When It All Goes Wrong Again: Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own Harry Potter. I'm poor, so don't sue. I can only dream that anyone in the HP universe is gay. This story is totally fictional, and my idea. Anyone who doesn't like Sev and Remy as a couple should leave now. My love for that ship comes from Piri Lupin-Snape, for she is the one that introduced me to the ship. Her writing is wonderful, and I can only hope that mine gets half as good. If you've never read any of her stories, aft you finish mine, run to her's. They are brilliant. And I do hope that she appreciates my flattering her. *grins* Oh yeah, and the name Silvius is barrowed from her for this story.

Warnings: This story will have slash in it. Those couples will include Sev/Remy, Sev/Remy/Siri (Rocks my socks!), and Harry/Draco. There will also be some het tossed in there, because I have to go with the belief that not all the characters can be gay, as much as I may enjoy writing it.

Summary: AU. The night of James and Lily's death, Harry was just visiting his godparents, when Voldemort stormed the house. Harry was returned to his dad's care. He grew up with one of his father's, never knowing the other one. What happens when a bad situation forces him and his dad to move in with his father? Slash. SS/RL, HP/DM


The glass vase shattered into millions of tiny pieces as it hit the wall above Severus Snape's head, "Just tell me!" the other occupant of the room yelled. "Just tell me."

"You need to calm down," Severus told the younger man, another glass family heirloom was thrown towards the wall. Severus watched at is smashed, he wasn't worried, knowing that the pieces could be fixed easily, "You will right this instant if you want your answers."

The eyes if the younger man blazed with fury, his hands shook in clenched fists. There was a wind in the room that tousled his hair as he took many deep breaths. The sounds of whispering accompanied the wind, it moved through out the room, Severus couldn't understand it, but the younger man could as he visibly relaxed.

"Sev, please, the truth," the boy requested as he sat down after replacing the heirlooms with a flick of his wrist.

"No," came the short, harsh reply. Severus watched as Harry walked to the door, barely controlling his rage. Said door flung open, crashing into the wall before the handle was even touched. There was a wind in the house that threatened to blow out the fire. The sound of many objects falling to the floor was heard until another door slam reverberated through the house.

Harry moved from the hall and into his room and towards the window. He reached into a compartment under the cushion of the said window and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, cracking it just a bit and sitting down, he lit one. Smiling bitterly to himself, he took the first drag, knowing that Severus would be pissed when he found out that he was smoking again.

He pulled his knees to his chest and rested his head as he stared out the window while finishing the fag. He wasn't shocked when he heard the door open. Soon a comforting hand lay on his shoulder, "You need to give him a chance, Harry. He deserves that much."

"What about me? How much do I deserve? You promised me the truth, you promised that Severus would give it to me, but he hasn't yet and I want to know why, dad!" Harry lashed out, moving away from the man, and starting to pace.

"What he is doing isn't fair to you, but what you are doing isn't how I raised you. I taught you better than this. So what if he's not being fair, you know better than to expect that from him, you have been in his class for five years-"

Harry finally fell ungracefully to the floor, pulling his knees to his chest and hiding his eyes in them, he said something, but it came out mumbled and unrecognizable. Remus asked him to repeat it again, Harry turned sad eyes to him and whispered, "I wish it was just us again. And not him. It just hurts sometimes, I just wish he would treat me like his son, and not some thing he can wind up and watch fall apart."

Remus felt a pull at his heart, he moved and sat down beside Harry pulling the younger man into a hug, "I know it's hard, being here, but we have to make the best of it. This is better than what we had, and we need to make the best of it." Remus was slowly rocking their bodies.

"I would rather us be poor then us be unhappy," Harry murmured into the older man's shoulder. The doorbell chimed in the distance. Neither man moved.

"If you two are quite finished," the voice of Severus drifted to them from the doorway.

"We aren't. Leave my room right now!" Harry stated loudly, glaring at the man. He didn't move from his position, and refused to let go of Remus, "You entertain your guests alone. I'm not coming down."

"Oh you will. I will not tolerate you talking back to me, young man," Severus' voice was demanding and harsh.

"I won't tolerate you invading the privacy of my own room. All the stuff in here is mine, and therefore this room in mine own. I don't want anything from you except for you to leave me alone," Harry pulled away from Remus and moved to push the bigger man out of his room, "You've done nothing but terrorize me since I got here. Guess what? I'm tired of it. I'm tired of you also. And I'm really tired of the games you play. So I will not be coming down to dinner tonight."

"Harry," Remus said, coming out of the room and gathering the shaking boy in his arms, "Go back into your room and study some. I'll bring you up some food later and I'll explain to the guest that you were feeling sick."

Harry followed the instructions and closed his door quietly remembering something Remus once told him, 'Closing a door softly signifies you are truly hurt.'

Remus just smirked when he saw Severus staring at the door, "You'll have to tell him sometime, and I just want you to know that I'll always pick my cub over you if it comes to it. Don't make me make that choice. Because I know that you won't like the outcome."

