And Yet You Told Me Otherwise

By Unachieved Nirvana

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Chapter 9: Magus' Castle Part 2

None of us moved, and all that could be heard were the distant screams of the Mystic Slaves Magus held captive within the stonewalls of his fort and the breathing of the three of us. It seemed that everything radiated with evil, and it was obviously scaring Marle, who probably has never experienced something of this great of circumstances…wait, I stand corrected. Once again I underestimate the young princess for what she is, a princess. Nobility, something that would've made me important in my short human life. Maybe Leene would have noticed me then…

But there was no time to dabble in past memories. I needed to continue and complete my mission, the mission Cyrus had set out to do long ago. I took in one final calm deep breath for I knew that nothing would be calm from this moment on. The true beginning of my quest had begun the moment I stepped on the first eerie step of Magus' castle.

But do I have the courage any longer?

I began to walk forward, which triggered movement between all of us. I headed up the first few steps when I realized something…we we're being watched!

"Halt!" I whispered with urgency.

"What is it Frog?" Marle said with slight anxiety in her tone.

"Get ready to fight, the minute I touch the door they'll probably come out."

Crono unsheathed his katana blade, and Marle loaded her crossbow…I took another step and even before I could reach the door Mystic guards ambushed us.

"KILL THE TWO HUMANS, LEAVE THE GREEN ONE TO ME!" Said the main guard; "Your head will be worth much to Master, so stay still like a good froggie and I'll make your death quick."

"Tis your mistake my foe to treat me as a common man, I am a swordsman of great skill and you shall fall for your ignorance!"

Crono was busy protecting Marle who was picking off the Mystics as they came, while he diced the one's who had gotten to close. They worked perfectly together side by side, each balancing out each others weaknesses. I mentally sighed, I could never compare to him…ever.

"You talk way to much!" The husky guard screamed, taking out his quarterstaff. He closed his eyes and chanted a short spell, "FIRE!"

The attack was sent towards my direction and I was broken out of my reverie. It engulfed my body, sending a boiling feeling through me. I felt like I was going to explode, that I wasn't going to live any longer.

"ICE 2!" was all I could hear over all of the commotion, and I saw Marle levitating in the air her eyes glowing like they did back in Truce Village. And right then I had saw the true extent of her power.

The icebergs generated from her small hands bombarded the vicious guard, killing him instantly. And the fiery assault on me ending when he fell. I dropped to my knees. I could barely keep myself up using the Masamune. The clamor of metal and magic stopped and Marle ran over to me.

"Are you alright?!" She said with such worry, "That fire attack really got to you!"

I tried my best to get back on my feet, and for a short time I was able to stand. But I fell again.

"It's the element his magic is." Crono stated, "The fire must have caused a boiling in his blood because he wields water magic."

And the deduction seemed logical enough. I also had noticed in our travels that Lucca was highly sensitive to the cold, and the Marle couldn't stand the heat, and Crono never liked when it rained. But before they were never like this, it must have been because of their magic, and I must had been affected in the same way.

"Let me heal you! HEAL 2!" I was surrounded by a white light and suddenly…I felt like I was fifteen again, able to perform skills I only could when I was that young. The magic seemed to do wonders for my body. I was instantly able to stand again.

And without any hesitation I opened the door to Magus' castle…

And we we're greeted by the Green Lard himself…Ozzie.

"Well hello, look who it is my favorite talking amphibian, Sir Glenn how nice to see you!" He said, mocking me and hissing through his hideous teeth.

"We have no time for your squabble! WHERE IS MAGUS!" I screamed.

"Oh, now someone is a bit impatient today! Tsk, tsk! You're a knight of the square table for goodness sakes didn't they teach your anything in your human training schools?!"

His jesting comments made me furious.

"Stop with your blasphemy and fight us you fiend!"

"If you insist! MINIONS ATTACK THEM!" And with that he disappeared leaving us with a horde of Naga-ette and Poly's to fight.

"What a coward!" Crono commented, cornering a Naga-ette into a corner.

Marle and I ran up the stairs chasing down the poly's and what seemed to be their "leader". They violently clawed at us, but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle.

I raised my sword and stabbed one right through the top of it's skull. A disgusting purple substance came oozing from it's wound, pulling out my sword it collapsed to the ground. Marle on the other hand was pelting the two poly that were attacking her with ice shards, eventually tearing them apart.

"Are they gone?" Marle whispered, her voice magnified by the large room.

"Yeah Marle, there gone." Crono said, making his way up the stairs.

I looked around, and discovered that two passage ways had opened up. One to the left, and another to the right. I turned to my companions.

"Which way do we go?" I said in a monotone.

"I sense strong magic to the left, and a strong aura to the right" Marle said, taping in to her magic again.

"Let's go left then." Crono said once again taking charge.

Marle and Crono headed left, but I didn't follow them right away.

"Wouldn't it be better if we broke up into two groups, to get the searching done faster?"

"Good idea!" Crono said.

"Crono take Marle with you and go left, I'll go to the right. We'll meet back here in about, one hour."

Crono took out his pocket watch and checked the time, closed it and quickly put it away. He nodded and continued to walk into the direction he was heading. And I turned to the right…and as soon as I walked through the door I discovered the failure in my plan, for before me stood Slash the lead battle commander of the Mystic Army.

"I was wondering when you'd arrive Sir. Froggie!" He said, sword in hand.

"We have a score to settle you know." I muttered back.

"No worries, I am up for your challenge." The mutant said with a sly grin crossing his dark blue face.

"Prepare to die like Cyrus did by the hands of Magus!"

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