An AU fic written when inspired by the Cartoon Network TV show. I'm using Tim for Robin since Dick pops up later. Anyway this is an AU of how the Teen Titans somehow fit together in the world of alternate universes. I hope you guys enjoy it. And just a note, I'm from England so imagine the hell it is for me to try and write an american high school ^^;; if there's anything seriously wrong then let me know! All this word switching is hard work! Anyway, first Teen Titans fic, woo!

EVERYONE knows school is a dangerous jungle! You have your different species of teenager, toilets, teachers, everything! So Raven can only hope she survives a worst case scenario she'd never even dreamed possible in her school!

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans or the characters, situations or anything, this is DC property I guess...but I wrote this story ^^ Welcome to the Jungle is a song by Guns'n'Roses! Please don't sue me!

* * *



Raven read the letter once more and grimaced. An exchange student? Out of the whole school she'd been the lucky one to be selected to host the kid. Raven sighed, she wasn't exactly a people person. At 15 it seemed she was the only sane person in her school year of sheep. Who wanted friends who had egos the size of mars? No doubt this exchange student would take one look at her black clothes and make the same judgements as everyone else: emotionless freak.

She wasn't emotionless, she just didn't see the point of expending the energy everyone else seemed to on emotion when she could put it to good use through meditation.

Looking around the small waiting room outside the Principal's office Raven picked idly at a badge on her bag as she waited for her appointment. She expected the girl was in there now, her 'charge'. It was bad enough her mother had agreed to take in the exchange student for a week but that they had to share a room? Sure she had the extra bed and the extra room and all but...ugh. It was bad enough keeping her brother out of there.

Finally the door of the office opened and the small balding head of Mr. Withers appeared with "Ah, Raven, come in"

Raven huffed her distaste at the overly loud tie he wore over the trim grey suit and followed him inside. Withers took the seat behind his prize king-size desk and indicated a chair in front. In the place next to it Raven eyed the shock of red hair that swung down from the head of her new ball and chain.

"Now Raven I'd like you to meet your exchange student Starfire" Mr Withers adjusted some papers on his desk "She's from England, isn't that nice?"

Raven stared at the girl. It was her worst nightmare. Disgustingly cheerful green eyes sat under a red carpet and above a t-shirt of the worst colour purple Raven had ever seen.

Yet the worst part of it all was the overly loud greeting of "So you are to be my new friend!"

Raven gulped as Starfire jumped up and shook her hand vigorously with cries of "This is wonderful, I am overjoyed to be your exchange student, this will be a wonderful experience for both of use I am sure!"

Mr Withers seemed to have the same expression Raven was sure was plastered on her face as well as he watched the gushing of the girl. Finally he seemed able to speak through the torrents of glad tidings to get out "Excuse me?"

Starfire jumped back and said, "Oh, I am sorry, please continue"

Mr. Withers cleared his throat and said "It is time for third period, now run along or you'll be late for class. I've put you in the same groups for all your lessons. Starfire I hope you enjoy your time here, I'm sure Raven will love having you"

"I'm sure I will" Raven muttered darkly

"Welcome to Gotham High Starfire"

"Thank you very much sir" Starfire grabbed a large, cheerful red backpack off the floor and turned to Raven, "We have science class now do we not? Will you be my partner for experiments?"

Raven stood up slowly and swung her bag onto her back. It was going to be a long day.

* * *

"Is there a gym team? A sports team? A computer team? A science team? A journalism team? A team for watching stars?"

Raven couldn't believe someone could talk for so long without taking a breath as they went through the halls, science had been worse than expected with nothing but a rain of questions being hailed at her. And not just from Starfire, but the other pupils too. Where was this girl from? England? Were all girls from England hot? Do all people from England talk so funny? Thank the world it was lunch already.

Raven rubbed her head, a headache was beginning to form and she still had another week of this girl. She rubbed her pounding temples as Starfire seemed content to read out every sign in the hallway to her and chatter about how different everything was to her home.