"He'll get over it," Severus stated, confidently.

"No, he's truly hurt. That's why the door was shut softly. You weren't there for 13 years, Sev, you can't expect him to accept you without an explanation. He's still young but he's been through more than you can imagine."

"I won't apologize to him when what he is doing is throwing a temper tantrum. I will not bow down to that fifteen year old sn-" his voice was cut off as he was pushed up against the wall by the much stronger werewolf.

"It'll do you some good to remember who's son that boy is and to remember how much he is cared for. I don't know what you are talking about him being a snob. That boy is more humbled then the Weasleys. Don't think for a second that you know what him or I have gone through," Remus's voice was harsh, there was a under tone of growling.

The softened sounds of people from the living room reminded Remus that there were people waiting for them, he stepped calmly away from Severus, allowing the man to stand on his own feet. Straightening his robes, Severus muttered angrily to his companion, "I will do him no good to have you baby him all the time. It's a wonder that he's made it this far."

"I don't care what you say. You can entertain guests alone tonight, I will not be submitted to this, just as I won't allow you submit my cub to this any longer. I will tell him soon, and weather you like it or not, you will deal with the repercussions. Goodnight, Sev. I trust you will make an excuse for mine and Harry's absence to the guest."

Severus watched angrily as the man walked away, towards Harry's room. He got control of his emotions as he walked into the living room and greeted the guests, "Hello Lucius, Narcissa. How are you, Draco?" He embraced each of them.

"Where is Remus and Harry?" Narcissa inquired after the man and the younger boy which had gotten into her favor quickly after meeting them.

Severus grimaced slightly, unnoticeably before replying, "Harry came down with something and was unable to join us, and Remus prefers to take care of Harry rather than allow the house elves do it."

Draco was silent during the exchange, not wanting to seem rude and interrupt his mother, but during the silence that prevailed after the evident lie, he questioned, "May I go and see him?"

Severus sighed before motioning for him to go, Draco all but ran from the room after getting permission from his father, "My boy is clearly infatuated with yours, Sev. What shall we do?" Lucius asked, jokingly watching his son leave.

"I have no idea." And the truth was obvious that Severus really didn't have any idea about anything to do with his son.

Draco walked down the hall, looking for the door that he knew was Harry's, when a quiet sobbing made its way to his ears. It was coming from Harry's room, and he was no longer sure if he should enter. He knocked on the door, waiting for permission.

"Come in," the voice of Remus answered Draco. He opened the door and walked into the homely room, "Good evening Draco, how are you?"

"I'm good, thanks for asking," Draco replied, moving to the bay window, where Harry sat, "Hey Ori, what's wrong?" Draco wasn't surprised when he wasn't given an answer verbally, and when Harry buried his head into Draco's robes, it was nothing he didn't expect. The door shut, signaling the departure of Remus.

"I can't do it any more," a muffled reply from his neck told him.

"Sev will get better. He's a good guy, sometimes. You just have to give him a chance," It was a well reversed line that Draco had fed to Harry many times over the past year, "He's not used to being a father."

"He should really try to be a friend first," Harry sighed. He moved slightly to be more comfortable in the arms that held him, "Sometimes I just wish that it was me and Remus again, just us at home."

"I know, Ori, I know," Draco replied, this conversation happened many times, and pretty much it was the same thing. Always starting with something Severus did or didn't do to Harry, and ended with Draco comforting him.

"I wish that school would start back."

"You prefer to deal with him at school than here?"

"At least at school I can blame it on him not wanting to favor me over the other students, but here? There's nothing to blame it on, there's no real reason for him to ignore me, or play with my emotions," Harry confined in Draco, not looking into the other's eyes, but playing with the sleeve of his own shirt.

Draco was shocked by the realization. Harry had never told him this, "Hey, we can see if my father will allow you over for a few days. It'll be good, and I can prove that I'm a better sneeker then you, and that I just like the chaser position."

Harry stayed silent as Draco pulled his from the room and into the living room where the adults were talking. When there was a pause in conversation Harry turned to Remus and asked, "Would it be alright if I go over to the Malfoy's for a few days if it's alright with Mr. And Mrs. Malfoy?"

"It's quite alright with us," Narcissa answered for both herself and her husband.

"It's alright with me Harry, but you'll have to ask Severus," Remus replied, touching Harry's arm. He watched as the dark haired boy turned to face the only other occupant in the room.

Before the question was even asked, Severus answered, "No."

Remus wasn't shocked that was what the answer had been. He was just surprised that Severus hadn't allowed it when everyone else in the room was alright with the plan. The arm of Harry jerked out of his grasp and the young man become a whirlwind of anger as he stormed out of the room, and into the hall where the sound of things being smashed could be heard.

