Appearances


It was a storm; I could tell by the way the clouds were assembled in the dreary sky. They looked angry, and I seriously mean angry. We needed to get to some sort of shelter, and fast. I called out to my fellow companions, a red headed teenager with katana skills which were unmatchable, a tall purple haired mad scientist who had aim that could kill, and finally, a fair blonde hair princess who with her powerful magic could crush her adversaries. I took another glance at the beautiful princess who was suddenly running in my direction, followed by the boy and the scientist.

We took temporary shelter within the Cursed Forest, my home. I lead them to where I usually would stay for the night. It wasn't fit for royalty, but I didn't think Marle would mind so much. I lead them down the rickety wooden ladder, helping Marle who seemed to be having trouble. She thanked me and smiled. Her smile was so beautiful. Every time I thought about her, I can't explain it very well, but this feeling would come over me, a feeling that was so pure and inviting that I just couldn't help to succumb to it. And yet, as quickly as it came, it would leave, as the bitter thoughts of what I am coursed through my mind. I am nothing but an Amphibian, a horrid creature to which no one would or could love. Then they began explaining why they had come back to find me. Crono pulled out a beautifully crafted broadsword. I looked closer at the details of the amazing weapon, and finally looked at the hilt, inscribed in it under the original inscription was CYRUS. I could feel my eye's widen, could it be?!

"Tis' the Masamune!" I announced in shock.

"That's right Frog!" Marle began, "We worked to get the other half and the material that could be used to forge it back to one weapon."

"Now don't go breaking it again." Lucca said, "I don't think Crono could handle another soup drinking contest."

The look on the poor lad's face turned green, Marle giggled and patted the red head on the back.

"Don't worry Crono, I don't think Frog will let the Masamune break." She turned to me and smiled again, "Will you?"

"Of course not, I would not let your efforts be in vain."

"I'm so tired." Lucca commented.

"Me too." Marle said yawning, which caused Crono to yawn as well.

The group headed towards the three makeshift beds that I had assembled, I tried to fall asleep as well, but I couldn't. I saw her sleeping so peacefully, at that exact moment she looked like an Angel. And she was one, at least to me anyway. I sighed with disappointment, I know it is impossible, but yet my heart holds on the very small hope that she might harbor some feelings for me. I blew out the single candle left burning and I climbed the ladder leading to the forest. I sat at the entrance Masamune in hand. If I couldn't fall asleep, then I would stand guard. It took my mind off my present situation, but caused my mind to drift to past ones.

The memory of Cyrus flashed through my mind, the confrontation with Magus, the flames, and my cowardice, my lack of a back bone. Then the spell placed upon me, turning me into the horrid creature I am, guess I paid my price. Of course after the incident I couldn't return to the castle, to see the look on the former Princess' now Queens' face to hear that her fiancée had been killed. And since we never returned she married that horrible man from the kingdom of Porre. And that too was my fault.

I heard something move, I turned around trying to detect where the sound was coming from but I couldn't it was too dark for me to see. Then the sound was followed by a sweet soft whisper.

"Are you alright Frog?"


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