"What kind of a name is Starfire anyway?" Raven asked suddenly, breaking through Starfire's never ending talk

Starfire blinked her green orbs and then grinned "A good name"

"Does everyone in your country have weird names?" Raven drawled, checking her watch to see how long lunch would continue to be served

"Actually I am from the planet Ta-"

"Nice outfit Raven, where'd you get it? A trash can?" dripped a poisonous voice

Raven took a deep breath. Her worst nightmare had snuck up on her before she was even prepared. Raven took a long breath before moving 'let it all go, be a stone, no emotion, no anger, no fear, just breathe, a piece of bamboo, in the words of myself: azarath, metreon, zinthos'. Deciding she was ready she turned to the speaker and said nonchalantly "Don't you have somewhere to be? Someone else to torture?"

Tim a.k.a Robin, star of the track team, cocked an eyebrow as he leant against his locker. Surrounded by his crony teammates he looked dwarfed beneath their towering frames and hardly the idol of the schools female population. Shifting his stance off the locker he smoothed his hair easily.

"Raven you know I love our little chats, and I just had to meet your new friend. Well, I was just so amazed to see you with another living thing" Robin adjusted his red and green jacket and sauntered over to Starfire, who looked thoroughly confused and said "Hey, why don't you drop the freak and spend time with someone who's worth it?"

Starfire's look suddenly, at the label attached to her host sister, hardened and she latched onto Raven's arm "I think I will" she turned to Raven "Let's go"

Robin's mouth dropped open "What...?"

Starfire glared at him "You are obviously not worth my time, I do not know who you are but you are obviously a fool if you think I will drop everything for you and before you've even introduced yourself!"

Raven stared as much as Robin did at her exchange student as Starfire dragged her off in the signed direction of the canteen. Raven suddenly felt the day was going a lot better as she glanced back to see Robin backhanding his friend for laughing at him.

"Wow..." Raven said to Starfire as they queued up for food "No one's ever stood up to Robin and his friends like that, except me. But I'm an exception to the rule here. You challenge the social ranks often?"

Starfire smiled and replied, "I do not like people being mean. And he smelled all over of mean" she paused "But I think if his friends were not there he would not do it. I know a lot of people who would do anything to impress their friends"

Raven nodded as she finished with line and began to show Starfire to her usual lunch table "Robin acts up for his friends but then again feels he deserves praise because he's the star of the athletics team. He flies on his feet, just like a Robin. He's a really boy-wonder that one" she sighed, "It seems like all the people who do well in something flock together to be nasty to others. His friend Cyborg is nicer, but still mean when the opportunity arises" she brushed a hair out of her eye as she poked the food on her plate

"Cyborg?" Starfire questioned as she examined her drink carefully

"Yeah" Raven pointed with her fork to a table on the other side of the room, a large guy was slapping Robin on the back as they ate lunch, they seemed nice. Until you met them in person. Cyborg was covered in metal accessories, ear rings, rings. You name it, he had it.

"His real name's not Cyborg, obviously" Raven informed the red head "It's Vic something. Anyway, as I said, he's clever, especially with machines. He's in my maths class"

"And consequently mine!" Starfire smiled widely, and then took a bite of her lunch. Stopping, Starfire paused, tugged a red lock of hair, and then said, "Raven why are you not...well, 'popular'? You are the nicest person I have met on my first day yet you do not sit with others and people do not speak to you"

Raven sighed "Well I don't do what other people do, how am I going to be popular if I do that?"

Starfire nodded understandingly and then stopped what she was doing. Her gaze had halted somewhere above Raven's head. Raven waved a hand in front of her new friend's eyes and then turned around to see what she was looking at.

It was the god of the upper years. Richard, although why he liked his name being shortened to Dick in a high school she did not know.

Raven rolled her eyes. Why did every girl in the school have to like this guy so much? She was sure it was the long black hair and the cool clothes because his looks weren't THAT good (sure they were nice...), but it was like Raven was the only one immune to him.

Starfire had blushed a deep red as he'd walked past with his tray, his hair practically leaving a vapour trail that she was breathing in.


Starfire shook her head to clear it and stared at Raven, "What?"

