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Beast Boy pulled a chair under the desk to make them less conspicuous and signalled to them to keep quiet. Raven felt doubt seeping into her mind as she heard the class outside.

"Get him!"

"Take this" Robin yelled and they heard several sounds of metal hitting flesh and the sound of activity, a gun shot off and they heard the clatter as the gun hit the floor and skidded.

"Is that all you got?" Robin mocked, they heard the crowbar hit something and a yell let them know with a crunch that something had been broken

Raven shook her head, this wasn't going to work. They were going to be caught. She pushed the chair out at beast Boy's protest and scanned the room for something, anything, to help them. Her eyes locked on an air vent, it was quite big as the gym needed more conditioning and heating than the other buildings. It was perfect for someone skinny…

"Ha, not so tough now are you kid?"

Raven spun to see the silhouettes on the frosted office window door, a man tackled Robin while another threw a punch into his stomach. Raven heard Starfire sniffing quietly. Beast Boy scrambled up and stood next to Raven.

"What are you doing?" he hissed

"Look up there" Raven pushed a chair to the wall and pulled open the vent's grate "Someone can get through here"

"What?" Beast Boy asked "Come on, hide, we'll be caught unless we hide"

Raven sighed and clambered down off the chair, pushing dark hair out of her eyes "Beast Boy, you know as well as I do we're not going to be caught anyway. You're the smallest out of me and Starfire and probably the lightest too…"

Beast Boy looked up at the vent "You can't mean…" he shook his head "I don't want to leave you guys"

The sounds of the fight outside were quieting and they heard the sounds of Robin loosing as more and more assaults hit their target and more and more of his went off.

Raven grabbed Beast Boy's arm and tugged him "Please, you have to summon the police, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, ANYONE!" she pushed him harder "You have to save us all"

Beast Boy looked at the vent and then jumped as they heard Robin being flung against the wall of the office, he was being beaten up while he was deciding. Beast Boy's face hardened in resolve at that sound and he nodded. He smiled at Starfire, quietly crying, under the table and looked at Raven.

They heard Robin cry out and it seemed the fight was finally over.

Beast Boy swallowed seemingly at a loss for words before he whispered, "Don't die on me Rave" he paused "You know…you're the coolest girl I know" he reached out and put his hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently

Raven bit her lip and nodded before helping him up onto the chair and boosting him through the small gap into the vent. She watched his feet disappear into the gloom and replaced the lid on the vent, pushing the chair into a random corner to hide the route taken. She dived under the table as the door was smashed in.

Starfire and Raven pulled their ands away as shards of glass from the window flew underneath the gap in the desk, Raven gasped as her hands were slashed cruelly by a flying piece of glass and waited as the shadows of two huge men with guns were thrown into relief on the wall ahead of her.

She saw Starfire close her eyes and take a deep breath.

This was it she thought. They were caught. The last thing she remembered before black was the desk pulled back and the butt of a gun flying towards her.

Pain, which was the first thing she awoke to, was not pleasant to awaken to. A fierce pain in her head, she groaned and grabbed her head as the more she woke up the more it hurt. Opening her eyes she met the sight of her hand pulling back to show a stain of drying blood. Touching her head again she found that it was hers. She groaned again and tried to sit up.

Hands forced her back down "Now, now, now, no reason to rush"

Raven looked up and met with the eyes of a large burly man with large curls of black hair and dressed in black. He carried a semi-automatic machine gun around his chest and his sunglasses hid his eyes which undoubtedly would have been brown to match his skin tone. His hands were rough and where they held her down small rivers of pain were seeping into her shoulder from pressure.

Raven said nothing and looked around further. She was in the gym, all around her were crowds and crowds of students. Most she didn't know but a few gave her small nervous smiles. She blinked again. Where was Starfire?

The man pulled his hands away and Raven pushed herself up a little to give herself more height to gaze around with.

She saw a group of teachers surrounded by more men than the students, perhaps they were seen as more of a threat, she saw Mr. Wayne sporting a black away a collection of bruises on his face where he'd made an attempt at heroics. Several other teachers, mainly male, also sported signs they'd joined him.

All in all there were around 300 captives in the gym, the usual number who attended the athletics meet. No bodies. Yet. There were around 25 men with guns.

Suddenly she caught sight of a crop of red hair and saw Starfire around 15 feet away, seemingly alive and well but with her back to Raven so she couldn't tell exactly.

"I'm actually impressed with you kids" a voice rang out across the hall, a thick Metropolis accent "You've been pretty good at hiding"

"Yeah well" Raven shot up to look around at Cyborg's voice

In the far corner of the room Raven saw over the heads of the students Cyborg lying on the floor, clutching his leg and staring up into the face of someone.

