Prince Charming

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: She still dreams of her Prince Charming

She use to dream of Prince Charming.  He would be prefect.  Everything she ever wanted.  He had brown hair and a silly smile.  He was taller than her but not by much.  He would make her laugh and take her away from Sunnydale, from parents who didn't care about her, to a magical kingdom. 

That Prince Charming didn't seem to find her.  She then dreamed her Prince Charming had hair that was never the same color. He was about the same height as her.  He didn't talk much, but said a lot.  He loved her and made her feel special.  She dreamed he would be the one who would take her away from the monsters, to a place where happily ever afters really did happen.

When he left she gave up her dream of Prince Charming.  But sometimes late at night when she lets herself pretend that she lives in a world where monsters don't exists, Willow still dreams of happily ever afters and her Prince Charming.