"That guy just happens to be Robin's cousin and happens to be too old to even know you exist" Raven replied firmly "It's not as if he doesn't have all the girls around his little finger already. And it seems Robin's taking after him too" she motioned to the crowd of girls that had suddenly surrounded the table where Robin, Dick, Cyborg and their friends were seated

Starfire grinned, "Well if cousins are alike then I do not wish to meet this guy or that Cyborg person. Robin was horrible, I do not want three of them near me. That Robin was mean, spiteful, horrible, uncivilised, rude, conceited and~"

"Hey Raven"

Raven glanced up and back down again to scoop a forkful of beans "Hey BB"

Starfire examined this new person. Leaning on the table was a smart-looking guy with dyed green hair. He looked nice enough, kind of punkish like Raven but less cool to Starfire's eyes, no one could beat her host sister. Raven seemed to be friendly with at least one person in this school then. This BB slammed some wildlife books on the table and pulled up a chair, taking out a box of grapes at the same time.

He offered one to them both and said casually, "So who's your friend Raven?"

Raven introduced Starfire then said "Starfire this is BB, well...we call him Beast Boy because he likes animals so much, don't you Garf?" she knocked the books open to demonstrate the images of giraffes and fish "He's the only other individual in this school of clones"

Beast Boy rolled his eyes and said, "Trust you to think the worst of everyone Raven, Gotham High is NOT that bad, you just make it worse by thinking that way"

"'Not that bad'?" Raven questioned, "Try being picked on by Robin and his team mates everyday THEN say that again"

"He only does it because you're the only one who gives him a good slang match" BB grinned, stuffing a few more grapes into his mouth "So, anyway, are you two going to the athletics competition tonight? Should be fun watching people running around, maybe if we're lucky someone will fall over"

Raven thought about it and was about to refuse when Starfire butted in "That would be wonderful Boy of Beasts! What time does it start?"

Beast Boy grinned, noting Raven's look and replied "5:30, I'm going to see a friend run but if you go it'll be a lot more fun for us all"

Raven sighed as Starfire agreed whole heartedly and said, "I suppose we can come for a little while..." she knew her mother would jump at the chance to make Raven socialise

Starfire grabbed her hand "It will be fun my exchange sister! We can go home and meet your family first and then come back here and make more new friends!"

"That reminds me" Raven said "Where is all your luggage?"

"In the Principal's office, he said I could go back and get it later" Starfire smiled "I am afraid I have rather a lot with me..."

"Girls" Beast boy said, rolling his eyes "The amount of stuff they have to carry..."

Raven and Starfire ignored him and continued to eat.

"Raven do you have shops here? Where can I change my money? I do not think I fit in with your fashion here" Starfire rambled "What do you think of my clothes? Will they be alright? Is the weather hot here? I do not want to be hot. Are the nights cooler? Does your home have air conditioning?"

Raven growled and Starfire took the hint, returning to her yoghurt. Raven sighed, she didn't mean to get annoyed but Starfire...well, she barely knew the girl and she already annoyed her.

"So...I'll see you guys at 5:30?" Beast Boy said, gathering his things

Raven nodded resignedly and Starfire waved Beast Boy off cheerfully as he took off for the library, Raven guessed to do more research on his paper about Gorillas. She smiled at his addiction to wild life, caught herself smiling at something about Beast Boy, and shook her head to put the thought away. Beast boy was a little weird, and anyway, she didn't want to like him THAT way.


"What?" Raven snapped, she turned around to see, not Starfire calling for attention, but Cyborg

"Hey Raven" he grinned and adjusted a ring casually "I was wondering if you knew if we had math homework for tomorrow?"

Raven frowned "Page 25 E to F, why?"

Cyborg shrugged "I just wondered, saw you and thought 'hey, that chick in black is in my maths class, she'll know the work'. Anyway, so...yeah, I better do that. See you in class Raven head" he walked back to his table and through the flock of girls

Starfire raised an eyebrow "He did not seem mean"

Raven shrugged "Well it...comes and goes" a bell rang somewhere "Hey we better go. After school we'll get your stuff back to my place. If we're going to this sports thing then we'll have dinner early" she stood up "You coming?"

Starfire nodded vigorously and said "Of course best of friends"

Raven rolled her eyes "Good"

* * *

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