'The Boss'

Standing at six feet with short hair of bright platinum he was one of the most beautiful men Raven had ever seen, dressed all in black like the others he oozed authority from his superior weaponry to his stance as a whole. The others were lackeys, this guy…if he had ever been called a lackey he probably would have shot the guy who said it on sight.

Cyborg looked worse for wear, pale and panting he was clutching what looked like a bullet wound in his thigh, he gripped it tightly but it didn't stop blood seeping through. Raven felt sick at the sight, he was losing a lot of blood. Robin was dumped next to him, not bleeding but he sported a black eye and a puffy lip as well as looking wiped out underneath a collection of cuts and bruises.

A hand roughly grabbed Raven's arm and hauled her up, Raven reeled as the room spun once or twice. The arm held her steady and then her captor pulled her across the room to where her friends were on the floor, he pushed her down to the floor and Raven looked up at the huge Boss.

"Well one, two, three, four of you managed to evade my men. As I said before, impressive" he smiled "However, you obviously didn't keep up the effort"

His watch beeped and he looked at it briefly before calling to his chief henchman "McNeil it's time, get the phone and film equipment set up, we're going to have to call out to the news networks in a few minutes and start the show" he grinned

McNeil nodded and moved over to a few black bags and began, with the help of his men to unload equipment. Raven guessed they were going to broadcast the hostage situation out and panic the authorities by it being aired on the news.

Boss turned his attention back to his captives "Ladies and gentlemen I am glad to say after all your efforts to slow us down we are finally back on track to broadcast what I'm sure will be an award winning show. In less than 5 minutes we'll be live on TV with you all, isn't that great? You'll be famous!"

Raven looked around the room, people looked terrified, and she didn't blame them. She felt sick herself, the left over grogginess from the bruise on the back of her head didn't help her nausea. She looked to Robin and Cyborg, worried for her friends. Starfire was finally in a position to catch Raven's eyes and smiled feebly, she had a single long scratch along her eyebrow but seemed to have fared the best out of the four. Raven prayed Beastboy was safely out and getting help.

But help would help too much if they started killing hostages. Raven gulped. She looked back to Robin and Cyborg, Cyborg couldn't do anything, and he was bleeding out. He needed medical attention. Surely the teachers could help him. Robin himself was right in front of the boss, maybe if they took him out they could panic the other men. Without a leader maybe they'd give up. Wouldn't they?

Raven couldn't think, the situation was so surreal, a few hours ago she'd been annoyed at Starfire being dumped on her, now she was in a life or death situation and had even been helped by her worst enemy.

Raven looked around again desperately. Her eyes fell on a bag near her left side, many of the students had been carrying bags to the event, for accessories, phones and whatever else the student body relied upon in this day and age, they hadn't been taken away from the students. Raven guessed mobile phones had though, in case of rebellion. It seemed to her though from the scene that the majority of students had forgotten their bags in panic and left them lying around. She studied the bag next to her with a sideways glance. If this was a chance she wasn't going to screw it up by moving to fast. Looking around as if to find something and to distract anyone watching her by itching her head, Raven slid her left hand slowly toward the bag and grabbed the shoulder strap closest to her. It was heavy, no movement for a moment, before finally inching its way in her general direction silently.

Raven dared not move fast, she closed her eyes to avoid seeing anything go wrong as she continued on her mission, the finally felt the bulk of the backpack snug against her leg after what seemed forever and opened her eyes to look down. The bag was open but nothing in view on the inside; carefully she nudged folds of cloth out of the way to view her haul. Shorts, socks, small can of hairspray, comb, brush, make-up, cigarettes, lighter and a comic book. Whoever owned the bag had been well prepared it seemed. She hoped he or she wasn't too nicotine deprived.

She looked at the contents, willing an idea to jump out at her. A noise caught her attention and she looked up. They were preparing to broadcast, the Boss was aiming the camera in a certain direction, like a movie-maker searching for the perfect shot, and then moving back in to position to check with the guy filming a good view was had. It was prime time TV after all.

Raven briefly wondered what their demands were going to be and suppressed her panic before turning back to the bag. How could this be of any use to her? She stared blankly at the items…the lighter. She picked it up gently and slid it into her pocket before turning back to the bag. She remembered that once she had seen some boys were playing with hairspray and a lighter…making it light up. Raven suppressed another urge, this time to grin, as she picked up her second treasured item and slid it in her pocket next to her lighter.

Somehow now with these two small items so essential in life to many students she felt at least a bit more prepared for something that would come her way.


Even so, Raven thought, this moment had come too soon.