Draco was torn between staying in the living room, where he was sure that his parents wanted him, and going to his friend. He looked at his father, pleadingly, until the man gave a wave of his hand, signaling that he could go, he walked from the room.

Not far into the hall, he found Harry who was in the middle of portraits off the walls, destroying everything in his path without ever touching a thing, "Ori, come one mate. Calm down. He wants you to do this, he wants you to get emotional so that he has some sort of control of the situation, and if you keep on, he'll keep on."

Harry slid down the wall, energy drained, and waved a hand carelessly at the piles of distrusted objects, which fixed themselves and all but jumped back onto the wall, "I can't. What he's doing, I don't know how to ignore it. I always wanted to know my father. I always thought the he'd love me, and want to do things with me all the time. Might even help me with potions assignments sometimes. And when I found out that my father was Sev, I didn't know what to think. I mean, Sev hated me during our first year, it didn't matter that I was in his house, or that I was the youngest seeker in a century and that I was on his team. None of it mattered, all that mattered was that he didn't like who I was. He didn't like my dad, or anything that I signified. I didn't know why, at first. I didn't know why he didn't like me, but then Remy told me. He told me who my father was. It's different, because I've got Remy as my dad, and he's proud of me no matter what, but then I've got Sev as my father, and I just have to try everything to make him proud, I have to outdo everyone so that he'll even give me the time of day."

"I know, I know," Draco said as he pulled the other boy up to his feet and led him to his room, "You've tried Harry. And I know you have, I see it everyday at school. I don't know what you can do anymore, but just don't stop trying."

Harry got into his bed after shedding his muggle jeans, wearing muggle clothes was one of the things that Harry was totally and completely unwilling to give up for Severus, no matter how much it annoyed the man, "Thanks Co, owl me tomorrow?"

"Always, Ori, you just sleep now," Draco waited until the other boy was asleep before kissing him on the forehead and leaving the room. He walked to the living room, not meeting Severus' eyes, but sitting down beside Remus who whispered thanks, knowing that Harry was asleep. Draco didn't say anything, just nodded his head.

"Are you ready, Draco?" Lucius asked his son, knowing that the boy hated being in Severus' presence after Harry had an argument with him. Draco just nodded his head and stood up.

Remus hugged the boy close, know that he was always being torn between his godfather and his best friend, "Don't choose sides Draco, Harry wants you happy."

Draco moved out of the embraced and hugged Severus loosely, "Later Sev, sorry we didn't spend time together."

"Don't worry about it," came the haughty reply. Draco knew that Severus didn't like him and Harry being friends, but that was one thing that would never change, not matter what, "Take care of your father, who knows that kind of trouble that man will stir up tomorrow when you go to France."

Draco was shocked, he had forgotten that he was going to France, he turned to Remus, "Tell Harry and I'll still try to owl him, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. Tell him I forgot about France please," he could hear the desperation in his own voice.

Remus smiled and nodded his head, hugging the boy one more time, before watching the small family walk to the door along with Severus, who was talking to Lucius about something. He dropped into his seat, exhausted. He closed his eyes and listened to the footsteps nearing from the hall, he felt the person get onto the couch and lay with their head resting on his thigh.

"Why, dad?" was the whispered question.

Remus moved his hand to run them through the dark locks of his son, "I don't know. There's no reason for him to be like this, he just is."

Harry reached up and grabbed the hand that was shifting through his hair, he pulled it eye level and studied it as he was thinking of something to say, "Can we please go back home? I'll never ask about my father again. I'll never do anything wrong, or break the rules, I'll even give up smoking, just take me back home."

"I wish it was that easy Harry, but it's not. Sev actually wanted us to live here for some reason or another, I don't know why. Maybe he thinks that it'll be better for you, for us, if we were living somewhere other than by ourselves in the woods," Remus told him, not opening his eyes, he could smell Severus' presence in the doorway, listening to the conversation.

"Please," came the weak, tired voice of the boy who had been through too much already, "I'd do anything if we could just go back home."

Remus hated telling the boy no. He knew that it was never a good thing when Harry actually begged for something, "We might at the end of the summer if things haven't improved. But you can't anger him on purpose Harry. You have to try."

Harry snuggled down deeper into the couch, keeping a firm hold on Remus' hand, "Thank you," he muttered.

"Love you, Harry Orion Silvius Lupin," Remus told the nearly sleeping figure.

"Love you too dad," Harry replied, before finally allowing himself to sleep.

Remus looked to the doorway, ready to tell Severus that he was telling the truth when he told Harry that they might move out, when he noticed the look on Severus' face. The other man stared at the boy that was his son, finally realizing that he could do nothing anymore. That he had lost his chance to be a father.

Severus sighed silently, walked away from the living room and towards his own bedroom, thinking about all the conversations he had overheard that day. The two that stuck out most was the one in the hall between Harry and Draco, and the one he just heard between Remus and Harry. He just didn't know what to do, and everything seemed so clear earlier that day.